Water Spirits In Marriage 1

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My brother man and sister woman, this great lesson, concerning marriage can never be complete if I ignore the presence of water spirits in the marriage institution. It’s obvious isn’t it? Water spirits are celebrities people cannot just stop talking about them can they? In my own evaluation, water spirit is the greatest spiritual problem confronting countless people all over the world.

I presume, in your dealings with very emotional beings like water spirits, many of you have realized, if you are bad, water spirits are badder if you are mean, water spirits are meaner, if you are determined to get rid of them, water spirits are more than determined to remain attached to you. What most people fail to realize is that water spirits are deeply connected to their emotional nature, so if you don’t control your emotions you will definitely create a pleasant atmosphere for the water spirit attached to you to get hold of you and break you down attacking the whole of your being and your human pursuits and expectations.

People having links with water spirit must learn to control their emotions. They must not allow their emotions to control them or else the water spirits in their lives might gain the upper hand because the territory of water spirits is the emotion plane. Let me ask you this, intermittently, do you swim in dream? Do you eat in dream?

Physically you cannot retain pregnancy, but in dream you find yourself in water with babies, whom you cannot deliver physically right? but you don’t want to be seeing yourself in water with babies again, you want to have those babies here on planet earth, right? so that you will not be thrown out of your matrimonial home. Maybe most of your contemporaries, your friends, age mates already married have children and you don’t want to be left out.

No matter what you are passing through, as long as you have realized a water spirit is involved, you must learn to control your emotions or else, expect the unexpected and the water spirit might never leave you. Always bear in mind, the water spirit attached to you is connected with the water element in you, it is deeply connected with your emotional reaction, so whenever your emotions are violent, it simply means you are asking them to come and cause further confusion, be rest assured, they will, they always do. If you want a water spirit to let go of you, you have your own pivotal part to play for that to happen. Water spirit will never go away if you don’t play your part very well. I presume by now most of you have realized that.

I have said this once, this is twice, with the right approach few people will severe their relationship with water spirit but majority of us will never be able to severe the bond they have with water spirits, however, with the right approach, they might minimize water spirit harassment but severing their bond with the water spirit, I regret the impossible and you know why?

The bond most people have with water spirits is so deep seated, the bond I am talking about here goes beyond my ancestral family members had dealings with water spirits that’s why water spirit is harassing me or I inherited it from my father or my mother etc. These set of people belongs to the category of, the sins of the fathers being visited upon the children.

Of a truth I tell you, the spiritual bond most people have with water spirits goes beyond all the aforesaid.  Now pertaining inheritance of a water spirit,  it appears most people tormented by water spirits think or believe, as they were coming into this world, they were actually coming with many goodies, then the moment they entered into their mother’s womb, they inherited water spirit from maybe their mummy or daddy, then the inherited water spirit shoved aside the goodies they were coming with into this world, took dominion over their life and  inflicted them with bad luck, marriage delays, sex and eating in dream state.

Most people are wrong thinking this way; it is through after-all, most people are suffering because of lack of spiritual knowledge. I am of the opinion 70 percent of the problems confronting people having relationship with water spirits might be emanating from them and 30 percent might be coming from the water spirits attached to them.

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