Power Of The Spoken Word

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desires-pathfinder-power-of-th-spoken-wordPOWER OF THE SPOKEN WORD

Pertaining the power of the spoken word, a word is only a name for certain states of consciousness. Word or audible sound belongs to the material plane, and when a word is spoken, it must traverse space and endure in order to reach its destination. The average Nigerian, does not really know the hidden forces behind spoken words, as far as they are concerned a word is merely a vehicle used to convey certain processes of the mind. The word cannot convey that which is not in the mind. Words must be projected, conveyed with certain amount of energy to impact the other person. Now hear this, one brother man might say I am happy and he might convey nothing to another person hearing the word, but if everything about him, his facial expression, movement etc. depicts happiness, without a word being uttered, the next person will know that he is happy and he might even ask him, you look, very happy today. So if one is radiant with joy before uttering the word, I am happy, your words would convey complete conviction, to the other person. In the vein my brother man and sister woman, in prayer related matters, a word spoken without force of thought, does not accomplish anything. We must learn to select the right words and after selecting the right words, we must give them power. A word does not of itself contain power. Power must be given to the word by the one who speaks it. It is your thought which gives power to the prayer words selected by you. Thought is the motivating force behind the spoken word. We make contact with the living God, through the power of thought. The master Jesus told mankind, my words are spirit and they are life and they do accomplish that whereunto they are sent. When the master Jesus told us his words are spirit, he meant to convey that he is conscious that the moving force of God, was moving through what he said or thought. The Master Jesus established every word unto himself, he exalted every word, through his exalted consciousness, knowing that it was already in existence. My brother man and sister woman, spirit is the creative cause in the universe, for it is the activity of the spirit that makes seeds we bury in the ground to grow. No seed has power within itself. Your word is a seed and the power of spirit acts upon your word, as it acts upon seeds buried in the ground. My brother man and sister woman, there is power in the spoken word always, if we see it as spirit, for then it can be nothing but spirit. You are the one who determines everything, you are both the power and the expressor of that power and you are the sole determinator of what your word shall carry with it. Always bear in mind, it is not repetition that makes a word effective, your first declaration, if it true is sufficient.
Was this brother man born blind, because of what he might have done or perhaps what his parents might have done? The master Jesus told his disciples the brother man was born blind so that the works of God should be made manifest through him. What most of us fail to realize is that what we call evil contains the germ of good, and when we thoroughly examine evil, with the pure intention of beholding the good embedded in it, the sense of evil disappears and it is only then we shall realize, all things, are working together for good. As you are well aware, a human being as an outer and inner aspect.  Outwardly, a human being might be ugly, but if the inner aspect of that person is beautiful, we shall still accept the person and forget the outer aspect that is ugly. Of a truth I tell you, I know a sister woman that is so much admired in a compound. Outwardly she is not beautiful, but the inner aspect of her is beautiful. People in the compound will tell you, we know she is not beautiful but she is well behaved and friendly and because of that, they no longer take note of her physical ugliness, they are only interested in her inner qualities.  Of a truth I tell you, nobody likes poverty but I want to make clearer, there are good lessons embedded in poverty. For instance, if you are rich, people will swarm around you, you might think you are admired and loved by everybody. It is only in the state of poverty, you will realize that most people, which of course include most of your family members never truly loved you. They only admired and loved your riches. So you see, poverty is truly an eye-opener, in contrast, riches blindfolds you. The master Jesus told his disciples, the blindness of that brother man was not an evil thing, nor the result of an evil act, but his blindness, was an opportunity to show forth the glory of the Almighty God. In summation my brother man and sister woman, it is your responsibility to work calmly to uncover the good contained in any situation you find yourself, for all things are truly working together for good.

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  1. Aurisha Georgewill

    Great Writting Guru Subai


    Guru remember me oo , your teaching is a good source of encouragement and brings peace to the soul ride on.

    • Guru Subai 2

      Noted my sister woman Patricia, you’re welcome and God bless.

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