Possession And Obsession PT 1 And 2

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desires-pathfinder-blog-post-possession-&-obsessionPOSSESSION AND OBSESSION PT 1:

For more than twenty years, during my stay in Bodo city, Beeri, Taabaa and other parts of Ogoni and Abonchia Eleme attending to lunatics, possessed and obsessed individuals etc, I have gained superfluous experience in matters relating to possession and obsession by demonic spirits and souls of the dead. No doubt as adults, we are well aware of the problems emanating from possessive relationships. Married and single sister women in a possessive relationship knows better. A possessive relationship is all about controlling every aspect of your life, making you feel worthless, damage to your self-esteem.  A possessive person often expresses jealousy lots of it. If the possessive person is a brother man, he might become angry or upset when his wife or girlfriend socialize with friends, family or co-workers.  He is jealous of the time she spends with them. In extreme cases of possessiveness, wife or girlfriend must have to put up with physical abuse such as shoving, punching or slapping, yelling, cursing and other forms of verbal abuse. A possessive person is like a green-eyed monster, it is all about setting limits on how often you can go out, whom you can see, and whom you talk to. A possessive relationship is all about checking up on you constantly, and if possible to be with you 24/7. But I want to make clearer possessive relationship, which is unbearable is much better than spirit possession, so you can imagine what a human being suffering from spirit possession is going through.


Possession denotes demonic invasion of the body of a human being. Possession is a state of compulsion, it is a state in which a demonic spirit forces a human being to do his bidding. The prelude to full possession is weakening the resistance of the person. The person will very clearly see his ability to resist the invading spirit is gradually diminishing. It will get to the stage where if the person says with all his strength, evil one, get behind me, the demon will reply from the depths of his heart, no, I will remain. If the person happens to be a Christian and says Lord Jesus, come and deliver me, the demon will reply, the Lord will not come and deliver you. Possession simply means the demon is acting from the innermost being of the person. Possession is truly a deeper disturbance of the mind. Possession simply means the soul of the original owner of the body withdraws to make way for the invading demon. Once inside, the demon takes control of the organs of the person. The demon will use his eyes to see with, his ears to listen with, his mouth to speak with etc.


My brother man and sister woman, in possession the individual loses consciousness. In contrast, consciousness is intact in obsession. In the light what I said, I want to make clearer we call a person is termed possessed if he loses consciousness and we call a person obsessed if the demon never makes him lose consciousness, his intelligence intact. The person feels within him two beings. He feels the devil is outside, seeking to gain access into his body and dominate him and he equally feels the other beings existing within him and that being happens to be his soul, that is suffering and struggling to ward off the devil. Let me put it in another way, possession means the soul of the person is out of the body, obsession means the soul of the person is present and well aware of what the devil is doing or saying.


My brother man and sister woman, we are not alone. We are surrounded by the astral world which is the abode of demonic spirits after they were expelled from the Heavens. The astral plane is just a shouting distance from planet earth and based on the spiritual principle of like attracts like, filthy astral beings can easily get hold of filthy mortals on planet earth and ride roughshod over them.


Some people aver, after death, it is judgement, good people will go to Heaven while vile people will go to Hell. Some people aver, we die only to be reborn again, sooner or later to planet earth, until we attain all-around perfection. Divergent opinions based on one’s religious affiliation. I want to make clearer, I am one of those who believes, I mean, really believe, countless dead souls have not ascended into the everlasting life. Of a truth I tell you, in the lower astral planes you will find dead souls full of heavy frustrations, trauma and disappointments that are earthbound. You don’t accept someone who committed suicide to ascend to heaven. You don’t expect armed robbers or thieves or kidnappers or a suicide bomber severely beaten and burnt on planet earth to ascend to any higher plane. Certainly, they will end up in the lower astral plane. Filthy human souls that departed suddenly and painfully from planet earth are filled with the strong impulses of revenge. Such souls are ferocious, rebellious and crave for avenues to have dealings with the living. On the lower astral plane, you will find dead souls full of severe faults, souls of drunkards and filthy human souls who were so into materialism. Degraded souls of criminals wander through the crossroads, T junctions, seeking for answers. They remain in this pathetic state for a long time. Such lost souls wander between planet earth and the lower astral plane. It is generally bad souls which cause possession, it is generally souls of the dead that are not at peace who enter and reside in human bodies.  I want to make clearer there exist

  • Lost and wandering souls of the dead
  • Degraded souls of the dead
  • Revengeful souls of the dead
  • Obsessed souls of the dead

My brother man and sister woman, people aver, personal experience is the best teacher. When insane people are ushered before me, it is my responsibility to strive to converse with the spirit or spirits residing in them. I freely admit I have discussed with quite a number of dead souls residing in mad people. Normally when someone goes mad the usual suspects are demonic spirits or juju invoked by someone or perhaps the person is mad because he or she might have done something bad to someone and reaping moment has come. People rarely suspect souls of the dead. Let me share some of my experiences with you.


