Soul Mysteries Unveiled 1, 2 & 3

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It is no longer a mystery, a human being is a soul clothed in a perishable human body. A soul is an incarnated spirit, an imperfect spirit. A soul is one of the intelligent spiritual beings residing in the world of spirit. Of a truth I tell you, the spirit world, is superimposed on planet earth and it is three feet higher than planet earth. The spirit world is paradise, the spirit world is the everlasting world. All the knowledge, new inventions as well as rediscoveries of ancient knowledge, all medical cures, all new scientific discoveries, emanate from the spirit world and are transmitted, implanted into the brains of researchers, scientist, philosophers, seers, prophets, deep thinkers etc for the benefit and use of mankind. Of a truth I tell you, planet earth and the spirit world share the same space, but as human beings we cannot see the spirit world because it is a world of higher vibrational frequency.  However, since the whole purpose of creation is to acquire knowledge and experience, a soul therefore sooner or later must come to planet earth to acquire knowledge and experience. The purpose of reincarnation is to perfect the soul by gaining different kinds of experience and knowledge in a very filthy world like planet earth. Actually, souls would have preferred to remain in the spirit world and strive to attain perfection, but the purification process will take so very long because the spirit world is so perfect.  A soul, therefore, voluntarily accepted to cloth itself in a perishable human body to enable it function on planet earth, which is a deeply troubled world, in-order for them to strive to attain purification and enlightenment and what become of the soul, at the moment of physical death? It becomes a spirit again, it returns into the world of spirit, which it had quitted for a short time. My brother man and sister woman, despite all the planet earth’s turmoil, quarrelling and brutality etc, there is passion and bravery on planet earth. Planet earth is the right place to bring out order out of disorder. Countless souls residing in the spirit world know that planet earth is an extremely difficult place to reside but the truth is, they know that rapid growth and development can only take place in crisis ridden environment like planet earth. A human being therefore is a divine but imperfect being residing in two worlds, the material world and the spiritual world. It is interesting to note many people believe it is appointed for a person to die once, at the same time, there are many other people who believe, I mean really believe, we die only to be reborn again sooner or later to planet earth. I belong to the latter category, I want to make clearer, It is the destiny of almost every soul on planet earth to shuttle back and forth between the spirit world and planet earth until we attain all round purity and acquire knowledge,, although few souls crave not to come back to planet earth after physical death because they are sick of planet earth, therefore they don’t want to return, they believe, they don’t have nothing to contribute anymore. In the spirit world, some souls, after their return often say they didn’t know planet earth would be such a dreadful place, full of terror, the whole stupid life was a mistake. In the light of the spiritual truths I am unveiling to you right now, I want to make clearer countless souls on planet earth originated from the categories of imperfect, less advanced entities residing in the world of spirit.


I have convinced myself, more than eight five percent of souls who inhabit human bodies on planet earth, are still in their early stages of development. Countless human souls therefore require several incarnations to planet earth to enable them attain all round purity and perfection. The moment a soul attains spiritual maturity and all round purity, reincarnation ends for that soul. My brother man and sister woman must bear in mind, the purpose of reincarnation, is the exercise of freewill, everything therefore is not preordained. It is interesting to note, we observe certain fixed perfections and imperfections in members of our respective families, friends, allies, business partners etc. No doubt, we have fairly good and good friends; we have fairly bad and bad friends. I admire a 73 year old brother man. He was occupying an enviable position in government till he retired, but he did not steal government money. He was contented with his salary. Most of his children have never forgiven him for not stealing government money because right now, they are encapsulated by poverty. My 73 year old friend is not a corrupt individual, but he is a strong womanizer. He freely admits he is a chronic womanizer even in old age.  He is 73 years old; he doesn’t have much time left to completely overcome some of his deep seated weaknesses before he dies. In the same vein, a married sister woman told me her husband bought a new fridge, and he removed and kept the old fridge in a garage. She begged her husband, please, allow me to give the old fridge which we are no longer using to my mother, her husband refused and the fridge has remained for more than one year in the garage. She said her husband is not generous and it is her ex-boyfriend that is still helping her financially. A married sister woman is still attracted to her ex-boyfriend because of his generosity. She finds her husband repulsive because he is not generous.  Of a truth I tell you, countless souls, after physical death, keep coming back to planet earth not because they forgot something in the world, it is their deep seated imperfections that keeps bringing them back. What we humans recognize as shortcomings, immorality, moral conflicts, envy, jealousy etc, are viewed as grievous imperfections in the world of spirit, a soul therefore is prepared to accept a trial and come back to planet earth and strive once more to get rid of them. Of a truth I tell you, a certain human soul has not been able to conquer envy despite coming back to planet earth for more than seven hundred times, in the same vein countless souls have been reincarnating several times, to planet earth but they still remain immature. After physical death, if a soul examine itself and sees that his accomplishment in a previous life is not at the level it want it to be, the soul may decide to live another life, to see if it can do better a second time. That’s why reincarnation exist, to give each of us many chances as we need to learn something, something at which we failed.


