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desires-pathfinder-blog-post-questions-and-answers4QUESTION 11: GURU, SHED LIGHT ON HOW TO PERFORM ACTS OF CHARITY:

Interesting question. Charity is an act of serving God. Charity denotes generosity to others, giving. It is an act of kindness. Charity should not be all about money. You can practice charity with whatever you have. If done properly, charity attracts the attention and blessings of God. The Holy Bible overtly supports acts of charity. I will show you.

Hebrews 13:16 Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God

Deuteronomy 15:10 Give generously to them and do so without a grudging heart; then because of this the LORD your God will bless you in all your work and in everything you put your hand to.

Isaiah 5: 8:10 Feed the hungry, and help those in trouble. Then your light will shine out from the darkness, and the darkness around you will be as bright as noon.

Acts 20:35 it is more blessed to give than to receive.’”

Quite revealing. The acts of charity are recognized in the higher realms, therefore, it should be done properly. Of a truth I tell you, there are brother men who do great good unto others but they are prone to exaggeration. They want everybody to hear, how they helped a wretched brother man to pay his children’s school fees or perhaps how he single-handedly build the church in his village etc. The good works of such brother men are taken to smithereens by the shame of their tongues. Such people are not discreet. Perhaps they might have forgotten we have been warned not to allow our left hand know what our right hand is doing.

Matthew 6:3-4
But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.

Now hear this, a brother man decides to give money to a beggar and he beckons on the beggar, hey you beggar, come and take this money. What has he done?  He used one hand to elevate the beggar and injured the beggar with his tongue. His averment, hey you beggar, is an evil spiritual act. In the same vein, I picked him up from the gutter, I provided for her wretched family, or perhaps that useless ken is always coming to my house to beg for food and money etc. These are an evil spiritual act committed with the tongue. Hear this, a group of people eulogized a wealthy brother man and in a feat of excitement, he cast his money freely into the midst of those people. Some gathered the money and used it to provide food and clothing for their families, others took the money and went to a nearby pub and got drunk and became worse than before. Some of those people who gathered the money vowed to do anything to attain riches so that they too can cast money on the street. Of a truth I tell you, good and evil came out of the money cast by the wealthy brother man. Judgement will certainly be rendered against the rich brother man, if the evil that came out of the money he cast is higher than the good.


Amid us exist mortals that indulge in dependence based charity. They derive pleasure turning people into beggars. If they truly want to help you, they can, but they will never do that. They practice charity that lower the self-respect of the receiver. This is not good. This should not be happening.  Of a truth I tell you, a brother man acquired a vast parcel of land, he invited many people who had nothing to eat and nowhere to sleep and he told them, God gave you all hands to work with, therefore come and work with your hands and earn a living. And they all went, worked on the farmland and earned their living. Such a brother man will be elevated in the spirit world because he elevated the spiritual grade of the less privileged in society. My brother man and sister woman, strive not to indulge in charity that promotes dependence and you know why? In the spirit world, judgement will be rendered against you if you indulge in charity that promotes dependence. On the other hand, however, judgement will be rendered in your favour if you practice self-sustaining charity. My brother man and sister woman, paving the way for employment and industry is the greatest of all charity. Charity may no longer be needed if people are gainfully employed.


My brother man and sister woman, before doing charity consider the lowest of the low, whether they have bread to eat and a place to sleep. Equally, consider those in hospitals whether they are adequately attended to. Your spiritual blessings from God will not depend on the quality of what you give, but it depends on giving according to what you have.


Interesting question. My brother man and sister woman, countless people are desperate to attain riches and enhance their personal magnetism, which will enable them to attract favour and success in all their human endeavours. Desperate people like these, often consult black magicians and voodoo priest to help them achieve their heart’s desires. Black magicians and voodoo priest deal directly with evil spirits.  Evil spirits will never urge us to do things that are pleasing to God, rather they will urge us to do things that will incur the wrath of God, attract very heavy evil karma, which will give birth to severe and open-ended punishment and destruction of the soul. They lure damned human beings consulting them, they promise them riches through the enslavement of their souls. I want to make clearer to those of you consulting evil spirits in matters of riches, war, marriage and other great undertakings, that you are already hostages of evil spirits. Woe unto you in your hour of death. Ritual killers are firmly under the grasp of the law of karma. The law of karma is impossible to stop or prevent. Let me outline some of the odious activities of ritual murderers they might cast a spell on the person, take the person into a bush, where they will kill and cut off the head, hands and private organs of the person. Some even go into secluded farmland, blind fold an elderly sister woman, and start lacerating her private part while she is still alive. In the same vein innocent virgins are lured with money and expensive gifts and unknown to these girls, after having sex with these accursed brother men, their blood and sexual fluids are used for rituals of riches and elongation of lifespan. I want you to bear in mind dismembered body parts are often given to evil spirits in exchange for wealth and favour and equally for preparation of very potent charms. Right now, most people know that human beings are killed and vital parts are removed and used in performing rituals of riches, invisibility, favor, protection, fast acting potent charms etc. The moment has come for me to talk about the aspect which most people don’t know and that is

  1. Why a blindfolded person’s private part is being lacerated without killing the person?
  2. Why many dismembered bodies are exposed to the elements?
  3. Why ritualist derive pleasure collecting human parts from people who died by hanging and why are they interested in the rope used in committing suicide?
  4. Why ritualist goes after condoms, stained pads, sperm or sperm stained bedsheets etc. Why are they interested in items obtained from brothels?

