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It is common knowledge the meeting of the sperm and ovum both produces the physical body, but where does the soul come from? Of a truth I tell you, the spirit world is replete with souls that have progressed through various lower forms of life and now they are ready to manifest on planet earth as babies and pass through earthly trials that will further purify them. Souls yearning for reincarnation are not brand new souls. They are old souls that have not attained all round purity. A soul will continue to learn by passing through earthly trials, until it evolve to the desired state where incarnation will no longer necessary. When the conditions are right, a soul will identify itself with the womb of a sister woman. When a brother man and a sister woman are making love on planet earth, in the spirit world, they set a vortex of energy, which attracts souls waiting to incarnate. The soul of a child, at the time of its incarnation, will be attracted to parents, whose spiritual natures, likes and dislikes, family setting etc. will provide the best soil for the encouragement of the baby’s own tendencies and inclinations. Incoming souls crave to be born to parents whose moral and mental attributes correspond with their own.


There is one important condition a sister woman must fulfil in-order to attract a soul from the astral plane, to identify with her womb and that is a ripe ovule in the female organism. Of a truth I tell you, whenever there is a ripened ovule in the female organism, she automatically attracts the attention a soul residing on the astral plane. During sex, the intense emotions of the sexual union between a brother man and a sister woman, raises their vibrations, to a state, where they, unconsciously, are closely, in touch, with the astral plane. Now that their vibrations have raised them, into one of the planes or heavens that agrees with, the desires, emotions, the harmony or disharmony existing between the brother man and sister woman indulging in sexual activity on planet earth, a soul that agrees with the desires, emotions, the harmony or disharmony existing between them, will identify with the womb of the sister woman, with a ripened ovule in her female organ. It is the general rule, the vibrations of parents at the time of sexual union, must attract the soul of a child whose astral body agrees with the vibrations generated by the couples indulging in sex.


My brother man and sister woman, the type a child someone begets is determined by the purity level of husband and wife although I am aware of situations where a fairly good parents might give birth to an extremely bad child as part of the trials they might have been destined to pass through but generally at the early stages of pregnancy, it is the vibration rates of parents communicated to the sperm that determine whether it is a fairly good soul or extremely bad soul, that will become attached to the fertilized cell.


My brother man and sister woman, why should it be that some couples try for many years and are not blessed with children and babies comes to others in spite of imbibing conception prevention pills. Of a truth I tell you children and parents are closely linked by the laws of karma. Sexual union is a potent avenue for creating and working out karma.


Should the wife be blamed for the birth of the girl child? I don’t think so because from the spiritual point of view, I know that the husband plays a decisive role in deciding the sex of the unborn baby. From the spiritual point of view the soul is two sided, the soul is the embodiment of male and female, and the most prominent aspect determines the sex of the body that is built around it. You are wrong if you think, we have a male soul, we have a female soul. There exist one soul, which is two sided. So if husband and wife focus their imagination more on the male aspect, the wife will give birth to a male child, if both of them focus their imagination on the female aspect, the wife will give birth to a baby girl.  The Almighty God left a brother man free to attract a male or a female child. The Almighty God planted the power to make this happen in the imagination of a brother man. If therefore a brother man has a strong will to attract a male child, the desire arises in his imagination and the desire will generate the seed. It is interesting to note the power to attract either a male or a female child exist equally exist in the imagination of a sister woman. This mighty power lies within both of them and as they determine their will, so will it happen. On the other hand however, a brother man’s wife can give birth to three or four female children as part of the trial he might have been destined to pass through on planet earth, for there is no effect without a cause and in such a case, a second wife might still give birth to a female child.


I presume parents are well of the dangers of traditional discipline and that is instilling fear in children. Most parents have now realized the futility of instilling fear in children. Instilling fear in children serves no purpose and creates feelings of shame and humiliation. The fear discipline method might lead to an increased risk of future antisocial behavior including crime and drug use. I want to make clearer, harsh, physical discipline teaches children that violence is the only way to solve problems. The fear method, controlling or manipulative discipline compromises the trust between parent and child and harms the attachment bond.

My brother man and sister woman as parents, it is your responsibility to show your children that they are responsible for their actions. You have to say, you made this mess, now you have to make it go away, that’s punishment. It teaches them to understand that their actions have consequences and if they choose to do the same thing again, they will be punished again, but be careful not to punish your child for every little thing. If you keep doing that, it simply means you are making your child to belief that everything they do has negative consequences and that means they will be too afraid to try anything and that will interfere with their freedom of choice. In the same vein my brother man and sister woman as a parent, whenever you punish your child, you cannot live the child just like that. There has to be an explanation or else the child might come away thinking you don’t love him or you don’t love her. You must give the child a hug, you have to say, you know the reason why I punished you is because I love you so much and I want you to understand and learn. Then your child will understand that he or she was punished out of love. The child will understand the punishment was the resultant effect of love and not because you hate him or her. My brother man and sister woman we get angry the most, with people we love most, because we care.

