Water Spirits In Marriage 2.

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desires-pathfinder-blog-post-media2WATER SPIRITS IN MARRIAGE 2.

Many people aver, many people often say, if not for the water spirit tormenting me, I would have being married by now; I might have won that contract. Whenever I am expecting something good to materialize in my life, the moment I eat in dream, it will never materialize again. While I was single, pregnancy was never my problem. It only became a problem after marriage. I was two months pregnant during my wedding and immediately after the wedding, I experienced miscarriage, and ever since, I cannot retain pregnancy, wherever I go, they keep attributing the problem to the water spirit in my life.

And the most perplexing aspect is despite all that I have done, the water spirit refuse to go away. My brother man and sister woman having you being fighting for years futilely to severe the link you have with a water spirit? If your answer is yes I wish to make clearer, there is an invisible thing within you which attracted and retained the water spirit in your life.

Water spirit issue should not always be seen as something inherited from daddy or mummy or your ancestors. I intend to shed light on this invisible thing but before I do that, please permit me shed light on the nature of water spirits tormenting countless people from their innermost being.

My brother man and sister woman we are not alone, aside the divine hierarchies, the animal and human kingdoms, there are also other beings existing in the various invisible worlds, amongst them are certain classes of sub-human beings known to us as the elemental spirits. Of a truth I tell you water spirits are one of the elemental spirits of nature. Water spirits reason like human beings, they have a language like human beings; also they have minds but no spiritual soul.

They have their kings and queens and obviously the Almighty God is abundantly taking care of them, they see the sun and the stars, they have their summer and their winter and their own water soil bears fruit for them. My brother man and sister woman, of a truth I tell you  a water spirit can enter into the astral body, into the ghost body of a brother man and appear to him and remain with him, enter into physical marriage with him and bear children with him and the children will be human beings.

Human beings are the embodiment of water and water spirits are connected with the water elements in our own nature and they are deeply connected with the emotional aspect of human beings. Now as a human being, on daily basis you go out and strive to raise money which you need to take care of yourself, your family and other people depending on you.

If you are business person, each day you open your shop and expect people to come into your shop and patronize you. In the same vein in your innermost being if you are seeking for a true love, you hope to find one as you go out on daily basis. Also, if you are working in an office, you crave to be admired by your superiors and everyone around you so that you can excel in your place of work.

My brother man and sister woman you need magnetism to achieve all the aforesaid. Of a truth I tell you, water spirits govern magnetism, let me put it in another way, water spirits creates attraction between people and they stimulate and feed our various emotions and spiritual impulses which means if you go after them aggressively they will contaminate your magnetism, and the moment your magnetism is contaminated, you may never find true love, you may never succeed in business, people indebted to you might be reluctant to pay and people might despise you for no justifiable reason.

It is interesting to note water spirits are not tormenting everybody have links with them quite a number of magnetic and successful individuals have been assisted by water spirits and most of them are not conscious of the fact they have relationship with water spirits.

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  1. Aurisha Georgewill

    Very True, Water Spirits Have Their Civilizations, Languages, Tribe, Leadership, They Perceive God Differently From Us. They Dont Call Him God, They Call Him Another Name. They Are Most Trustworthy Than Most Elementals, They Are The Best To Make Alliances With.

  2. Aurisha Georgewill

    Thanks Guru Subai

  3. Ekpe Madonna Uchechi

    Interesting Sir, I have learned to accept the fact that water spirit’s exits

  4. I have always been sort of proud of my water spirits. We communicate, they show me certain things but I always feel there’s a certain limitation to how far we can go. Of course they have their rules of engagement but is it bad enough that I always yearn for more (knowledge of them, their environment, symbiotic gains and more)?

  5. Sir, how can someone overcome the issue of water spirit in him? Thank!

    • Guru Subai 2

      You’re welcome, For better clarity to know thyself and if keen please call either of this Numbers on 08100045571,08033019216 My Secretary Will Futher Direct You. Stay blessed.

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