Water Spirits In Marriage Part3.

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As human beings, we like certain people; we want to be around them because we like them. And at the same time we despise certain people and we want to stay aloof from them because we don’t like them, in the same vein my brother man and sister woman, naturally water spirits admire certain classes of human beings and they loathe, they hate certain classes of human beings.
Of a truth I tell you, water spirits are attracted to human beings that are simple hearted, childlike and sincere. If there is less vanity and hypocrisy in you, you can deal with water spirits easily. On the other hand however, water spirits hate vagarious human beings, they hate pretentious human beings, human beings that talks carelessly, they hate unrefined human beings, they hate overbearing human beings, people that thinks they know too much, and lastly they hate people that are too eager to get things done. So you see, my brother man and sister woman it is the nature of a person that determines whether he might be assisted or tormented by a water spirit attached to him or her.
My brother man and sister woman, I want to let you into a secret, I have already told you water spirits have minds, they reason like human beings, they have a language like human beings, they have animal intellect, but I forgot to tell you one important thing and that is, in the next cycle of evolution, a water spirit will develop into a human being.
You now see the reason why I keep telling my students and admirers of Desires Pathfinder water spirits cannot be termed demonic spirits, they are sub-human beings, partly human and partly spirit. Right now, we all are human beings definitely we evolved, we passed through certainly evolutionary chain to arrive at the human being level and from the human being level we are striving to attain other higher levels.
Let me put it in another way from the sub-human level, we evolved to the human level, from the human level we will evolve onto the superhuman level, from there onto to another level, the last level is the illuminated level. So right now a water spirit is a sub human being, meaning it is below the human race in evolutionary development however, in the next cycle of evolution, a sub human being shall become a human being.
My brother man and sister woman I freely admit I have received tons and tons of questions from people watching Desires Pathfinder enlightenment program concerning water spirit and here comes my response.
1. Is it right and proper for water spirits to have dealing with human beings? The answer is no, it is not right, water spirits have no right to come to planet earth, because they do not belong to the human kingdom, they belong to another sphere of evolution, they belong to the element of water. Therefore any water spirit coming to planet earth is encroaching into the human kingdom.
2. Guru, Is it true water spirits do have sex with human beings in dream state? Yes they do, they are very promiscuous.3. Guru, Is it right and proper for human beings to deliberately make up their minds, to carry out certain rituals in order harmonize themselves with a water spirit so that they can achieve success, gain riches etc.I am of the opinion it is not right. It is not right and proper for a human being to conduct certain rituals, and maybe keep a table with a bottle of soft drink in order to win the affection of a water spirit. Such an act is a marriage ceremony between a human being and a water spirit. The truth is nothing more disastrous than marriage with a water spirit. There is nothing in their nature that can satisfy human beings, they derive pleasure although not deliberately but they derive pleasure inflicting pain on human beings close them. Their actions are definitely based on the laws of their own nature. The laws of their own nature are very destructive to human beings.
4. Guru what would you say about the nature of water spirits?
They are very malicious; they possess the mischievous destructiveness of a monkey. They are absolutely irresponsible. Of a truth I tell you naturally sympathy, gratitude; morality and honesty are absolutely foreign to water spirits. It is not in the nature of a water spirit to be sympathetic, to be honest, to show gratitude or embrace morality. It is not in their nature at all.

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  1. On the evolution of humans……. It has been made known to me today that we are above the Marine spirits on the evolution pyramid. Dosent that give us humans better and refined abilities than those of the water kingdom? Then why the narrative; marine spirits are so powerful, even more powerful than human beings?
    Shouldn’t this be misconception or better yet a lie and if it’s not, then it means we have bestowed inside of us humans so much power but certain social conditioning elements such as religion, news, certain aspects of education and the media have been put in play by certain few to forever limit the abilities of the human race.
    Now my question sir: how do I get to unlock the power dwelling inside of me?

    • Guru Subai 2

      My brother man, for more answers to your questions kindly visit my website http://www.gurudeseyesubai.org, YouTube channel Desires Pathfinder TV, also keep watching Desires Pathfinder’s Program on Guru’s responses via Facebook, and Twitter Live Streams. Thanks And Stay Blessed.

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