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I presume you are well aware in every occurrence taking place on planet earth, there is materialistic and spiritualistic point of view. From the materialistic point of view, you are well aware of the uplifting power of riches and degrading and dehumanizing power of poverty and obviously ninety five percent of us would have preferred riches and not poverty. However from the spiritual point of view I know that the Almighty God has given riches and power to some and abject poverty to others in order to try them in different ways. Both of them are trials. Of course from the human point of view most of us would have preferred the trial of riches because of the immense relief it gives, but you know both of them riches and poverty are equally dangerous. Poverty excite murmurings against the Almighty God and riches stimulates all kinds of excesses. Riches and power stimulates all the passions that attach us to planet earth and ensures that we stay aloof from spiritual perfection that was why the master Jesus said that it is easier for a camel to pass through the needle’s eye than for a rich person to gain admission into the kingdom of heaven.

  1. TIMOTHY 6:9. “Those who desire to be rich fall into temptation, into a snare, into many senseless and harmful desires that plunge people into ruin and destruction.”

I want you to bear in mind the Almighty God tries the poor through resignation and the rich through the use of his wealth and power. My brother man and sister woman, if you examine the society with rapt attention, you will agree with me the society in which we live in today is one that is without a doubt, materially minded.  That is a problem because it simply means the hunt for riches must become the primary aim of majority of us. Of a truth I tell you, these days contentment is rare. Most of us are not contented with what we have. In today’s world discontent is one of the most powerful motivating factors. All kinds of temptation and problems will certainly confront any mortal motivated by disgruntlement. Most people love money so much and are prepared to do anything, at any cost to acquire riches. In the same vein, presently on planet earth, there are miracles originating from the Almighty God and Satan and in my own opinion, satanic miracles are common in the world today than miracles emanating from God.

2 Corinthians 11:14. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.Matthew 24:4-5. And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.

Matthew 24:11. And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.

Matthew 24:24.For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

In these verses you are sternly warned not to consider miracles to be the proof that, your particular brand of religion is the true one or that a particular religious leader, is a true representative of the Almighty God. It is crystal clear in the Holy Bible, the Almighty God is not the only one who works miracles Satan can also perform signs and wonders. In the light of what I have said, I want to make clearer, signs and wonders are not a sure sign of the Lord’s doing, since they can equally be performed by false Christ and false prophets. My brother man and sister woman, many people make pact, enter into a certain agreement with evil spirits residing on the astral plane. The insatiable desire for riches, fame and honor and potent fortification against spiritual attacks and perceived enemies, the insatiable desire to possess certain powers and spiritual faculties, the insatiable desire to acquire spiritual power to perform Satanic miracles, has compelled tons of people in society to make pact with evil spirits and unknown to them they have just inherited a big problem.

A human being is a soul clothed in a perishable material body. What does that mean? It means our origin is spiritual therefore we possess inherent spiritual powers which we can use to attract what we want and repel what we don’t want, but you know something, whatever we create spiritually cannot operate independently, and that is a problem. If what we create spiritually can fully function on their own, most of our human problems would have been taken care of.  Of a truth I tell you, when you intently think about a thing constantly, in the spirit world you might end up creating a spiritual being. Let me put it in another way, for instance you are in Nigeria and a friend of yours is in a war ravaged country, if you constantly think about your friend and strongly wish no harm should befall him in the spirit world, your intense thought might create an elemental spirit which will watch over your friend, but the elemental spirit generated by your intense thought cannot operate independently because there is nothing like intellect within it. In the light of what I have said, I want to make clearer, the spiritual powers and elemental entities generated by a human soul, on their own cannot do anything since they possess no intellect. That is why human beings who are desperate to rapidly attain certain difficult goals prefers to meet an occult or voodoo priest who can invoke spiritual beings residing on the astral plane. It is so because spiritual beings residing on the astral plane are intelligent creatures, therefore able to carry out jobs for which a certain degree of intelligence is necessary.  On the other hand however spiritual beings cannot by their own freewill make certain things happen on planet earth without being ordered by a human being to do so. A human being, perhaps an occultist, a voodoo priest must have to command a spirit before it can bestow riches on a person or perhaps cause road accident or perhaps inflict someone with incurable sickness etc. If a spirit is not commanded by a priest, it cannot by his own will cause any phenomena to take place on planet earth.  The work done by a spirit, is the same kind of work which a servant does for his master. What does that mean? It means the spirit cannot be fully held accountable for his actions, the spirit acted at the behest of the priest, therefore every responsibility lies with the priest. If a spirit is commanded to kill someone by road accident, the blood of the dead person must hover around the head of the priest whose strict order compelled the spirit to kill the person.


