Prayer Blunders & Female Preachers

desires-pathfinder-prayer-blunders-female-preachersPRAYER BLUNDERS & FEMALE PREACHERS.

My brother man and sister woman, a noble deed is prayer. The truest prayer takes place in the innermost recesses of your of heart, in your thoughts and not your verbal utterances. Most Nigerians derive immense pleasure using words, popularly termed prayer as the only means of communicating with God. Obviously most praying individuals learn from each other. Overt prayer is very easy, that’s why countless Nigerians embrace it, but they fail to realize anything worthwhile in life is not easy of attainment.

The path to God is very arduous. If you want God to attend to your prayers, you must be willing to let go of your lower self, your lower ambitions and allow the will of God to be done in your life. How many of us can do such a thing? Few Nigerians I presume! My brother man and sister woman must bear in mind, the truest prayer can only take place in your heart, in your thoughts and not the overt insanity taking place in countless Nigeria churches and homes.

Always bear in mind, you are not praying if you are yelling at God. Also when will most of you realize, the Almighty God is not a politician that can be procured by eulogies. You cannot eulogies the Almighty God into becoming Aladdin, genii in the lamp, to carry out all your wishes. The Almighty God is not a politician that can be bought up by eulogy. It is wrong of you, during prayer to remind the Almighty God how strong he is, how great he is, how sympathetic he is etc. In summation, it is only through purification of thoughts and good deeds can any soul attain spiritual elevation and attract the divine blessings of God. Aside that, your prayers and confessions are, nothing but a waste of breath.  In the same vein, I am of the opinion, female preachers should be left alone, for all times are not alike. Brother men preachers might be great gospel teachers today, tomorrow, sister women might teaches best. It is the will of God that brother men and sister women are created to complement each other. In the light of what I have said I want to make clearer, preacher brother men and preacher sister women should work hand in hand, for each has a work to do. Plain and simple.

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