Negative Energies Surrounding Mortals Pt2

desires-pathfinder-blog-post-negative-energy-surrounding-mortals2NEGATIVE ENERGIES SURROUNDING MORTALS PT 2:

In the same vein you might decide to avoid the house of a particular uncle or friend, simple because you don’t like the way you feel, whenever you go to your uncle or friend’s house. The truth is, your brain has picked up the evil vibration in your uncle or friend’s house through your aura attached with nervous system. Your aura works hand in hand with your nervous system.  In the light of what I have said i want to make clearer myriad kind of negative energies permanently reside in most homes and quite a number of adults have experienced weird things taking place in their homes and quite a number of children, in their innocence usually have the ability to see apparitions and weird things while at home however as they grow older their psychic ability disappears because of disbelief or lack of support from parents. My brother man and sister woman, I have said it once, this is twice, myriad kind of negative energies permanently reside in most homes.


My brother man and sister woman please permit me to give two instances to broaden your understanding. The first instance, close to two years, a student of mine placed his beautiful house for sale. No one showed interest in purchasing the house. I decided to pay a visit to the inherited house. Of a truth I tell you quite a lot of homes obtained through inheritance, homes with strong family ties are often replete with strong negative energies. When I entered my student’s estate, i observed several curses and souls of dead people that have not ascended into the light are within the home and on the property. Also I noticed potent negative vibrations at the top of the stairs, in the kitchen and bathrooms. Lastly I observed the owner of the estate, who died few years ago was still having strong energetic bond to the estate. Definitely such a bond and other negative spiritual energies hibernating in most of the rooms in the estate will certainly discourage prospective buyers that comes for inspection. In the light of what I have just said I want to make clearer frequently homes that have been on the market for a considerable amount of time, maybe one to three years etc. are often replete with disharmonious energies and thought forms. For instance a potent negative thought form of a previous occupant can delay efforts of agents to get a new tenant.  Now the last instance I was invited to visit a deserted large estate. The estate has been deserted for more than nine years. All the previous tenants experienced different degrees of spiritual apparitions and attacks. I went round the estate and I was warned not to dare to interfere with the karmic situation of the estate. The truth is, the owner of the estate used diabolical means to exterminate his business partner and he used the money meant for both of them to build the gigantic estate. He incurred heavy karma by killing his business partner and the spirit of his late business associate has been permitted to severely torment and impoverish him.


The energy field surrounding you is known as the aura. It is an invisible layer of energy meant to protect you from evil entities and ward off any form of spiritual attacks intentionally sent by someone to harm you. Under normal circumstance, if your aura is in great shape it has power to drive away negative people you are dealing with as well as wandering ghost and myriad kind of negative energies and dark powers. Your aura can protect you from being harassed by witches and wizards ever present on planet earth. Despite possessing auric defense, most people still experience series of spiritual attacks, why you might ask? The auric defense of most people are in the state of disarray that’s why. It appears most people think infallible protection against evil influences can be achieved through positive approach to life, faith and avoidance of bad people and elongated prayers. Most people have realized despite being prayerful, they are still vulnerable to evil influences. Most nights, they still experience spiritual attacks, they are often traumatized by witches, demons of sex, water spirits etc. My brother man and sister woman, everything you own needs maintenance, without maintenance you should not expect better performance. If you crave to look good, you must maintain your physical body. In the same vein, your aura, which is the embodiment of your feelings, emotions, vibrations and immune system needs to be maintained to truly form a buffer to protect you from being assaulted by powerful negative entities that are present and very active on planet earth. It is sad to note the auras of countless people are in the state of complete disarray because they indulge in the following aura depleting activities such as DRUG AND ALCOHOL ADDICTIONS, EXCESSIVE STRESS, DEPRESSION, NEGATIVE HABITS, UNWHOLESOME DIET, ORGAN TRANSPLANT, PROFOUND GRIEF,REPRESSED EMOTIONS, BETRAYAL, LOSS OF BELIEF IN SELF, LOSS OF MOTIVATION ETC. Of a truth I tell you, emotion trauma is not good for you. Whenever you suffer an emotional trauma, a part of your soul leaves your body. The more traumatic experiences you have in life, the more soul parts you will lose. Of a truth I tell you, prolonged pain, sexual or emotional abuse as a child or adult, death of a child, parent or close ally, loss of a husband, wife or lover, a sudden manifestation of a debilitating disease, sudden and unexpected loss of a meaningful job or career etc. are all energy depleting experiences. If you don’t checkmate your emotions, all the aforementioned traumatic experiences will punch series of holes in your aura. The bigger the cuts and holes in your aura, the easier you will become vulnerable to harassment of evil entities and possession of dark forces and spirits. I must confess, I deeply sympathize with brother men and sister women addicted to drugs, serial smoking and alcohol. They are the most vulnerable set of human beings to evil entities on planet earth. They are like abandoned uncompleted building, which shady people go in, do as they please and come out without restrictions. Evil entities permanently reside in the innermost beings of drug addicts, alcohol addicts and serial smokers. Their auras are extremely weak, with very large holes, which allows very easy entry of evil entities. Of a truth I tell you, the healthier you are on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, the more powerful your aura becomes and the more resistance you will have to evil influences. My brother man and sister woman, permit me to reverberate this point, if you pine for spiritual protection, your first line of defense is a well-fortified aura.  Your aura must be nourished, activated and fortified on daily basis to maximize its effectiveness, otherwise it will work much like a sponge and absorb anything negative in the area.