While residing in the village, a mad person was presented before me. Let me give him a spurious name, Frank, Mr. Frank who is in his late forties is a worthy fellow, quiet, and reasonable. Mr. Frank started complaining of frequent abdominal pains. However, his wife and family members became astonished how his character and way of life were at the same time completely transformed. Mr. Frank who had been very sober began to drink enormously. As if that was not enough, Mr. Frank became troublesome, arrogant and proud he was never like that. However, his new way of life was not continuous he misbehaves for few months and behaves well for a few weeks. This continued for more than five years before he was ushered before me. My brother man and sister woman, I discovered the possessing spirit was a dead soul, a politician, a counsellor from Mr. Frank’s village.  The late politician was very quarrelsome, extremely proud and addicted to alcohol and while alive, he was never on good terms with Mr. Frank. The late politician took possession of Mr. Frank’s body one year after his demise.


Adolphus is a 20-year-old schoolboy. He started misbehaving, he stopped going to school and find pleasure staying in deserted places. Also, his parents observed he was no longer as reasonable and polite as he used to be. His parents did everything humanly possible to send me back to school but all their efforts amounted to nihility. Of a truth I tell you, after conducting a spiritual investigation, I found out he was possessed by the soul of a brother man killed in a war.


A sister woman became possessed and derives pleasure beating people violently and destroying household items. She exhibited all the traits of someone possessed by a ferocious demonic spirit, but spiritual investigation revealed the spirit in her, is actually the soul of a dead drunk. After wandering for such a long time the dead drunk decided to take possession of her body and reside there.  In the same vein, I have come across a 14-year-old girl behaving like an asylum patient. Spiritual investigation revealed she is possessed by the soul of a neighbour’s daughter who died many years ago in an insane asylum. My brother man and sister woman, impure souls of the dead of both sexes that have not ascended into the everlasting life, hovers around planet earth and violently enter into the bodies of brother men and sister women and make their habitation here. After conducting potent prayers and chants, filthy souls of the dead residing in human bodies sighs, weeps, confesses his sex and reveal the time and place they entered into the body of the possessed individual etc.




A 14-year-old girl possessed by two very powerful demons was presented before me. For several minutes I tried unsuccessfully to converse with the possessing demons. The first demon rather manifested his supreme uncontrollable anger by shaking the young girl backwards and forwards a number of times. Her face became completely unrecognizable, he twisted her tongue and pulled it more than eight inches out of her mouth. He forced the sound out of her mouth and the girl’s face appeared very furious. Not long afterwards, the first demon left and the second demon took over. Immediately the girl presented a new smiling face. Though her face changed, you will know that the first demon is prominent and the second demon is temporarily out of the way.  Of a truth I tell you, the first demon is the most powerful. Whenever he is active in the young girl, the 14 years old girl speaks in a deep bass voice. The moment I start praying for her, the demon utter words such as; o, ta, te, ta. The demon indulges in mockeries and curses and against anything holy, against God, against the master Jesus and against the young girl they are tormenting. Much later the demon reluctantly conversed with me. Of a truth I tell you, Asmodeus was one of the powerful demons possessing the young girl. I asked the demon what he knows about Job and the daughter of Canaan, the devil replied, he had assisted in persecuting them. I asked him about the traitor Judas, the demon said Judas sits beside him in hell.


Of a truth I tell you, in course of dealing with possessed lunatics, I attempted to convert an evil spirit to abandon his evil ways and embrace the path of righteousness. I was curious to observe how the evil spirit will react to the suggestion of repentance. An insane sister woman was ushered before me. It became obvious to me it will not be easy to expel the demon residing within her because the devil had been within her for several years. The devil had been within her for such a long time. When I got the attention of the demon, I told the demon, God is merciful! repeat after me; God be merciful to me a poor sinner and receive me with pity, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, the devil refused and he told me to mind my own business. The demon advised me not to pray for the damned, he said a prayer of repentance is torture in hell. I continued to persuade the demon and after much persuasion, he began to stammer like a child and said, GO-GO-GOD, and he stopped and told me I should not insist because he is a damned soul. My attempt to persuade the devil to repent failed.


My brother man and sister woman, terrorism is the act of using violence for the purpose of advancing a religious or ideological cause. Terrorism is all about intimidation or coercion or instilling fear. They propagate their messages of intimidation through shootings, bombings and other types of mass murder. I think it is right and proper for me to look at terrorism from the human aspect, before talking about the unseen forces behind acts of terrorism. From the human point of view, I must say acts of terrorism taking place in most countries in the world should awaken us to the degraded condition of humanity. We should examine ourselves to find out what each of us, as members of society might have done to encourage the manifestation of this monstrous creature termed terrorism.  We equally need to identify what we have not done right and what actions we should have taken to checkmate and prevent terrorism from becoming into physical reality. My brother man and sister woman, suicide bombing is very intense. A suicide bomber is prepared to destroy himself alongside fellow mortals. Who will do such a thing?  Within each of us reside a Godly and a demonic aspect. A person can become a terrorist if his demonic aspect gains the upper hand. I want to make clearer the demonic aspect of a terrorist is very active, that clearly shows that a terrorist is a very degraded person. It is very easy for evil entities to gain unfettered access into spiritually degraded human beings. In summation, terrorist are possessed by destructive powerful entities that way they deriving pleasure in mass shedding of blood.