So you see, it is impossible, for a soul to get rid of these deep seated imperfections in one life. That’s why, after physical death, when a soul becomes a spirit again, sooner or later, the soul must make effort to continue with its purification process on planet earth. Of a truth I tell you, as the urge to return to planet earth is growing stronger in a particular soul residing in the world of spirit, the soul will start to interrogate itself, am I ready for a new life on planet earth? What specific lessons, should I undertake on planet earth that would enable me get rid of my inherent imperfections and possibly attain all round perfection? The soul begins to search for the right parents, the right human body, the right geographical location, the soul decides what kind of childhood is best for fulfilling its destiny? The soul decides whether it would be better to be rich or poor, the soul decides whether to be born to  single parent or parents, or parents who will be divorced? The soul equally decides will I marry? Will I have children? How many? What can of death? What can of sex? What kind of associations? What kind of sufferings? What kind of religion or religions should I embrace? Where should I go on planet earth and who shall I be in my next life for the best opportunity to work on my goals?  In the same vein a soul might decide, I want to start a new earthly existence in the same place where I was killed in a past life, for instance in a family if two children of the same parents had a close affinity and one of them died suddenly, the soul of the dead sibling might want to return to that family to restore their relationship, maybe in order to finish an important task. Of a truth I tell you, many a times, souls of young babies who died soon after birth, might return to the same parents as the soul of their next baby. In the spirit world, these plans are all made in advance by the souls participating in tragic family events. Don’t doubt me if I tell you, quite a number of us are presently associating, with people we had dealings with in few past lives on planet earth. Some of our present close allies, people we cannot stay aloof from, might be souls of our relatives or friends in a previous life or lives, it is so because we often reincarnate in groups.  My brother man and sister woman, I want you to bear in mind, in whichever country you reside right now, in whichever tribe you belong to right now, in the spirit world, before you manifested on planet earth, you selected the country where you reside and the tribe you are affiliated with. I want to make clearer, the moment a soul decide to come to planet earth, it is the soul that decides the specific country to go to, the tribe to belong to, because a soul is largely influenced by cultural conditions and events, of a truth I tell you, I am aware of a soul that selected to be born into a poor family in a rural area and you know why? Pain and hardship creates soul expansion opportunities, that’s why.  In the same vein, I want to make clearer, it is the soul that decides,  whether to function in the body of a brother man or a sister woman etc, in summation souls do have the freedom to choose when, where and who they want to be in their physical lives. I want you to bear a very important point in mind and that is the amnesia imposed upon souls as they depart from the world of spirit and start coming to planet earth. Amnesia is forgetfulness. Forgetfulness is imposed upon souls coming to planet earth. Souls will never be conscious of any of their previous earthly existences; so that their past lives experiences will not interfere with their new earthly existence.

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  1. Interesting teaching Sir
    If a soul chooses to be poor before coming to this planet earth, and later doesn’t feel good about it., is it possible for he/she to do anything to change that choice and attain wealth and riches on this earth.

    • Guru Subai 2

      Yes it is possible my brother man chinedu, for further enlightenment to knw thyself and work positively towards your vision call my secretary on any of these Numbers, LAG 08100045571, PHC 08033019216, BAY 08063571205. Thanks.

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