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There are myriad kinds of love. The love of children, the love of siblings, the love of someone who might have impacted your life positively, the love of husband, the love of wife, the love of nature etc. You have told been, God is love, meaning, love draws the Almighty God closer to us, but you must have an object of love, which is the beloved, in-order for God to come closer to you. I have heard some people say, I believe in the love of God, but I don’t believe in human love. Also most of us often aver, I don’t like him, I don’t like her. I want you to bear in mind, you cannot love God and exclude fellow human beings. The moment you do that, your love for God is incomplete. Your so-called love for God is incomplete when you exhibit strong resentment, strong dislike for a fellow mortal. I know it is an uphill task to love every mortal, because there are people who will not reciprocate your love. Does it matter? Hmm it doesn’t. Let me reverberate this point, it doesn’t matter whether a certain person returns your love or not.  What is important here is, the vibration you are given out is love. It is the love vibration that you are giving out that counts.


Countless marriages in society are resting on the following foundations

  1. Marriage of two physical bodies and nothing else.
  2. Marriage of the emotional natures of two people and nothing else.
  3. Marriage in which the physical body of one party is involved, and the physical body of the other party, left in the cold, uninterested and uninvolved.
  4. Marriages in which only the mental and physical bodies are involved, while the emotional body is left out.

Of a truth I tell you, any marriage is doomed without the involvement of the three aspects of our nature. Ture and lasting marriage means, there must be a meeting on all the three levels of consciousness at once. For a brother man and sister woman to be truly and happily married, they must complement themselves in all the three departments of their nature. There should be a simultaneous union of all the three bodies. True marriage has intended in the mind of the Almighty God can only be achieved  if husband and wife are function on the same frequency on all the three planes, namely the physical plane, the emotional plane and the mental plane. Such compatibility is rare, almost nonexistent in our modern society. It is extremely difficult to find husband and wife in which there is perfect co-ordination of their physical, emotional and mental bodies. The two shall become one flesh simply means perfect coordination of their physical, emotional and mental bodies.


Of a truth I tell you, those of us on the spiritual path know that forced expansion of consciousness is achievable with certain drugs. You can attain a certain level of spiritual vision through the use of certain drugs but throughout the age’s spiritual masters and gurus of every age, fiercely warn spiritual students to stay aloof from drug induced expansion of consciousness because, drugs, alcohol or stimulants adversely affect or completely disorganize the nervous system and cause the conscious mind to lose control. Spiritual masters advise students to attain expansion of consciousness through meditation but the truth is, the meditation process will take many years, while the drug induced process might produce results almost immediately. The difference between spiritual visions obtained by drug taking and spiritual visions obtained by meditation is, the meditation process is entirely under the control of the operator. The spiritual student achieving spiritual visions through meditation can, at will, return to the physical plane and ensure that his psychic centers are perfectly sealed and start attending to his earthly responsibilities with renewed strength and courage. On the other hand however, drug induced expansion of consciousness, drug induced vision is entirely outside the control of the individual. Once the drug is taken, the spiritual student will remain high until the effects on his nervous system and the etheric body have worn off. It doesn’t end here. When the student eventually regain full consciousness on planet earth, he might find himself limping and equally not interested in the physical life and may be unwilling and unable to cope with his physical responsibilities. Such a person will become a liability to family and friends. All these and much more will happen because

In meditation, we learn to calm the physical senses, the emotions and the outer mind into to attain spiritual vision, but drugs works in just the opposite way.

Drugs intensify the physical senses and expand the mind, making it super active and uncontrollable.

Not only that, drugs adversely affect the nervous system and the etheric body.

In the end, the drug user will end up achieving a weakened physical body with an extraordinary enhanced sensitivity.

Now the important question askes, why do we have drug addiction problems in society? Drug addicts feels very good, whenever they are high and they want the good feelings to continue, that is why we have drug addiction problems that will not go away anytime soon. Drug addiction enable them achieve the highest level of happiness, which is obtainable through meditation after many years of practice. Drugs can help you achieve it faster and that the same time, it is destroying your nervous system and etheric body, which is the foundation upon which your physical body, your physical structure is resting on. You know what that means don’t you? Limping while standing, is that all? No that is not all. Drug addiction gives birth to:


Of a truth I tell you, self-destructive habits such as drug addiction attracts the attention of filthy spiritual entities residing on the astral plane. Addiction has to do with irresistible impulses. Filthy spiritual beings are often behind irresistible impulses encountered by drug addicts. Filthy spiritual entities such as vampires, elemental spirits of various kinds, earthbound wandering souls of the dead etc. derives immense pleasure clinging to drug addicts. For instance an earthbound wandering soul of a dead drunkard can attach itself to a living drunkard, and you know what that means don’t you? Addiction to alcohol for many year to comes. My brother man and sister woman, drug addiction is not good for you. Stay aloof from it. Stay aloof from anyone who will encourage you to imbibe drugs ecstasy drugs. Such a person is an agent of the devil. Take my word seriously.