Black magicians and voodoo priest tell their evil minded consultants to look for any of the aforementioned items because the latent power in those items can be quickened and used to help them achieve their heart’s desires. Now, what is the name of this tremendous spiritual power? Is the spiritual power hidden in the head, heart, kidneys, fingers, breast or private parts of their victims? Let me give an instance with the flesh of animals people consume to enable you understand the nature of this power and perhaps its location.  People eat meat because it contains a large amount of protein which improves the overall health and wellbeing of the human body. Also, meat contains vitamin A, B and D, which promotes stronger teeth and bones in the human body. Most of you think all the vitamins and proteins are stored in the flesh of the animals we eat. You are wrong. Of a truth I tell you, whenever we eat meat, it is not the flesh we eat that forms new tissues and organs, blood and bone etc. in our human bodies. It is the magnetic body, the life principle, the invisible essence of life derived from the flesh of these animals that we take into our human bodies that forms the new tissues and organs. It is the essence of life derived from the flesh of these animals that forms blood and bones in our human bodies. In the light of what I have said I want to make clearer, whenever a person is killed and dismembered, it is the life essence of the dead person that counts. Of a truth I tell you the most powerful life essence is that of a person killed in a gruesome manner. A sister woman, whose private part is being lacerated while she is still alive, no doubt sustained horrific injuries and met a tragic end. Imagine the horrendous death of an 18-year-old boy whose heart was removed and the body dumped in a deep pit.

My brother man and sister woman, the life essence of the ritual murder victim becomes extremely powerful if the mutilated body is exposed to the influence of the air, the sun and the moon. This is the main reason the bodies of ritual murder victims are often left in the open. Life essence can equally be found in used condoms, stained pads etc. If they fall into the wrong hands, they can ritualistically be used to perform many evil acts. Of a truth I tell you, witches love to steal sperm from human beings addicted to bad habits and use it for evil purposes. Also, evil spirits often steal a great quantity of sperm from brothels. They will extract life essence from them and use them to perform many evil acts, epidemics, plagues etc.


Of a truth I tell you, almost all the children born into the world are replicas of their fathers and mothers. What does that denote? It means if you are pristine in spirit, your child will be pure in spirit. If you are pristine in flesh, your child will be pure in flesh. On the other hand, however, if you are addicted to alcohol and drugs, your child will come forth into this world with those contaminations. Early in life, children must be taught to work and avoid falling into idleness. Teach them to be positive and have great and unshakable faith in the temple of God residing within them, to enable them overcome failure and disease. Make them realize according to their faith, it will be done unto them. Parents are advised not to overtask their children, or neither inflict pain upon them.


Anything is possible. Everything is decided by faith. Who is a saint? A saint is a mortal exhibiting an exceptional degree of holiness. The divine power of God is active in the body of a saint. Much later, if the physical body of the saint dies, the divine power of God active in the body of a late saint cannot die. So, what does that mean? It means a true saint continues to live one even though his physical body is dead. I want to make clearer, a dead saint cannot heal anybody but the divine power of God which enabled the dead saint to perform miracles is still alive and accessible to those who believe. In summation, true saints are still alive and active, although their physical bodies have died.


Of a truth I tell you, after physical death for not having children, a true celibate will have less bondage remaining in the lower planes and the aspect of coming back to planet earth might be foreclosed. After death, a true celibate might become brides and bridegrooms to the everlasting father. In the light of what I have said, those who are naturally inclined to celibacy should rejoice.


Premature death has to do someone dying before the appointed time. If a person dies before his appointed date, his astral body will not be able to ascend into the light. His astral body will remain within planet earth until the time arrives that should have been the termination of his physical body according to the law of his karma. In the same vein, my brother man and sister woman souls of people who committed suicide remain earthbound wandering souls. They are often fully conscious and realize the situation in which they are placed. They are like human beings stranded in a foreign land with no money, food and no accommodation. They will just be wandering around planet earth and they may become incubi and succubi, they may become vampire stealing life from the living to prolong their miserable lives.  Brother men and sister women should please stop contemplating committing suicide no matter what they are going through on planet earth because grave punishment awaits them in the spirit world. You have no right to take your own life. That right only belongs to God. You understand me so far.


The sender of these questions must bear in mind there are two aspects in his nature, one is high and the lower is low. As he strives to do what is right, the conflict must take place between them, that’s why he is experiencing sorrow, disappointments etc. but don’t allow these sad experiences to weigh you down. Also, countless souls came to planet earth carrying a big karmic parcel that must be taken care of through sad earthly experiences. Most of the limitations and setback we encounter often emanates from karma. While passing through hard times, don’t ever think God has abandoned you. He hasn’t. The Almighty God is ever present in your life, in your sorrows and in your thoughts.

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