My brother man and sister woman this is how a powerful pact between a person and a negative spirit takes place. The negative spirit will try to win the person over with all kinds of promises, the negative spirit will assure the person that it will do anything the person requires, but at the same time, the negative spirit will tell the person, without a powerful spiritual bond or spiritual agreement between them, such a thing is not possible. The negative spirit cannot compel the person to do anything against his will, rather it will only outline the advantages of such a contract. It is now up to the person concerned to resist the temptations of the negative spirit and to oppose it. Of a truth I tell you, conscience is the most subtle form of the divine providence. Let me out it in another way, what we call conscience, in reality is the laws of God embedded in your innermost being. A fierce battle will certainly take place within the person’s conscience and in the end, if the brother man is not willing to follow his conscience but prefers to suppress the fierce warnings emanating from it, the brother man thereby becomes an everlasting victim of the negative spirit by accepting to enter into an agreement with it. Of a truth I tell you, an agreement between a person and a negative spirit simply means the evil spirit eventually takes possession of the soul and spirit of the person. A negative spirit will never do anything for a person without the hope of getting a relevant reward.  The most important aspects of the contract between a human being, who crave to acquire riches, enormous influence and spiritual power to perform satanic miracles and a negative spirit are as follows


Depending on the nature of the negative spirit, the person might be told to sign the agreement with his own blood. My brother man and sister woman, once this is done, the contract must be adhered to unconditionally and I want to make clearer such pacts can neither be broken by the person nor by the negative spirit. After some few months, if it was riches the person asked for, immense riches is what the person will get and If it was spiritual power to perform miracles and overwhelm the masses, spiritual power is what the person will get etc. Of a truth I tell you, but the intermittent assignments which the person will carry out on planet earth for the negative spirit are herculean and extremely difficult, it might involve human sacrifices, human parts, don’t do this, don’t do that, etc. It is at this stage the person will realize he has inherited a lifelong big problem and he might become deeply troubled and may start contemplating a way out even before contract expiration date.  The conscience of the person and the divine power of God within the person might make him prefer death than to remain in business with the negative spirit. Of a truth I tell you if the person tries to free himself by any means before the contract expiration date, the negative spirit certainly will not seat back and watch that happen, such a person will be severely persecuted. The negative spirit will certainly try anything to harm and destroy the person. On the other hand however, an evil minded person might not bother about God, conscience or what will happen to him after physical death. Such a person might say to himself where was God when abject poverty held him hostage? Such a person will certainly adhere to the points the contract and fulfill every duty and serve the negative spirit well until the contract expiration date arrives.  Such a person will remain under the protection of the negative spirit.


My bother man and sister woman, making pact with a certain spirit simply means, the person depends on a certain spirit for all the major events taking place in his life. This is not good. This should not be happening. Under normal circumstance human beings are not supposed to depend upon any spirit, be it an angel of God, an evil spirit, ancestral spirit etc. We are created to depend on God and have faith in their individual latent abilities. A human being is created in God’s image and he is a four pole creature, in other words, he is the embodiment of the four elements of nature, a human being therefore is replete with many more possibilities than the negative spirit he is making pact with, that’s why negative spirits rejoice hysterically whenever a human being accepts signing a contract with them. Of a truth I tell you a negative spirit anxiously wait for the contract expiration date and the moment that day comes and the person dies, it simply means payback time has finally arrived. My brother man and sister woman, if you set a trap to apprehend a bush meat, much later if you go back and observe your trap has caught bush meat, you will definitely set it free from the trap and take it home.. In the same vein my brother man and sister woman, the moment a person who signed a contract with a negative spirit on planet earth dies, it means the contract has expired, it simply means, the trap set by the devil has caught a big meat and the moment has come for the devil to take the bush meat to his house. My brother man and sister woman, this is what often happens when a ritualistic that partners with the devil dies on planet earth

  1. The dead person is forced by the spiritual bond existing between him and the evil spirit he had dealings with while alive, to depart from the astral environment occupied by newly dead people and he is taken into the environment occupied by evil spirit who might have given him riches and spiritual power to perform miracles on planet earth.
  2. He will remain in the environment occupied by the devil who elevated him on planet earth for many hundreds of years, where he becomes a domestic servant serving the devil. He becomes a domestic servant in the residence of the devil. There he will remain and pay back in full measure for the work done for him while he was alive on planet earth.

My brother man and sister woman, right now as I speak to you, countless dead people, who signed a contract with the devil, who had direct dealings with the devil through powerful ritualistic means, are in the spirit world working as messengers for the devil. They often carry out assignments for the devil, on the astral, mental and planet earth’s environment. In the end, the dead soul serving the devil for many hundreds of years ceases to exist as the image of God and becomes a spirit residing in the environment occupied by the devil. Do you know what that means? A human soul is degraded to a demon, a human soul becomes a demonic spirit. My brother man and sister woman, certainly this is the most regrettable state a human soul can get into. This is indeed damnation, this is indeed sin against the Holy Spirit and as you know it, sin against the Holy Spirit is unforgivable. No matter the situation in which you find yourself on planet earth, try not to attach yourself to a spirit on planet earth, so that you will not become a domestic servant for several hundreds of years and in the end you become a demonic spirit on the astral plane.

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  2. thanks guru for d question is,if a negative spirit is invoked to go and harm a person and the person is innocent of the charges presented to the negative spirit.will it work? and if yes, on what ground b/c alot of people have died before their time.thanks.hopeful to get a reply.

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