Why Water Spirits Are So Powerful Pt 1.

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desires-pathfinder-why-water-spirits-are-so-powerfulWHY WATER SPIRITS ARE SO POWERFUL. PT 1

Many people wonder why water spirits are so powerful. Of a truth I tell you the curious power of destruction and fascination exercised by water spirits lie in the fact that they belong to one element whereas as human beings, we are the embodiment of the four elements of nature.  Water spirits are so powerful and destructive to human beings because they stimulate the water element within us. Of a truth I tell you a water spirit brings forth in abundance the vitality from the water kingdom, and the vitality from the water kingdom vitalizes the water element in human beings. That is a problem. If a four element creature like us is drawn into the kingdom or into a relationship with a one element creature like water spirit this is what will happen, we will be poisoned by an overdose of the element of water in which we find ourselves. In the same vein my brother man and sister woman, a water spirit that comes to exist among us must suffer a lot, a lot and you know why? A single element creature like water spirit must learn to control and incorporate an additional three elements that is a problem. Of a truth I tell you water spirits lives amongst us, clothed in a human body some of them are living with fellow human beings as husband and wife. I know one thing and that is any relationship, mating between a human being and a water spirit is a hopeless proposition, we must not allow the human garment they are wearing to mislead us to think the individual might be a human being, you might have heard stories of some human beings in our midst that are drawn into the river, for some days they will remain in the river and later resurface on planet earth and continue to live with us, such a person is a water spirit clothed in a human body. A human being, a four element creature must die within few minutes if drawn into a one element atmosphere, a human being must die within few minutes if drawn into the depth of a river. Die you must.  In the same vein my brother man and sister woman certain human beings in our midst brought from their previous earthly existences a natural ability for getting in touch with water spirits, these set of people are not water spirit clothed in a perishable human body, no rather they were born with a natural ability to get in touch with spirits of the water, spirits of the water loves to associate with human beings like these. Through human beings like these water spirits might start coming to dwell among us, this is not good because water spirit has one way intelligence, this is truly an undesirable alliance, and water spirits might end up injuring their new earthly friends. On the other hand however, certain people particularly musicians and unstable human beings etc will enjoy stimulations emanating from water spirits. Of a truth I tell you a water spirit will stimulate the water element in a musician and such an act will bring about inspiration and enhancement of the influential power of the musician. Water spirit alliance is a potent tonic for a musician. However an average citizen will never benefit from water spirit alliance, an average person who is mentally focused on having a family, wife, children, education,, achieve this or achieve that in organized society will be very upset with a water spirit contact. If you eyeball society, if you examine society, you will observe that the average individual is very upset with a water spirit alliance, all you hear is I cannot marry, I cannot settle down, my business is not working, I cannot provide for my family, I cannot pay school fees, this, that. My brother man and sister woman the moment has come to talk about what attracts and retain water spirits around countless human beings.

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  1. Aurisha Georgewill

    Wow Shocking Guru Subai

  2. Thank you Guru,but the piece ended abruptly,just when I was salivating and getting ready it just ended. Now these elements are ment to in general assist man in his evolution into à higher consciousness, but it seems there is some kind of conflict between this one dimensional beings and man, so how can man harmoniously coexist with them,learn from them etc since we both already share the same planet ?

    • Guru Subai 2

      Welcome My Brother Man, For more answers to your questions keep watching Desires Pathfinder’s Programs On Guru’s response via Facebook on this link https://www.facebook.com/GuruDeseyeSubai/. Thanks for being an avid follower of Desires Pathfinder.. Stay blessed.

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