It appears most people think possession simply means demons entering into the body of a human being, in order to torment and speak through the person or perhaps a nude insane person on the street is suffering from possession etc. Most people don’t know that possession can equally manifest itself by pains, cramps, ulcers, heartburns, melancholy, dizziness in the head, migraine headaches, abdominal pains etc.  to which of sorts of medical diagnosis and treatment will amount to nihility.


A brother man experienced severe stomach pains for more than thirteen years. He submitted himself to all sorts of treatment which amounted to nothing. However, intermittently prayers helped him to abate the pain but after a few weeks of respite, the severe stomach pains start all over again. The stomach pain rose year after year and this continued for thirteen years. When this brother man appeared before me, I listened to his sad story but I told him, I am only interested in his thought world and how he feels whenever he is praying to God. The brother man told me, as the stomach pains increase, he is strongly confronted with diabolical thoughts of blasphemies against God, he keeps experiencing the most anguishing inner torments and during prayers, he experiences agitation in his body. I want to make clearer, this is a crystal clear case of demonic possession manifesting itself in the form of severe stomach pains. I came in contact with an old brother man in the village. He had a swelling in the region of the stomach accompanied by sharp pains. He took medication and herbal medicines but the pains continued tormenting him day and night for close to years. However, this elderly brother man noticed that during prayer, there was always something which seemed to rise up from his belly. That clearly shows that he is suffering from hidden possession. Certain things need to be done to induce the demon to speak out. The moment the devil speaks out, it will become clear, it is the devil manifesting itself in the form of swelling in the stomach region for close to two years. Of a truth I tell you, the devil, the unclean spirit when he gains access into the soul of a mortal, it comes like a wolf upon a sheep, ravening for blood and ready to devour. His presence is most cruel. I want to make clearer, his attack is obviously an injustice. In the same vein, I want to make clearer, I have come across possession which manifested itself in the form of rheumatism, arthritis, epilepsy etc. Also, I have in contact with possession by spirits of animals. The spirits of a cat, dog, monkey, snake, fox etc. can take possession of a human body. There are many strange things. Almost too strange for one to believe but because one is ignorant about them does not mean they are not real.


The moment has come to shed on obsession by evil spirits. Let me give you some instances of obsession.


Hear this, a demon is residing in a brother man. As the brother man is praying to God, the demon elevated him and rammed him on the floor. The demon equally forced him to abuse his wife and children praying alongside with him. The brother man screamed and said, it is the devil forcing me to abuse you all. I cannot resist him and the traumatized brother man started crying. This is a clear case of obsession. The brother man does not lose consciousness of his usual personality. He is fully there. He is a passive spectator of what is taking place within him. However even though his eyes remain open and his consciousness intact, he cannot resist even with the full strength of his mind, the voice of the demon which speaks in him. It is outside his control.

A brother man wakes up in the morning and finds himself deeply troubled in his natural mind by fits of rage. He blames himself for failures in his life. He is overwhelmed by the strong urge to commit suicide and he might even make a serious attempt. The brother man is having an extreme and vehement impulse to kill himself. His mind will be filled with hatred against God, Jesus Christ. He will be overwhelmed by heretical ideas and very violent temptations against chastity. However, in spite of all this, the soul of this brother man does not cease from looking up to God. This is a clear case of obsession.


A brother man wakes up only to find his mind filled with blasphemies. He feels a strong hatred for God. The brother man is bent on devising ways to displease God at all cost and equally induce others to trespass against God. This is a clear case of obsession. The devil is beclouding the mind of the brother man so that he can hardly distinguish between the desires of the devil and that of his.  End moment has come. Good night.

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  1. Kingsley anyadioha

    Guru I use to to observe that halve of my body is different in from the other is my right side. And most times I experience subtle manifestation and discomfort from that side. Most of the minor accident affect only that side even from my child hood. Right now my right side is shorter than the other. I have been informed during meditation that a demon is occupying my halve part. How can I separate the bound. What spiritual exercise must I do to expel this. Who will I meet to help me. Please I need your reply. Thank you.

    • Guru Subai 2

      My brother man Kingsley the lord will help you, for further assistance to know thyself please contact my secatary on +234 081 000 455 71 thank you and stay blessed.

  2. Efe Isaac

    I have a question. Are there prerequisites that certain human bodies meet enabling possession from wandering souls or demons? Is there a frequency that when human beings operate in become susceptible for these wandering souls or demons either at will or unknowingly?

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