Personally, I am against jungle justice because it is not the way forward. It does not put an end to criminality rather it creates karmic ties and encourage the return to planet earth of a more hardened criminal.  Lynching of suspected criminals is rife. For me, it is the apex of citizenship lawlessness. No one must be judged or condemned without fair hearing or trial. Now hear this, on planet earth, a thief is caught red-handed, mammoth crowd surrounds the thief. He is beaten mercilessly by many people and eventually burnt to death. The physical body of the thief is gone, however his astral body will arrive on the astral plane, raging with anger and revenge. The soul of the raging thief, will work hand in hand with evil astral entities, demons so that it will move against those who lynched him on planet earth. When many people lynch a thief, the astral body of the dead thief goes on floating on the astral plane. Karmic ties are made and the dead thief aggressively reincarnates and the battle rages on and on. For instance, imagine criminals that enters into a house and murder the father, mother and the children. Such criminals are not free. They have created karmic bond with the people they murdered. The murdered individuals will aggressively reincarnate, perhaps in the families of the criminals who killed them.  Finally the victim and the murderer will have to deal with the opposing consciousness. My brother man and sister woman, I urge to flee from activities that creates karmic bond. Always bear in mind if you partake in the beating and burning of a criminal, you have created a karmic bond with the dead criminal and that is not a good thing.


I want to make clearer, everything existing on planet earth, must first exist on the astral plane, before it can exist on planet earth. You have a physical body, because your astral body already existed on the astral plane. If your astral body was not already existing on the astral plane, you will not have a physical body. Let me put it in another way, everything you see around you on planet earth, has a pre-existing astral body on the astral plane. In the light of what I have said, I want to make clearer, every vegetable or mineral and every animal you see are already existing on the astral plane before manifesting on planet earth. Always bear in mind, for anything to exist on planet earth, it must first exist on the astral plane.


I have said it once, this is twice, for anything to exist on planet earth it must first exist on the astral plane. In the same vein if you want to improve your life, you must first create the kind of change you crave for on the astral plane and bring it into your life. My brother man and sister woman, I want to make clearer, whatever is created one the astral plane, must eventually manifest on planet earth. If you create something on the astral plane, it will eventually in our world. This is the reason why witches and wizards are so successful in impoverishing and destroying people they are interested in on planet earth. They always create the effects they desire on the astral plane and eventually, it will show up in our day to day reality. Quite a number of people fail and fail and keep failing, because they have created failure for themselves on the astral plane. I want to make clearer the unconscious is our direct link to the astral plane. Your responsibility is to do the following

Devote fifteen minutes. Strive to use your conscious mind, to convince your unconscious mind, through reason, logic and positive affirmation, that, this is what you want, desire or need.


Now hear this, in the morning, Mr. Henry devoted fifteen minutes using creative visualization and positive affirmations to create financial breakthrough on the astral plane. However, thirty minutes after the exercise, Mr. Henry devoted several minutes worrying about unpaid school fees for his children. Much later again, he started ruminating about the little money he had etc. In fact Mr. Henry spent all day worrying about unpaid school fees and about how he was going to raise money from friends etc. Yes, in the morning Mr. Henry devoted fifteen minutes creating wealth, and after that he spent several hours lamenting about his poor state. So what does that mean? In morning, he spent fifteen minutes creating attraction of prosperity and several hours later he created poverty on the astral plane. It is like praying this minute and doubting the next moment. Of a truth I tell you, Mr. Henry was successful in creating poverty because he spent so much time thinking about his poverty status. On the other hand however, let’s assume Mr. Henry successfully created wealth on the astral plane and he maintained a positive state of mind after the exercise, yet months later, Mr. Henry remained poor, why you might ask? I suspect karma. If Mr. Henry need to learn karmic lesson relating to poverty, there will be no way for Mr. Henry to break out of that poverty. Mr. Henry will remain poor until he is through with his karmic lesson.


On the astral plane exist, male and female demons of sex. They are termed Incubus, which a male demon and succubi is the female. Both of them on daily basis invade sleep and sexually harass sleeping brother men and sister women. They are responsible for organism taking place in dreams accompanied by appropriate pictures. Aside the demons of sex, most of us are very lustful, most people imagine how it will look like to have sex with such and such a person. A brother man is making overture to a girl, meanwhile in his imagination, he is already having sex with her, quite a number of sister women are the embodiment of sexual fantasies. If only they realize their sexual thought forms could give birth to artificial elemental beings in the spirit world, which might induce them to indulge in masturbation for many years to come and all their effort to stop masturbating, will amount to nihility. Masturbation, therefore is a product of imagination and imaginative sexual thought forms will definitely give rise to thought forms that will start to exist independently, on their own and reside in the aura of its creator. The sexual thought forms now residing in the aura of its creator, will keep on urging its creator, to indulge in masturbation. In summation sex in dream is not all about water spirits, it might be the elemental being the person might have created through unpurified thought forms or perhaps incubus and succubi.

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