Secret Cult Attacks


My brother man and sister woman with all the grievous sad occurrences taking place on daily basis I have convinced myself sorcery, a very vile and vicious practice, with Lucifer and his legions of darkness at the helm of affairs, is a living vigorous force on planet earth today. With evilness everywhere today, countless human beings intentionally consulting the forces of darkness to get rid of their human problems, be rest assured accidents aren’t always accidents, bad luck isn’t just bad luck. Therefore if things suddenly begin going wrong for you, then you should ask yourself, am I a victim of sorcery? My brother man and sister woman, irrepressible forces of darkness encapsulate planet earth and through performance of certain sinister rituals, diabolical forces are aroused and attracted to those yearning for their help. Of a truth I tell you, the force of darkness once awakened and summoned, are ever too pleased and willing to perform evil errands for which they have been called. Tons and tons of people are in the state of abject poverty, joblessness, incapacitated in hospitals and countless people have come to sticky ends through the terrifying powers of sorcery. My brother man and sister woman, such sorcery orchestrated problems will continue to be so, for as long as certain materialistically minded people are prepared to go on accepting sorcery orchestrated occurrences as one of those things,  as mere bad luck or accident.

My brother man and sister woman, whether you believe it or not does not affect the issue, sorcerers and witches are extremely dangerous people. Many of them possess power to exterminate and maim others as they please. Most of them believe, I mean really believe certain rituals can guarantee them a destiny free of karma after doing countless vile things to fellow mortals. I regret the impossible, this saying; as you sow, so shall you reap, is an expression of karmic law and justice and no mortal can evade it. It is interesting to note quite a number of sorcerers miscalculated and paid dearly for it. Of a truth I tell you, a stroke, a heart attack, sudden mental disorder and other kinds of severe debilitating illnesses are symptoms of a black curse that comes home to roost in other words, they are symptoms of back to sender. My brother man and sister woman, I am at the verge of unveiling certain hidden mysteries pertaining sorcery but I will feel much better commencing with two interesting stories that will certainly broaden your understanding concerning sorcery.


Dennis and Richard had always been best of friends. They grew up together in Port Harcourt, went to the same government school in Borokiri and now they were even working together in the same small company together. One would think that such closeness would produce a bond of kindness and loyalty between both of them, but not so, as we shall see from this tragic story.  Dennis had always appeared to be the luckiest one, he is handsome and his adoring girlfriends were never far away.  Richard on the other hand never seemed to excel in anything, he finds it difficult to express himself and he was not handsome. Suddenly, Dennis’s life started crumbling, his charmed life took a turn for the worse. Dennis began drinking and started showing up late at the office dennis had completely forgotten to keep appointments with two of the company’s biggest spending clients. The director of the company gave Dennis stern warning. He threatened to sack him if he doesn’t change for the better. This upset Dennis while driving home, he was ruminating on what his director said to him he crashed straight into the rear of a huge transport lorry and he was rushed to the hospital. His best friend Richard visited him and exhibited much sympathy. An old friend of Dennis visited him in hospital and after listening his sad story, his old friend told him, he might be under severe spiritual attack. Dennis believed him, why ? you might ask, Dennis had observed that he could not resist the strong urge to do things, to act against his own best interests his old friend took him to somewhere, where prayers and certain spiritual ceremonies were done and about a week later, Dennis felt his confidence improving. Dennis was advised to pay very special attention to his concentration, he was told to thoroughly examine any thought flowing into his mind and he should do one thing at a time. Dennis began to regain himself, the strong urge to go to pubs and hanging around useless friends fizzled and he began to perform his work better.  Of a truth I tell you, as Dennis was getting better, few months later, it was the turn of his best friend to start encountering series of misfortunes. He was arrested for being in possession of Indian hemp and the company dismissed him for his sudden erratic behavior. What truly happened to Richard can be best described as back to sender. It was Richard who casted a diabolical spell on his best friend Dennis and that Dennis had defeated it, the evil spell must have to go somewhere. If an evil spell cannot remain with the intended victim, the evil spell must certainly go back to its origin and the origin happens to be Richard. Of a truth I tell you, when an evil spell is returning to its source, it must return with added interest. Let me put it in another way, some people have died in ghastly motor accident because evil projections they might have sent to their perceived enemies returned to them with added interest. The hunter becomes the hunted. My brother man and sister woman, might ask why Richard, had wished such terrible visitations of misfortune upon his best friend Dennis. Of course you know the answer, pure jealousy. Of a truth I tell you jealousy, envy, revenge are usually the prime motivators in someone consulting a sorcerer to carry out a psychic attack.


