The Almighty God Pt 1&2

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desires-pathfinder-blog-post-the-almight-godTHE ALMIGHTY GOD PT 1


If you are a religiously minded person, you might see the Almighty God as the loving heavenly father, or perhaps, a living spiritual experience. On the other hand however, to a scientist, the Almighty God is a cause, the original force, to a philosopher, the Almighty God is an idea, etc.

My brother man and sister woman, I want you to first think of the Almighty God first as the creator of all creations, then as the controller and lastly, as the everlasting mainstay of everything. The Almighty God is inherently kind, naturally compassionate and everlastingly merciful. The Almighty God loves us sufficiently to bestow his life upon us. He makes his sun to shine upon good and vile mortals, he sends rain on the just and on the unjust.

I want sinners to bear in mind, the Almighty God is divinely kind to sinners, therefore when sinners make up their minds to return to righteousness, they are mercifully received. It is true the Almighty God, created the heavens and formed planet earth for lower imperfect creatures like us to live and strive to attain perfection.

Of a truth I tell you, we are not alone, the Almighty God created many universes occupied by many different types of creatures. The many universes created by the Almighty God are populated by many enlightened and unenlightened creatures.

Of a truth I tell you, the Almighty God is spirit. He is invisible, immortal and eternal. Although invisible to the human eyes, with no flesh and blood, spiritual beings are real.

Yes it is true as human beings, we cannot see God, and you know why? We are the embodiment of imperfection, we are the embodiment of materialism and limited spiritual endowments, as human beings we are so low, so imperfect.

In the light of the materialistic shortcomings I have enumerated, I want to make clearer, as human beings, it is impossible for us to approach the glory and the spiritual brilliance of the divine presence of God.

My brother man and sister woman, we cannot see God, no human being can see God and live. The Almighty God dwells in a light which no human being can approach, our inability not to approach the Almighty God is not because, he is far away from us, residing in the heavens or maybe the seventh heaven, our inability to approach the Almighty God is inherent within us, and that is the limitations of our material body. Of a truth I tell you, were it possible for us to be transported instantly into the presence of the Almighty God, be rest assured none of us would know we are in the presence of the living God.


My brother man and sister woman, always bear in mind, the Almighty God is not hiding from us rather it is our inherent material limitations that is hiding the Almighty God from us.  Yes, it is true, we are the children of God, even though we are the children of God, we ought not to think that the Almighty God is like us, in form and physique simply because we have been told, human beings are created in the image of God.

My brother man and sister woman, the existence of the Almighty God cannot be proven in scientific laboratories, neither can it be proven by pure logic, common sense, mathematics, philosophy etc. Neither can the personality of the Almighty God be validated by theology. It is only within you, the existence of God can be proven.

It is only through your human experiences, and most importantly, it is only in your inner most being, will you be able to realize that truly the Almighty God exist. And it is interesting to note, in our midst exist God knowing human beings, despite what they might be passing through physically, be it financial lack, failed marriage, joblessness, etc. they still have this inner conviction, God exist, and God will see them through.

My brother man and sister woman, God exist within you, and it is only within you, the reality of God’s existence can be proven. In all your afflictions, the Almighty God is afflicted. In all your victories, the Almighty God is victorious and you know why? His divine spirit is the real part of you.

For in God, you live, move and have your being. Always bear in mind, within each and every one of us dwells the spirit of the living God. What a terrible blunder to dream of God far off in the skies when in reality, he dwells with you.

Most of us, out of ignorance, keep going to different places searching for the living God, search no more my brother man and sister woman, God lives within your own heart. The Almighty and true God, is not far away from us. He is part of us, his everlasting spirit, speaks within us. Take my word seriously.

Pertaining God’s presence in our lives. As you are well aware, human beings are the embodiment of imperfections. On daily basis, if not per second, per second, we are always asking God to forgive our transgressions. It is so because right now, if we do what is right, the next moment we are doing what is wrong and as we all know, the Almighty God does not like sin but human beings love sin because without sin obviously we cannot enjoy earthly pleasures.

So the question is, does the Almighty God abandon us whenever we commit sin? Does sin give birth to the fluctuation of God’s presence in our lives? My brother man and sister woman, I want you to bear in mind the Almighty God has freely bestowed himself upon each and every one of us without limit and  without favour.

The Almighty God is not a human being. The Almighty God does not withdraw from us because we might have offended him or insulted him. The Almighty God does not withdraw his love from us because of our wrongdoings.

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  1. I once said in my local assembly that I take it as insulting for men to personify The Almighty God as having hands/legs etc like that of a human.
    I said if these terms are so used to enable our daft and highly restricted minds to further understand Who The Almighty God is, it is forgivable but we shouldn’t think of The Almighty as having hands, legs and every other attributes that man has. Our ability to hear, see, move etc is but a gift from The Almighty from His innumerable abilities.
    They said I was commiting blasphemy.
    I’m happy to know I never was.

    • Guru Subai 2

      Am glad u’ve learnt new things my brother man Efe, For knowledge Is Power.. Stay Blessed.

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