We Are Not Alone

desires-pathfinder-we-are-not-aloneWE ARE NOT ALONE.

My brother man and sister woman, tons of people pine to stop smoking, to stop womanizing, to stop imbibing alcohol, to stop masturbating. They pine unsuccessfully to derelict many vile habits. Of a truth I tell you, the astral plane interpenetrate planet earth, which means, the influence of those in the astral worlds must extend to those on planet earth and that your own thought and feeling must in turn influence  and affect the people in the astral world.

Pastors keep telling us, after death, it is judgment, but I wish to make clearer, countless dead people have not ascended into the light. Although, they might have derelict their physical bodies, they are still earthbound, because of their immense interest in material things.

Right there, from the astral plane, they can influence and reach human beings of like tastes on planet earth and thus obtain experience at secondhand of sensation which they once gratified on planet earth.

Of a truth I tell you, my brother man and sister woman, countless departed earthbound souls on the lower astral planes crave to return to physical life to gratify their desires through contact with filthy and sinful mortals.

I wish to reiterate this point, countless dead souls have not ascended into the light, and they are the ones holding countless human beings hostage. They are the ones that deepens their sinful ways of life, therefore making it extremely uphill for them to derelict certain vile habits they pine to derelict. When soul leaves the physical body at death, in most cases it speedily traverses the nearby astral planes. During its journey, all kind of memories will crowd in upon the soul.

This condition is not real nor should it last long. But if the soul’s interest has centered mainly upon material things during its earth life, it will still cling to the illusion of matter after the death of the body and will therefore take longer to reach the world of truth and reality. In summation countless womanizers, drunkards, thieves, smokers etc are under the firm grasp of filthy earthbound souls of the dead.


The Almighty God is the principle behind everything that exist today. The principle behind a thing is spirit and spirit is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. The Almighty God is the source of all the true love that holds or binds all mortals together. I want to make clearer, the Almighty God is impersonal principle, meaning the Almighty God shows no interest in individuals or their feelings, he is not emotional or neither influenced by personal feelings of mortals. Most people therefore are wrong when they assert, this person is favored by God and the other person is not favored by God. The Almighty God never intrudes his presence upon anyone. The Almighty God never destroys, nor hurt, nor hinders one of his children or creatures or creations. If the Almighty God did these things, he would not be God. I want you to bear in mind, the God that destroys or withholds any good thing from his children or creatures or creations is but a God that is conjured up by brother men’s ignorant thinking. The Almighty God is not a great being Outside of you, that you need to bring inside of you and then present it to the world, no. God is within you and the power of God within you can be generated and invigorated by your own thoughts. The power of God within you is inactive, until you think of it and know that it does exist, then you will see it flowing forth from you. Of a truth I tell you, by constantly contemplating, praising, blessing and giving thanks to God, you increase its flow and as you do this, it becomes potent and more readily accessible to you. The master Jesus was right when he told mankind, it is not I who do the work, it was the power of God, active within his constitution. My brother man and sister woman, when I speak of God, I speak of one and all, for all, in all, through all, and of all. In the light of what I have said I want to make clearer, should a Christian name his God and say there is no other, the thought of that Christian is divided polarized, should a Moslem name his God and say there is no other, the thought of that Moslem is polarized. A house polarized unto itself is shattered and must fail.  In the same vein I want to make clearer, love is the greatest attribute of God. Love is God. To love therefore is to release God’s unlimited storehouse of golden treasure. If we love, we cannot help giving and to give is to gain and the law of love is fulfilled.

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  1. Aurisha Georgewill

    True Indeed, The Beauty Of God In Its Magnificence Cannot All Be Conceived By Man. Im Inspired Greatly Guru Subai.

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