Myriad kind of evil entities love to permanently remain in homes replete with negative energies. They range from powerful demonic spirits to slightly conscious negative entities, to fully aware spirits of the deceased etc. I intend to shed light on earthbound souls and demonic spirits.


Of a truth I tell you, spirit attachment to certain individuals and their homes often emanate from human souls who are physically dead but are yet to cross over to the world of spirit. Certain dead souls that had strong attachment to their own homes or perhaps they had strong love for someone in that house, or perhaps met their untimely death in that house etc. might not be able to ascend into the everlasting life. The spiritual energies of such souls will remain behind in that house and manifest itself in various ways. Many drunkards and drug addicts are hostages of spirits of the dead. Of a truth I tell you, they behave like vampires. They drain energy from human beings in order for them to continue to survive and sustain their miserable lives on planet earth. Earth bound souls of the dead maintain some type of control and power over human beings in whom they reside.


Demonic spirits are the most vicious. The moment they gain access into a human being through the cuts and holes in the aura of the person or through generated negative energies in the house, the person needs a miracle to attain complete liberty from the demon. Demons have a passionate desire to hurt human beings. They can, in a subtle manner convince the person to injure himself especially with destructive habits such as drugs and alcohol. A resident demon may try to harm a person by dropping objects on his head or take a dangerous fall, maybe thread on watery tiles, so that the person might incur severe head injury. A demon can equally induce the person to commit suicide. Of a truth I tell you demonic spirits are masters at influencing human emotions, making a mortal feel the depths of agony, fear, worthlessness, the depth of despair etc.  Of a truth I tell you, if you are a positive person that stays aloof from drugs and alcohol, be rest assured a demonic spirit cannot barge into your innermost being and reside there.

However, the moment you incapacitate yourself by alcohol or drugs, except the unexpected. Demons are empowered by the fears and weakness of human being. They feed on human misery in every form. Always bear in mind, the more you imbibe hard drugs, smoke and drink heavily, the more susceptible you are to a demonic attack.


My brother man and sister woman, negative energies hover around most homes, of a truth I tell you

    Are in dire need of spiritual cleansing. Whenever you are moving into a home previously occupied by other people or renting a commercial space or building a new house on a piece of property where native people might have once dwelt etc. it is right and proper to carry out spiritual cleansing in order to get rid of any lingering negative energy and evil entities. Of a truth I tell you older houses are always filled with numerous outpourings of negative emotional energies because it has been occupied by different types of people.

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  1. Efe Isaac

    This is so enlightening.
    Is it possible to get these posts via mail? These words are life and should never depart from our minds.

  2. Thanks Guru for this. Apart from avoiding Aura killing habits like drinking smoking etc mentioned by you, how can one build it up? Make it stronger? Thanks in advance

  3. Harrison Ajose Asuelimen

    how can I cleanse myself from any negative energies? my name is HArrison Asuelimen. am almost 45yrs l have been struggling to marry l have not been able to marry I don’t know the power behind it. l do know it is not ordinary.
    Sir how can you be of help to me? by telling me what to do. it has become a challenge to me.

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