Of a truth I tell you, although the tree of knowledge of good and evil is a figurative speech and a symbolic presentation covering a multitude of human experiences, the tree of life itself, was not a myth. It was real and it existed on planet earth for a very long time. The fruits of the tree of life were like a super-chemical storage battery, it contains life extension powers when eaten. Now pertaining Adam and Eve, this is what I have to say, Adam and Eve made their entrance into the Garden of Eden and a few days later, they were re-created in dual human form and thereby became the new leaders of planet earth. They were designed in pairs, they weren’t designed to function alone. The human bodies of Adam and Eve usually emit a shimmer of light but the clothing they wore often obscures the glorious light emanating from their bodies but that notwithstanding, one can still see a radiating glow from their heads.  Of a truth I tell you, pertaining their height, both of them were a little more than eight feet in height and at that time the language of Eden was an Adonic dialect. During the several years of Lucifer’s rebellion, Adam and Eve had remained loyal to Archangel Michael, however, a powerful demonic spirit paid frequent visits to the Garden and held several meetings with Adam and Eve. He was trying to cajole both of them to join the revolution of Lucifer but they refused. The powerful demon decided to stop persuading Adam and focus only on Eve and eventually the powerful demon succeeded and planet earth has never been the same ever since.


My brother man and sister woman, religious disputation with their arising animosities are the most useless things in the world. If one quarrels with another about religious opinions, such a person cannot have the true religion because religion is the realization of truth. I urge you to examine the species of birds in the woods and you will realize each species of birds sings a different tune but the principle which causes them to sing is the same in each and that principle is the Almighty God. I have convinced myself, every religion has good points as well as bad ones. I am of the opinion, a brother man should learn to keep the best part of his religion to himself and ignore the weak aspects. Also realization of truth is not all about it is written in the good book or a brother man of God told me or he said or she said etc.

2 Corinthians 3:6 “who also hath made us able ministers of the new testament — not of the letter, but of the Spirit; for the letter killeth, but the Spirit giveth life.”

Always bear in mind, if you pine to perceive the truth, purity of heart and self-control must go hand in hand. My brother man and sister woman must bear in mind each religious truth is relative, it’s like one thing leading to another, and understanding of religious truths depends on the maturity of the person concerned. Comprehension of truth depends on the insight of each individual. That’s why those of us on the spiritual path does not interfere with anybody in this regard. No sincere spiritual student will impose spiritual truths on anyone who is not yet ripe for it. My brother man and sister woman must bear in mind materialistic knowledge depends on the maturity, receptivity, and understanding of your mind. On the other hand, spiritual truths and wisdom, does not depend on your mind and memory. It depends on the maturity, purity, and perfection of the individual personality. That’s why we do not try to deviate anyone from the religious truth he or she is clinging to. We do not criticize, nor condemn anyone. Although at the bottom of one’s heart one might feel sorry for the person without showing it outwardly. Let everybody hold on to what he believes in that makes him happy and satisfied.  If each and every one of us clings to this maxim, be rest assured there would be neither hatred nor religious dissension on planet earth. We all shall exist happily side by side.


My brother man and sister woman, fear causes panic and hysteria, fear can destroy your willpower, self-esteem, and self-respect. Fear can blur your perception, astonish your spirit. Fear can bind you in chains and interfere with your reasonability etc. Of a truth I tell you of all human emotions, fear is probably the most dangerous, unpredictable and mostly uphill to control. Fear is a danger and at the same time it is equally important for instance, fear of sickness might induce you to take certain precaution to prevent falling sick, fear of starvation or fear of your children been driven from school might compel you to work harder to raise money. Your responsibility, therefore, is to decide, which fears you want to keep for whatever reasons and which ones you want to eliminate or convert into valuable energy.  My brother man and sister woman must bear in mind what you fear most, you attract unto yourself. It is interesting to note you can observe this in the behavior of animals. For instance, if you let a dog knows that you are afraid of it, certainly you will arouse the hunting instinct of the dog and it may even attack you. On the order hand, however, if you boldly face the dog, the dog will most likely succumb to your will or at least leave you alone.


Of a truth I tell you, symptoms of black magic attacks are as follows

  • Accelerated heartbeat, hallucinations, feeling of fear and anxiety, dizziness, weakness of the immune system, a continuous string of bad luck, failure, the absence of good friends, suicidal thoughts, unwilling to accept assistance etc.


