Uncontrolled Emotions And Sickness

desires-pathfinder-blog-post-uncontrolled-emotionUNCONTROLLED EMOTIONS AND SICKNESS:

How old is sickness & what purpose is it serving?
Is sickness a lone ranger or is it backed by spiritual laws?
Good morning and a thousand welcome. This morning’s lesson is termed uncontrolled emotions and sickness. My brother man and sister woman, none of us cherish sickness and none of us is prepared to embrace it with open arms but you know something, sickness, which is serving a purpose, has existed long before human beings manifested on planet earth. Sickness, despised by each and every one of us is a liberator. My brother man and sister woman, I want you to bear the following important points in mind.
    1. Sickness purifies and liberates.
    2. Sickness is governed by the spiritual law of cause and effect.
    3. Sickness is deeply rooted in nature and resentment to disease simply magnifies it.

My brother man and sister woman, just as insects upset and destroys the vegetable kingdom that is how myriad kind of disease germs are holding the human kingdom hostage. Of a truth I tell you, disease germs are truly performing their duties in the divine scheme of things, whether you like it or not, whether you believe it or not, does not affect the issue. At the demand of the souls of countless people, disease germs have killed and will continue killing countless human beings on planet earth.
Guru Deseye Subai teaches sickness often emanate from the past activities of the sick person. The sick person has to pay the price for many deep seated and often ancient errors. Reaping moment has come. Also as human beings we are vulnerable to influences emanating from what Guru Deseye Subai describe as the ancient law of evil sharing. It is often imposed on the bodies of mortals and other creatures of God. Lastly, majority of Disease commonplace in the world today, has to do with group distribution. It is the result of undernourishment or infection.EMOTIONS AND SICKNESS
My brother man and sister woman, presently, the astral bodies of majority of us are in the state of complete disarray. We often hear some scary stories of the ghost bodies, of people, long dead or recently dead, appearing to some people dear to them. Every human being alive possess the astral or ghost body. With your physical body, you function on planet earth and with your astral body, you function on the astral plane. As you know it, physically, you cannot function properly, you cannot move about freely, if you ram your leg on a big stone or perhaps experience unexpected severe pain in your leg. In the same vein, your astral body is like a power generating station, replete with wires. Your astral body is a power generating and distributing station. Whenever you are emotionally involved in anything, whenever you are the embodiment of desires, longing and wishes, whenever you are emotionally involved in anything, it simply means, you are using your astral body. Your astral body, is the body of emotions, it is the body of desires. Of a truth I tell you, tension in your astral body, intense worry, any form of violent activity under the stress of temper, prolonged irritation etc will generate cascade, torrents of energies. You might have seen agitation in the river, perhaps Nembe or bonny river. It’s something like that. Maybe I should give a typical example of a brother man who finally lost his cherished girlfriend to a rich brother man who just got married to her last week. For several months, the astral body of the rejected boyfriend will experience violent agitation. The jilted boyfriend, knows nothing about destiny. He might fail to realize both them of weren’t destined to be together. Of a truth I tell you, emotionally, he will be so disorganized and do you know what that means? It means, he is astrally polarized. It means his astral body will be in turmoil and in such a pathetic state he is vulnerable to diseases that might sooner or later break him down and might even lead to his untimely death. It is the responsibility of brother men and sister women to cleanse their emotional bodies of those pathetic conditions which makes them vulnerable to life depleting diseases. I want you to bear in mind, majority of health related troubles originate from the emotional body.
Guru Deseye Subai teaches your astral body, commonly known as the ghost body is an outstanding cause of ill health and you know why? The invisible spiritual bodies of majority of people are governed and galvanized into activity through the action of the astral or emotional body. The common man and woman actively uses the astral body and that is a problem because the emotional body has a potent effect upon the other invisible bodies of mortals.
My brother man and sister woman, in your innermost being, this is how uncontrolled emotions lead countless people into health troubles of immense proportion. When a brother man or sister woman is deeply troubled emotionally, this is what happens, his prolonged irritation will pour torrents of emotional energy into and through the solar plexus and the torrents of emotional energy will stimulate the solar plexus into a condition of intense disturbance and from the solar plexus torrents of destructive energies will be transferred to the stomach, the pancreas, the gull duct, bladder etc and you know what that means, don’t you? It simply means, vulnerability to many unpredictable disorders, it simply means, expect the unexpected. Of a truth I tell you, serious and destructive diseases can get hold of a person and break him down, when torrents of destructive energies from the solar plexus are transferred to the stomach, pancreas, gull duct, bladder etc. Disorders that might lead to removal of gall bladder, chronic gastric ulcers etc.

