Soul Mysteries Unveiled PT 4,5&6

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TRAITS OF BEGINNER SOULS  It is relatively easy to identify beginner souls because they are more numerous than intermediary and advanced souls.  A beginner soul may live a number of lives but will still remain in the state of confusion and ineffectiveness. These sets of countless inexperienced souls traversing planet earth suffer from lack of independent thinking. They allow other people to do their thinking for them. They are inclined to surrender their will to others and are subordinate to others. Beginner souls find it difficult to demonstrate a generosity of spirit toward others and they don’t take much personal responsibility for their actions. Beginner souls always blame the devil or evil machinations of their enemies for their misdeeds.FAIRLY ADVANCED SOULS.  Of a truth I tell you, fairly advanced souls have less association with beginner souls and you know why?, they have acquired the maturity and experience for operating more independently. Of a truth I tell you, there are certain kinds of people you just cannot associate with based on your personal level of soul development. The mere sight of them, the way they reason etc., irritates you.ADVANCED SOULS.  Fairly advanced souls are few on planet earth. I have convinced myself, Mother Theresa was an advanced soul. Advanced souls maybe found in all walks of life, they are more into the helping professions and they love to combat social injustice etc.

SUDDEN DEATH.  As human beings, none of us cherish sudden or accidental death. However what the human aspect of us despise might be embraced by our spiritual aspect. Of a truth I tell you, in the world spirit, certain souls selected a life, where their death will be premature. In the spirit world, many souls essentially volunteer in advance for human bodies that are to be killed by someone, human bodies that are to be destroyed by sudden fatal illnesses etc. There are many strange things, almost too strange for one to belief, but that does not mean, they are not real. I am aware of a soul, who said his last life was planned in advance to end at seven years of age. Now hear this, a prophet saw a vision. In that vision, she saw a close family member, who owns a motor bike, lying dead at a particular expressway known to her. The prophet sternly warned him not to ride his motor bike on that particular expressway. She told him, stay away from that particular expressway, I mean it. Of a truth I tell you, three days later, he died on that particular expressway. Many at times, it appears when you warn people, they think you are controlling their lives. The truth is, we cannot truly control events and everybody fulfills the destiny they have created for themselves. The motor bike brother man might have programmed himself to die at that time, in the exact manner that he had and the prophet could not change it or neither stop it. My brother man and sister woman must bear in mind, every soul has a motive for the events in which he or she chooses to participate on planet earth.  Many souls who become involved in these tragedies, may not truly be in the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the Almighty God, looking the other way, and permitting bad things to happen to them. In reality, they might have been in the right place, at the right time, and their respective souls knows that.



SOULS  SELECTING  A  DEFORMED  BODY   Many deformed, handicapped people think if it were not for a genetic mistake or being a victim of an accidental injury, their lives would have been more fulfilled.  I want to make clearer souls choose good or deformed bodies to function with on planet earth for a reason. Of a truth I tell you, a soul living in a damaged body does not necessarily mean, that soul is paying off some karmic debt because of past life responsibility for an injury to someone else. A soul might willingly decide to reside in a damaged human body to learn a certain lesson for accelerated advancement. Our human bodies, are an important part of the trial we set for ourselves on planet earth. Always bear in mind it is only through adversity, through difficulty, the soul achieves rapid progress.

SOULS COMMITTING SUICIDE.  On planet earth, many souls have committed suicide to escape from endlessly earthly problems, also quite a number of people, during a particular low periods in their lives often contemplate committing suicide. In Nigeria, every year, many student gain admission into the University, in the end quite a number of them might drop out of the university, because of financial constraints or their evil misdeeds. In the same vein, in the spirit world, many souls, voluntarily accepted certain heavy trials and came to planet earth, in the end quite,  a number of them will die tragically, in fulfillment of their individual destinies and quite a number of them, on their own accord, decided to commit suicide because they could not withstand the trials they have voluntarily chosen to go through on planet earth. I want to make clearer, to those of you contemplating suicide, there is no escaping in life, no matter what you are passing through you must learn to wait for your preordained date of death. If you take your life to evade problems and suffering, you will be compelled to face the same problems all over again. In the spirit world, there will be nothing like period of rest for you, you will be pushed right back to planet earth almost immediately. You will be right back in the same financial situation, in the same marriage or relationship or other problems that compelled you to commit suicide. You will gain absolutely nothing committing suicide. What happens when your child run away from school? You will push him right back into the school and keep him there until he graduates.

