The Letter killeth & My Words Are Spirit

desires-pathfinder-blog-post-the-letter-killethTHE LETTER KILLETH & MY WORDS ARE SPIRIT.

In Corinthians 3 verse 6, we are told,for the letter kills but the spirit gives life. It means we should not be fully contented, we should not be bound, to the literal interpretation of the Bible. Rather, we should rely on the Holy Spirit, to fully understand the Holy Bible. My brother man and sister woman, if only, biblical inspirational writing could save us, then why did the master Jesus, find it necessary to promise us, the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit?  Who would come to us as the comforter, friend and teacher? If the master Jesus, did not entrust our souls to the written word alone, then why should we? So you see, if the Gospels only, were the final word, we would have not being told, the letter kills but the Holy Spirit gives life. Lastly, I wish to call to mind the master Jesus view of the scriptures. In John 5 verse 39 down to 40. The master Jesus told mankind, you search the scriptures, because you think in them, ye have eternal life. Quite revealing. In the same vein, the master Jesus told mankind, “MY WORDS ARE SPIRIT”   Of a truth I tell you, if these words would impact the souls of brother men and sister women they would know that they have unfettered access to the fountain of eternal life which flows from God. The truth is before Abraham was, we were. We all came from the blossom of the Lord. The same power that was in the master Jesus reside within each and every one of us that’s why he said we shall be able to perform even greater wonders. The master Jesus said my words are spirit because he knows that his words were filled with life essence and the moving power that would produce the thing he desired. In the same vein my brother man and sister woman must bear in mind, the breath of the Almighty God created you a living soul, so your words also can become spirit if you can arouse the I AM within you, once it is aroused, nothing can touch you, all the destructive agencies or forces called into being by fellow evil minded Nigerians may be directed at you, yet you will be impregnable.

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