Many parents are so involved in a child’s life that the child doesn’t have a life. It appears they want to do everything for the child. This is not good, this should not be happening. Parents must learn to practice the balancing act and that is they have to be both involved in their child’s life and removed from it. Parents must learn to be involved and removed, present and absent at the same time. This is the only way your child will grow into a healthy human being. I urge truly loving and caring parents to emulate the Almighty God, if you watch very well you will realize that the Almighty God is there and at the same time detached from your life. If the Almighty God is fully and actively present in your life you cannot make a decision, you don’t have freedom of choice. The Almighty God, the creator of all things, respect the freedom of brother men and sister women, that’s why he is there and he is not there and he is not there at the same time. The Almighty God must, in order to respect brother men and sister women’s freedom of choice, be absent from the world. That’s why human beings don’t fully and actively feel the presence of the Almighty God. Why are most marriages, relationships falling and collapsing? Possessiveness you are truly in hell if your husband, wife or lover is possessive and eventually when you break up from the possessive individual, if you feel free and happy. In the same vein, children can never discover themselves if they are under the form grasp of possessives parents. In the light of what I have said I want parents to bear in mind if they truly love their child, loving your child requires getting to know your child properly so that you can make the right space and give yourself in the special way that the child needs, don’t forget in proverbs you have been told to educate your child according to its ways. It is imperative you are present in the life of your child and at the same time detached from his life so that your child can make his own choices so that he can develop character.  Promise yourself, I will be present and detached at the same from my child. To be present means, no matter what choice you make, my child, I am always with you, I am committed to you. To be detached from your child means, my child I give you the freedom to make choices so that you can develop character.  If you are always crowding your child with your omnipresence, if you always want to be giving this, giving that to your child, in reality you are actually taking away your child’s sense of self and confidence, that says, I can do this, I am somebody. Always bear in mind children wants to be able to do things on his own. You hear. My brother man and sister woman, here am I talking about possessive parents that wouldn’t give their child a breathing space what about parents who are far removed from their child’s life? They are never around. Of course children respond to toys, they can be fooled by presents, and presents are very nice but what they really want is the physical presence of their parents and I can assure you all the presents in the world will never satisfy their yearning for parental affection. True love for children means, parental presence and not presents. My brother man and sister woman always bear in mind, your child wants to be sure you are committed, if he does something wrong and you say or even imply that if he does it again, you won’t love him anymore, then he feels no commitment. Commitment is, I am you father, I am your mother, I will love you always. Strive each day, even it’s just for a few minutes to talk to your child and express your love every day no matter how tough the day. I know that some days will bring unforeseen difficulties and that some children seem more challenging than others but at least you will know in your heart that you have tried your best to help your navigate the road of life successfully.  I wish you success imaginable in your effort to bring up your child properly.


Amazing as it may sound when Satan was mentioned in the book of Job, he was not presented as the rebel angel expelled out of the heavens and banished forever from the presence of the Almighty God. In the Book of Job, Satan is presented as a kind public prosecutor.  God speaks to him, ask him questions and gives him missions to carry out.  When God gives him assignment, we wanders through planet earth and returns back to God to give account of what he has seen and what he has done. God ordered Satan to test Job and Satan gladly brought down upon the head of this holy brother man Job, all manner of evil possible. Job came out victorious and the Almighty God rewarded him. As for Satan, who made life hellish for Job, he was neither punished nor blamed. After all, he has only obeyed God who gave him an assignment. I want to make clearer, all the characters in Job story are symbolic, even their names make this clear. Job denotes the afflicted and Satan denote, test for calumny. In summation, the book of Job, is an allegory, whose meaning is to show that evil on planet earth, simply is a test of virtue.  When faced with sorrow and calamity, people yell out, how can a God of love permit such things to happen? Most of us fail to realize we are evolutionary beings, destined to experience good and evil.


For me, Satan was never an angel of light. Rather I see Satan as a terrible, powerful force that can assume countless forms and entering freely everywhere causing myriad kind of problems.  I see Satan as a force desired by God when he gave liberty to mortals. With Satan around, it appears we all are gainfully employed.

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