Why Water Spirits Are So Powerful Pt 2.

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desires-pathfinder-why-water-spirits-are-so-powerful-part2WHY WATER SPIRITS ARE SO POWERFUL PT 2.

Water spirit related affairs should not always be seen as, I was told I inherited it from my ancestors because one or two or many of them were worshiping water spirits, I was told I inherited it from my father or my mother. I want to make clearer certain spiritual truths concerning yourself are hidden from the pastor or spiritualist you might have consulted. Of a truth I tell you certain spiritual truths like the hardened sin body which most people came with into this world is hidden, almost unknown to countless pastors and spiritual seers. I want to reveal a spiritual truth to you, the spiritual truth is the hardened sin body is the most powerful attraction that unites waters spirits with countless human beings. That is what most people don’t know.  Most people therefore are wrong blaming their ancestors or their father or mother for their water spirit travails. I am of the opinion people should learn to first look inwards for their problems before looking for someone to blame. Almost all the souls on planet earth are very filthy, if your soul is pristine, if your soul is very pure, you would have never be sent to planet earth. Pure souls, perfected souls rarely come to planet earth, come to planet earth to do what?  Planet earth is a place where impure and imperfect souls come to strive to attain perfection by going through the trials of earth life. Definitely, you all want me to shed light on the so-called hardened sin body that is merging quite a number of human beings with water spirits. It is common Knowledge the world is encapsulated, the world is surrounded by diversities of beliefs and obviously we all are clinging to our individual beliefs with bulldog tenacity. Many belief in sowing and reaping, of course, I am one of those who believe, I mean really believe in sowing and reaping but I am of the opinion quite a number of people don’t truly know how souls are made to reap what they might have sowed many think the moment you die, your reaping moment has come because you will be judged for your all earthly activities and sent to heaven or hell. Also some believe in reincarnation that is after physical death, sooner or later we shall come back to planet earth to continue with our earthly trials.  I want to make clearer I am one of those who believe, I mean really believe in reincarnation and there are evidences of reincarnation all around us. My brother man and sister woman we all die some time we cannot avoid it but I want to make clearer death only affects the lower aspects of us when someone dies, the lower aspects of the person goes away but the higher aspects remain intact and whenever that soul is coming back to planet earth it must come back with the same higher aspects but in a new human garment. Let me put it in another way, this is Mr Paul, he belongs to the Richard family. Now he is dead, death only affected his physical and lower spiritual bodies.  Death never affected his higher aspects because Mr Paul was a soul, he was a spirit that incarnated in a human body, there is nothing like death on the higher planes of existences. Death only exists on the lower planes. The soul of Mr Paul must still come back to planet earth, he might still return to the Richard’s family or any other country in the world. He will come back into planet earth with his higher aspects intact but he will appear in a new physical body. Whatever is sowed by us on planet earth we shall come back to planet earth to reap it.

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  1. Aurisha Georgewill

    Nice Guru Subai

  2. Efe Isaac

    Is there a limit to a man’s reincarnation? Let’s say Mr Paul has been to the earthly plane six times already and he still has an imperfection he needs to get rid of, possibly the same imperfection(s) that sent him back to this plane on the previous 5 incarnations. Is there a time limit to Mr Paul’s trials on correcting this imperfection(s) or is it a never ending process until he finally learns?

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