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personal-development-tipsCHARACTER IS DESTINY

Character is Destiny. Character is an accumulation of deeds which have been piled up, so to speak, by the individual during his life. You are the doer of your own deeds as such, you are the maker of your own character and as the doer of your deeds and the maker of your character you are the molder and shaper of your Destiny. Character is the embodiment of deeds. Your Character is the resultant effects of your deeds. These results, lie hidden as moral seeds in the dark recesses of your character, awaiting their season of germination, growth and fruitage.

Many people, aver they are not responsible for their actions which are the effects of their character. They aver Character, good or bad, was given to them at birth. My brother man and sister woman, this is not true. If Character was actually given to us at birth, there would have been no need for moral law and no need for moral teaching. But Characters are not given ready-made. They are evolved, an accumulation of piled up deeds.



It is common knowledge without strength of mind, nothing worthy of accomplishment, can be done. Fixation of purpose is, at the root of all successful efforts, whether in things worldly or spiritual, and without it a brother man might remain wretched and end up depending upon others for that support which in reality, reside within him and only needs to be awakened and utilized.

Of a truth i tell you, a brother man has within him tremendous powers of which he has really never had any conception. Will is the power of the soul and it is the grand culminating power of the complex mental faculties within us. Will has power in keeping under restraint the senses and their respective organs. Will is a natural dynamic force that can be used, managed, controlled and directed, just as any other universal force.

Distance is no barrier for the influence of the will. I want to make clearer, the underlying force of all mental phenomena is a strong will developed to an extraordinary degree. Will is, of a twofold nature. There is a strong will and there is a weak will.

A strong will denotes, fixed determination to effect a desired thing. A strong willed individual is always filled with an intense, eager, longing craving, hungry, ravenous desire to achieve a thing. A strong will always demands things instead of requesting for it. On the other hand however, a weak will denote, a mere wish to do a thing. A weak will is a nonmagnetic will. It often begets failure as it always lack self confia. Of a truth i tell you the materials needed for will power cultivation can be found in the common everyday life of the an individual. Now hear this, a little logical thought will soon convince a brother man that, he cannot be both weak and strong at the same time, that he cannot develop a stronger will while remaining a slave to weak indulgences, and that, therefore, the direct and only way, to that greater strength, is to attack and conquer his weaknesses.

So you see, all the means for will power cultivation are already at hand. In the mind and life of the individual; they reside in the weak side of his character. As we attack and attempt to vanquish the weak aspects of our character, it simply means the will power is being developed. In summation, the secret of will power rests in determination, fixity of purpose and persistency.


Think good, and good follows. Think evil, and evil follows. You are what you think all day long. Your subconscious mind does not argue with you. It accepts what your conscious mind decrees. If you say, “I can’t afford it,” it may be true, but do not say it.
Select a better thought, decree, “I’ll buy it. I accept it in my mind. You have the power to choose. Choose health and happiness. You can choose to be friendly, or you can choose to be unfriendly. Choose to be cooperative, joyous, friendly, lovable, and the whole world will respond. This is the best way to develop a wonderful personality. Your conscious mind is the “watchman at the gate.” Its chief function is to protect your subconscious mind from false impressions.

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  1. Aurisha Georgewill

    Truly Sincere, You Are What You Concieve In Your Mind. You Are Your Thoughts. Its Lovely Guru Subai. I Still Crave For More Of Your Teachings.

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