INFANT DEATHS AND MISCARRIAGES.  Child delivery process is not easy. It is not easy for the pregnant mother and certainly it is not easy for the incoming soul. I want to make clearer, witches and wizards, water spirits or evil minded people etc, are not always behind miscarriages and infant deaths. Quite a number of incoming souls, newly born babies, cannot adapt to the negativity surrounding planet earth. I want to make clearer, departing from the womb of a sister woman is very shocking to many souls. Those bright lights, rough hands, the cold heavy atmosphere and the tiny little body. The birth experience is very shocking to many souls, and they might conclude, planet earth is indeed full of truly negative experiences, therefore they will feel much better returning to the spirit world because they cannot adjust to the negativity surrounding planet earth. My brother man and sister woman, if you think it is not easy to deal with kids, I want to make clearer, it was even tougher on those little children manifesting on planet earth.


THE SOUL AND FAMILY PROBLEMS  Family problems, we all have our sad stories to tell I guess.. Many adults cling to hurtful memories of what they went through maybe in the hands of their God imposed biological or adopted parents and family members. This assumption is wrong, the Almighty God did not impose your parents and family members upon you. Your soul voluntarily your present parents and family. I want to make clearer, there are certain spiritual reasons for being raised as children around certain kinds of people. Always bear in mind, there is usually some karmic purpose for receiving pain or pleasure from family members and people close to us. Of a truth I tell you, a soul told me, in the spirit world, I saw about ten to fifteen people who are going to be close to me, who are going to play some significant role in my life on planet earth. In the light of what I have said, I want to make clearer, there are no accidents in nature. You voluntarily accepted to be in your present family on planet earth, that’s why you are there.

CARRY OVERS FROM PAST LIFE OR LIVES.  It is obvious to each and every one of us, we are different types of human beings. In reality, the differences, which we exhibit are carryovers from past life or lives. Of a truth I tell you, if you analyze our differences from the perspective of reincarnation, you may be surprised where the answers to these questions will take you. I want to make clearer, whether you believe it or not does not affect the issue, almost everything about a person is rooted in past life or lives. Many of your interest, habits, likes and dislikes are often direct result of a past life. Is your house furnished in a particular decoration? Do you prefer a specific kind of food? Do you love to travel to a particular place, year after year because inwardly you feel drawn to that place? Indeed these are carryovers from past life or lives. Also talent, race, creed, religion, physical health etc are often carryovers from past life or lives.

SOULMATE, LOVE LIFE, HUMAN RELATIONSHIP ETC.  My brother man and sister woman, think again, before you make the pronouncement, I have met my soulmate, because it is not easy to come in contact with your soulmate, which is your true missing half. On the hand however, some souls were created single, for the purpose of experiencing a single, unattached human existence.  Most of us, in this life, or many lives to come may never come in contact with their soulmate. Soulmate marriages are rare, that’s why most marriages are not working. Of a truth I tell you, you are in Nigeria and your soulmate might by in a country, many, many miles away from Nigeria. Your soulmate will exist on its own until it has attained, its own chosen level of experience and development. Few soulmates have actually gone through this level of learning and they are now happily together as husband and wife or lovers, while countless others are still developing and when the time is right, they will come together. Of a truth I tell you soulmates are pre-arranged companions in which both parties, the brother man and the sister woman will accomplish their mutual goals, which can be best achieved by supporting each other in various situations. A soulmate can take many forms and meeting a soulmate is no easy task. Quite a number of people I have attended to in turbulent relationships believe they are probably not with a soulmate because of so much turmoil and heartbreaks in their marriages and relationships.  Most of us fail to realize, painful experiences involving the heart are deliberate tests, of the hardest kind, set forth by karma. Relationships between people are the most vital part of our lives. People keep asking me, the coming together of two people, is it a coincidence? Preordained? Did someone introduce you or was it a chance meeting? Did you meet the person at school? Or place of work? or during some recreation? How did you feel for the first time, when you came in contact with someone who will bring meaning into your life? Of a truth I tell you, human relationships can be divided into a few categories. There is a kind of relationship, involving love, which is so deep that, both parties genuinely know that, they cannot live without each other. The relationship can be best described as a mental and physical attraction, which is so strong, therefore both parties have an unshakable, inward, conviction they are truly meant for each other.  In the same vein there are relationships based on companionship, friendship, mutual respect etc. My brother man and sister woman, in countless human relationships, in reality we are truly connecting with souls we know from the spirit world. Presently these souls are disguised as friends, close friends, admirers, enemies, lovers, godfather or godmother, a true companion, a family member, son or daughter etc. My brother man and sister woman, it appears most of us expect so much from others and that is a problem. Learn not to depend totally upon anyone for your happiness. Please learn to accept people for who they are, without expecting your happiness to be totally dependent upon them. I am of the opinion it is a terrible mistake on your part to depend into upon anyone for your happiness, well, I know one thing and that is, as a soul, you are allowed to make mistakes in judgement so that you can learn from them. You are on planet earth to learn and learn you must. I want you to bear in mind, you are the master of your destiny, therefore whatever is happening in your life, it is important you understand that your happiness or pain does not reflect either blessing or betrayal on the part of the Almighty God or your guardian angel.

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