The Planet Earth And Light Within

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planet-earth-&-the-light-withinHEAVEN AND EARTH.

My brother man and sister woman the higher planes, popularly termed Heavens is not many miles away from you, I am of the opinion the kingdom of heaven is above the blue sky is a definition designated for the undeveloped and unenlightened minds and children. The kingdom of God is not set apart from you, it is within you. Many find it difficult to discover heaven within them, because it is a world of light and presently as human beings we are functioning on the dark, lower aspect of life but be rest assured when you are the embodiment of true love, if you truly love God and fellow brother men and sister women, while alive on planet earth you can have a glimpse of Heaven deep seated within you. Every soul on planet earth, it doesn’t matter whether you are filthy, ignorant or despised by people, every soul on planet earth, has access to the kingdom of heaven. Of a truth I tell you the world of light, the heaven world is the everlasting world while planet earth is not everlasting. Planet earth is a school for the soul where we come to learn certain lessons. Planet earth is subject to changes; it is decaying, passing away by installment.


If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness? Indeed the darkness is really great because the light of God within has been turned inside out, to no good purpose. The master Jesus was saying if the light that is in thee, be turned into darkness, how great is that darkness? My brother man and sister woman, the light of God, the I AM, reside within each and every one of us, however if we keep doing what is wrong in the sight of God, we can pave way for the fallen angels to turn light of God within us into darkness, so Matthew 5 verse 44, is talking about God’s absolute light and it’s absolute perversion into darkness by fallen angels. Of a truth i tell you, the light of God within many individuals have been turned into darkness that is why they can comfortable play the role of false Christ’s, false messengers, false prophets etc. such people can seat in governments and indulge in activities that will impoverish the masses etc. Why do we all despise witches and wizards? Why do we all hate witches and wizards? We hate because we know they derive immense pleasure in doing evil. Through the manipulation of the fallen angels the light of God within witches and wizards have been turned into darkness, if therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness?  Now hear this, a kind hearted brother man decided to help a poor brother man staying in the village by bringing him to Lagos. Within one year, his boss bought him a car and helped him realize some good amount of money. Within few months, he got involved in two near fatal accidents. In the second year, his boss gave out the small car he bought for him, and gave him a jeep. Within few months, he got involved in a fatal accident. The jeep mangled beyond repairs, and he killed one passenger in the car he collided with. His boss said, enough is enough, and dumped him. This is a crystal clear case of witchcraft manipulation. They derive immense pleasure in destroying people. Witches are happy when they see others suffer and you know why? Great darkness has replaced the light of God within them, that’s why.

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    Lovely my brother Man

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    Wonderful, What An Exceptional Article You Have Written Guru Subai. Thank You

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