The Almighty God Pt 3,4&5

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desires-pathfinder-blog-post-the-almight-god1THE ALMIGHTY GOD PT 3

In contrast, a human being will immediately withdraw his love or financial assistance from someone that might have offended him. A girl might stop greeting an uncle simply because the uncle is having disagreement with her mother. If the girl however decides to keep greeting her uncle, then she has mother to contend with because her mother might not be happy she is still greeting the annoying uncle.

The Almighty God is not a human being; therefore he cannot do such a thing. I have said it once, this is twice. The Almighty God does not withdraw from us because we might have offended him or insulted him.

The Almighty God does not withdraw his love from us because of our wrongdoings. The fluctuation of God’s presence in one’s life is not due to the Almighty God’s changeable nature. The truth is, as human beings we have been endowed with the power of choice, as human beings, we have the power, we have the right to decide to do what is right or to do what is wrong and the Almighty God will not interfere with our decisions.

Of a truth I tell you, it is the choices we make in the exercise of the power of choice, that directly determine the degree and limitations of the Almighty God’s divine influence in our lives. Human beings therefore, through the exercise of the power of choice, determines the fluctuation of the presence of the Almighty God in their lives. The Almighty God is unchangeable, therefore cannot do such a thing. The Almighty God is not a human being.

Many so –called acts of God are troubling, mind-wrenching. Obviously many so-called acts of God make us doubt God’s love. We often appear helpless, all we can do is, total submission of ourselves to the divine will of the Almighty God.

Imagine, great floods, imagine earthquakes, imagines infernos, imagine plane crash, imagine flight MH 370 disappearing from the radar, imagine the agonizing deaths of the passengers, the pilot and his assistant, the air hostess etc. Imagine the agony their surviving loved ones are passing through etc.

Countless people wonder, why a God of love should allow such things to happen. My brother man and sister woman, as we were all growing up under the watchful eyes of our respective parents, sometimes, we all partook in the family discipline. Sometimes our parents might insist, none of us should go out or perhaps none of us should eat until we do this or do that, sometimes we are compelled to take injections, swallow bitter pills etc. As children we may not be happy with these occurrences but we have no option but to obey and share in the family discipline.

In the same vein my brother man and sister woman, as evolving human beings, as developing human beings, as imperfect human beings, striving to attain perfection on planet earth, we all are a part of the family of God and we must therefore sometimes share in the family discipline.

I freely admit, intermittently certain sad occurrences have been programmed, destined to take place on planet earth, some of them are triggered by the activities of mortals and some are the result of the decisions and final rulings of the all-knowing God and the spiritual beings that govern human affairs.


From the human point of view, we all know that many so-called acts of God gives birth to retrogression, it affects the personal prosperity of fellow human beings etc., imagine a great flood or earthquake that compels tons of people to sleep in a stadium or school premises or perhaps squatting with relatives, complete annihilation of one’s property etc.,

Imagine starting all over again etc. But the truth is, goodness often comes out of sad occurrences. I am of the opinion, our greatest problem right now is, as human beings, our detached and highly materialistic viewpoint and the limitations inherent in the nature of our being prevents us from understanding the true motives of many so-called acts of God which plunges human beings into agony.

My brother man and sister woman, permit me to reiterate this point and that is many so-called acts of God are not the personal doing of the Almighty God, we are truly suffering from the influence of primitive understanding of God’s nature.

The ancients believed the Almighty God is behind any sad occurrence. The ancients believed the Almighty God often go on rampage in the storm, when he is angry, he shakes planet earth and strikes down brother men and sister women in anger etc. I want you to bear in mind, many so-called acts of God are not the personal doings of the Almighty God, human activities often triggers terrible disasters too.

Now pertaining the worship of the Almighty God, I presume it is obvious to each and every one of us, the Almighty God never imposes himself upon the intelligence of any human being on planet earth. Human beings are never compelled by the Almighty God to recognize him as their creator and to serve him and him alone and no one else.

My brother man and sister woman must bear in mind, the greatest gift the Almighty God gave to each and every one of us is freewill, therefore it is only us, we must of ourselves, in our own hearts, recognize, love and voluntarily worship the living God.

As human beings, we all pine to attain the good things of life. We all pine to attain liberation from abject poverty, we all pine to be rich, attain prominence in life etc. The truth is, it is the material aspect of us that pine for all the aforementioned.


The moment we die, our materialistic cravings fizzle away. I want to make clearer as human beings our first responsibility is to strive to attain divine perfection. Attainment of divine perfection is the final and ultimate goal of every mortal on planet earth and inhabitants of other worlds created by the Almighty God.

My brother man and sister woman, I presume you are well aware there is a great difference between worship and prayer. For instance one could look into the sky for a while and spontaneously you may find yourself saying, Almighty God creator of all things, blessed be your name forever. This is an act of worshiping God.

It is a natural and spontaneous reaction to the recognition of the Almighty God’s limitless power, limitless love and praise worthy attributes. My brother man and sister woman, in worship there is absolutely nothing like personal interest, you are not requesting for anything, in the worship of God you are not asking for anything and the worshiper is not expecting anything from God because we do not worship the Almighty God because of anything we may derive from such worship.

However the moment the element of self-interest intrudes upon worship, the moment you start asking for this and asking for that during worship, instantly your devotion translates from worship to prayer.

My brother man and sister woman are you ready, I mean sincerely ready to become one with God? Of a truth I tell you if a human soul earnestly crave to know the Almighty God, if such a human mind is sincere and spiritually motivated to do the will of the Almighty God, I can assure you no negative influence can prevent such a divinely motivated soul from becoming one with God.

My brother man and sister woman, the Almighty God is approachable; the Almighty God is attainable to each of you, to each of us, take my word seriously. It is common knowledge, materially we all are not equal or as people put it jocularly, all fingers are not equal, they are absolutely right. As human beings we may differ in our intellectual, social, economic and even moral opportunities but spiritually, we all are equal. We all enjoy the same divine gift from God, we all are equally privileged to seek intimate personal communion with the temple of the living God within us.

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  1. I am deeply touched by this message.
    “imagine starting all over again. But the truth is, goodness always comes out of sad experiences”. This excerpt touched me on a personal level for I’ve been fighting depression since the beginning of the year after I lost all I ever owned but this lesson just gave me a picture of hope. God has always been with me, He has always been part of all I ever went through…………. I guess He has a good plan for me finally.
    Thanks Guru

    • Guru Subai 2

      My brother man Efe, You are most welcome, And remain blessed.

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