Guru Deseye Subai teaches health disorders which are based on criticism, upon hatred and upon the capacity to judge other unkindly work through the throat center to the solar plexus. While lecturing in Lagos state, Guru Deseye Subai to his students, violent dislike, hatred, criticism or a superiority complex had led to the manifestation of much of the acidity from which majority of people suffer.
Prolonged irritation, worries and frustration originates from a deeply troubled emotional or astral body. Of a truth I tell you, a deeply troubled emotional body must certainly produce abnormal effects upon the nervous system and I don’t think you might want to hear what that might lead to. My brother man and sister woman, worry and irritation are dangerous because, they lower the vitality or immune system of a person to such a point he or she becomes vulnerable to disease.
Guru Deseye Subai teaches the plague of influenza emanate from fear and worry. Astral influenza is highly infectious and it lowers the astral atmosphere, and astral makes it hard for people to breathe, but Guru Deseye Subai assures the disease will die out the moment people settle down and withdraw themselves from the present fearful conditions.
My brother man and sister woman, from the spiritual point of view, I want you to bear in mind, hatred and pessimism can lead to cancer can breed cancer, fear and guilt can breed nervous and spinal disorder, greed and selfishness can give birth to High blood pressure and stroke, inferiority complex can give birth to arthritis, skin rash and boils. Frustration can give birth to throat and respiratory ailments and lastly impatience often breed the manifestation of headache, ulcers and heart trouble.
Guru Deseye Subai teaches Diabetes and Arthritis holding countless people hostage has its origin in the astral or emotional body.
Of a truth I tell you, wrong inner desires often gives birth to diabetes. Diabetes may manifest in present life and in quite a number of cases, an incarnating soul might select a family with the burden of diabetes. Through such a family, the incarnating soul will acquire a human body having a tendency or natural disposition to diabetes. In the same vein arthritis has its origin in the emotional or astral body. Arthritis falls into the category of diseases which are largely based upon the satisfaction of materialistic desires. I want to make clearer, there would be little or no arthritis on planet earth if human beings understood the proper food values adhere to the strict rules of eating properly and staying aloof from modern refined foods that are injurious to the human system.
Guru Deseye Subai teaches uncontrolled and wrong use of your emotions and general unhealthy condition of your astral body, popularly termed emotions are potent factors in producing discomfort and disease. Guru Deseye  Subai wants you to bear in mind, your physical body cannot do anything of its own, it is only a robot, responding and carrying out the orders of your other potent invisible bodies. Generally, the masses are governed and galvanized into activity through the action of astral body, popularly termed emotions.
My brother man and sister woman, you need to work really hard on your emotions and you know why? Indescribable powerful energies from the astral plane, work through the emotional body of mortals and give effects of its activities through the physical body of brother men and sister women.


    • CANCER

Guru Desye Subai teaches constant worrying, all forms of gloomy suppression can encourage the emergence of serious liver troubles, constant gastric difficulties and Cancer.


If you live in constant state of frustration and annoyance perhaps against an individual or group of people, you might end up contaminating your blood stream and the moment that happens, you might become vulnerable to constant infection, boils, running sores and different types of blood conditions.


If you are the embodiment of irritation, if you allow worries and bad temper to dominate your life, and if you are a person who reacts wrathfully when things do not work out as desired, you might be rewarded with brain difficulties, temporal insanities and constant headaches.


Guru Deseye Subai teaches that self pity, which is commonplace in society often gives birth to acute indigestion, intestinal troubles, catarrh, chronic bronchial difficulties, gastric ulcers, teeth and ear troubles.

My brother man and sister woman, syphilis and tuberculosis have been extensively widespread in the first half of the Aryan race. Mankind inherited syphilitic disease from Lemuria, of a truth I tell you, down the ages, countless dead brother men who suffered from syphilis have contributed their quota of syphilitic infection to the earth, meaning our very soil is infused with the germs of syphilis. In the same vein, at a certain stage in Atlantis era tuberculosis was devastatingly rampant. In summation, tuberculosis, which equally affects the animal kingdom, affects the mental body of the patient, affecting the breathing apparatus, the throat center.

Guru Deseye Subai teaches it is possible for a person with a rather weak immune system to strengthen it. You are advised to do the following
• Embrace sunshine
• Well prepared diet, with proteins and vitamins.
• Avoid fatigue and worry.

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