Mr. Philips is a contractor and a member of a very powerful cult. Several times, he had approached a stubborn managing director to approve his road construction proposal but the managing director declined because his proposal was astronomical. Determined to compel the managing director to do his bidding, Mr. Philip presented the matter in their cult meeting. The spiritual master of the cult, asked fifteen members who are masters in telepathic combat to stay behind after the meeting and assist him in solving the problem confronting Mr. Philips. At about 1:00am, all the members clustered around the altar and a young girl who is a virgin and the daughter of one of their members was brought in to assist them. The grand master engraved the name of the managing director into a small wax disc and placed it on the solar plexus of a young girl. After a while, he placed the disc on the girl’s forehead for a few minutes and all members were chanting a very powerful magical formula. The grandmaster placed himself in a state of trance so as to establish a better psychic contact with the managing director. Of a truth I tell you, engraving of the managing director’s name and placing it on the young girl’s solar plexus and forehead is to establish a spiritual contact, particularly the placing of the disc on the girl’s forehead for a few minutes is to make the managing director’s spirit vulnerable to receiving and obeying orders by long distance hypnosis. After establishing contact with the managing director, by gazing at the disc, the young girl told the grandmaster, the managing director is lying in bed but still awake.  In a voice filled with the power of suggestion, the grand master ordered the managing director to fall asleep. Suddenly, the managing director was seized by an overwhelming need for sleep and he fell fast asleep. Now that the managing director is fast asleep under long distance hypnosis, the grand master told him, Mr. Philips will come to your office tomorrow promptly at 10:00am. He will be wearing a dark suit and a red tie. He will demand you to award him the contract and you will comply with his request. The moment he leaves your office, you will become exhausted and fall asleep for exactly five minutes and when you wake up, you will have forgotten everything that happened during the preceding hour. Of a truth I tell you, powerful diabolical cults use this method to induce the un-initiated to do anything they want them to do. With this powerful method, they can put anyone to sleep, wake him up again, make him sick, incapacitate the person in hospital or invigorate or kill him, whenever they liked. The untrained person, the spiritually unenlightened individual will never be able to discover the source of the negative influences at work upon him. Of a truth I tell you, cults like these exist in Nigeria and other parts of the world.


My brother man and sister woman let me unveil one of the most infallible and deadly methods used by powerful cults to maim or kill their enemies pronto.  Of a truth I tell you, one of the most deadly weapons in the arsenal of diabolical cults is an extremely powerful highly consecrated magical item which could discharge fatal vibrations across any distance. Distance is no barrier. The occult item is so deadly and you know why? The deadly vibration it emits instantly affects both the astral and physical bodies of a person. It serves as a wireless transmitter of energy. This deadly item can transmit any kind of thought, it can cause nervous disease and poisonings. It can get hold of a person and break him down, attacking his soul a thousand times without the person been able to protect himself. If the cult members have decided to kill someone, this potent item will be placed in the middle of the room and the picture, or perhaps finger nails, hair or bodily fluid of the enemy will be placed on the item. After that, a specially prepared mixture replete with high percentage alcohol will be poured on the enemy’s belonging and they will lit a match and place it on the alcoholic mixture to elicit fire and at the same time, the cult members will form a circle around the occult item to begin combat telepathy. Of a truth I tell you, victims of this potent item were always diagnosed died from a stroke or heart attack. In summation the important question asked; why do people join secret cults and what are they supposed to do as members of a secret cult? Most people join secret cult in-order to acquire riches and power more quickly. People join secret cult in-order to rapidly destroy their enemies. People join secret cults for better protection against all the dangers of life. Of a truth I tell you secret cults bestow all the aforesaid and in return secret cult members are required to support evil and fight against good wherever possible.


My brother man and sister woman, in this healing segment I intend to talk about diseases emanating from divine Justice. Quite a number of people are very sick and they shall by no means recover until they have paid the uttermost farthing. There’s no doubt that karma is taught in the Bible, although you won’t find the word “karma” anywhere in its pages.

Matthew 5:26. “Verily I say unto thee, Thou shalt by no means come out thence, till thou hast paid the uttermost farthing.”Gal 6:7.  “…God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap”

Job 4:8…“As I have seen, those who plow iniquity and sow trouble reap the same

Matt: 7:1-2. “Judge not, that ye be not judged. For what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure you mete, it shall be measured to you again”

Quite revealing. The law of karma, I think it’s commonly called the will of God. The action of divine justice throughout the universe. Of a truth I tell you many physical diseases, mental abnormalities, character defects etc. emanate from this great law. Take it or leave it, many strangulating diseases emanate from divine justice, in fact it is right and proper to assume divine justice is behind the manifestation of all diseases. It is right and proper to assume all disease and remedy comes from God. My brother man and sister woman must bear in mind, health and disease in human kingdom are not determined by material laws alone they are often the outcome of spiritual laws acting in nature. When a sick patient is not responding to treatment, the disease must be viewed as purgatory and no one can effect a cure until the expiry date of that purgatory arrives. Always bear in mind, the law of divine justice is also a source of goodness because it can assist a patient to come in contact with the right physician. It is the will of God that heals a patient through the physician.

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