Yes, a sister woman can truly be born a lesbian. Maybe I should dramatize the frightening experiences and private inner thoughts of a young girl born with homosexual tendencies. She will really feel different as she is growing up. Much later, if she is sleeping with a girlfriend, she will be overwhelmed by a strong desire to kiss her and she might be compelled to do it. Of a truth I tell you, she will go into ecstasies every time she sees the naked figure of a fellow girl. After that, she will start craving to have a girl as her lover. No doubt my disclosure gives a vivid example of the kind of thoughts within many young girls born with homosexual tendencies. Shame and fear of condemnation make it difficult for them to seek for help. Some of these teenagers strive fruitlessly to suppress their homosexual feelings, hoping they will go away. I want to make clearer the same sex attraction torments the lives of a significant number of teenagers and adults, male and female, single and married etc. Of a truth I tell you, we are spiritual beings temporarily clothed in a perishable human body. As spiritual beings, we are here on planet earth to learn and learn we must. Therefore in the spirit world, before we manifested on planet earth we have all chosen how our present lifestyle will be. Some have chosen whether to be heterosexual or bisexual or transgender or gay to learn specific lessons. Before we were born, we have selected our sex, parents, childhood experiences and sexual orientation etc. Sadly, most people find it difficult to believe past lifetimes are interconnected to our present life, situations or problems encountered in this lifetime. In summation, most people with homosexual tendencies were truly born that way.


The Almighty God, the angelic beings, and your guardian angel truly understand your sufferings, your frustrations, your physical pains, and failures because they are part of you and they are with you always until you depart from planet earth. Oftentimes, you might be called upon by your karma to go through certain sad experiences, if you shrink away or fight it, you might worsen your situation but if you surrender into the will of God, eventually that problem will go away and you will become out victorious. Certain problems are karmic by nature, therefore, you cannot annihilate them with prayers. Certain problems are meant to purify and elevate us to greater heights.


Yes, it is possible for the ghost of a certain dead person to appear to someone dear to him but I want to make clearer evil spirits can equally cloth themselves with the astral body of a dead person and play tricks on someone dear to the dead person. It is common knowledge eight to ten days after the death of a person, massive decomposition of internal organs takes place, in fact, the body turns from green to red because of blood decomposition but that is not the case with the astral body of the dead person. Of a truth I tell you, the process of decay of the astral body of a dead person takes much longer than that of a physical body. The astral body abandoned by the soul of a dead person may go on to exist for many, years and an evil spirit can cloth itself with it and play pranks on the living.


Witchcraft is one of the oldest religions in the world. Witchcraft, which is a crime against the Almighty God and humanity, is all about doing strange and very vile things with the help of evil spirits. Children have always been used to spread witchcraft. Imbibition of food is one of the easiest methods of witchcraft initiation. An old mother, perhaps selling akara and raw pap might be the one to give it to an innocent boy as breakfast and the boy will eat the bewitched food. In the same vein, a witch can prepare a poisonous concoction and with her astral body, she will rub the poison into the body of a sleeping person or with the astral body, the witch will turn her astral hand into a knife, open the womb of sleeping sister woman and place a goat’s horn into her womb to prevent her from having children. For years to come, that sister woman may not find a solution to her bareness. Witches can send night cats to cause horrible dreams, inspire hatred among family member, and inflict sickness which a physician could neither explain nor cure. They can cause bodily harm, gradual death so that no more might suspect witchcraft they are behind the illness. Nobody can out an end to witchcraft but it is possible for you to raise your soul, your vibration to such a height and become so divine that no witchcraft can have power over you.


Countless dead people have not ascended into the light. They are still wandering about planet earth. They are earth-bound souls. In the same vein many dead people have truly, successfully ascended into the next life but they cannot forget the good times they had while alive on planet earth, and because of their inability to forget the good times they had while alive on planet earth, they keep making strenuous effort to come back to planet earth so that they can continue from where they stopped. Many people become so attached to their home or place of business, or money or their lucrative business or an attractive sister woman or brother man or landed properties etc. This attachment of theirs will dominate their character, their soul and the moment such people die and pass to the next life, they are unable to adjust themselves to the fact that they have lost their physical possession or possessions. Earthbound souls are dead people suffering from a paranoia in which they attach immense importance to something they have left behind on planet earth and they are powerless to do away with this attachment.

Emotionalized attachments in connection with something of planet earth bind the soul of a dead person to planet earth until a mental readjustment is made.  Earth attracted souls are dead souls that have been completely born into the next life, they are not hanging around planet earth, they fully reside in the next life and they are quite aware they exist in the next life and not planet earth, but whenever they can make the proper contact, they love to hang around planet earth. Earth attracted souls crave to satisfy their carnal desires through the living. Earth attracted souls will be glad enough to find an opportunity by which they can re-experience their old earthly sensations. They have not forgotten their earthly experiences and they have not changed their tendencies and desires. Of a truth I tell you, earth attracted souls are more numerous than earthbound souls and they often visit and influence the living so that they can continue to partake in the enjoyment of the things of the flesh. Ancestral worship is an act of keeping in touch with family spirits, deceased members of one’s family, ancestors and pre-ancestors, heroes etc. I want to make clearer ancestral worship is Spiritism, it is necromancy. It creates some sort of dependence on the dead. In summation, you are a necromancer if you depend or always call family spirits to do this or do that for you. A necromancer is exposed to certain dangers because the deceased human being he is always calling could take full possession of him and make him completely dependent. This is not good.

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