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It is my intent desire to analyze from the spiritual point of view occurrences in the world today. It is no longer a mystery humanity is passing through a crisis of immense proportion. Many people crave to have an understanding of what might have led to the present world conditions.  Of a truth I tell you the crisis human beings are passing through lies in the past, in the growth, in the evolutionary process we are passing through, they lie in the certain basic tendencies in brother men and sister women, they lie in the powerful and unseen activities of the spiritual beings that govern and involve themselves in human affairs and most importantly, I want to make clearer, we are today reaping the results of our own sowing.

We must not forget ancient and unrestrained selfishness has ever been a characteristic of brother men and sister women.  The desire for power and materialistic acquisitions has ever motivated human beings and nations. Cruelty, lust and sacrifice of the higher values to the lower have been deeply rooted human habits for centuries. In the light of what I have said I am of the opinion before there can be correction, there must be appreciation of error, there must be realization of the general guilt and a shared responsibility for planet earth’s evil conditions and there must be the determination to make amends and withdrawal from doing evil.

Presently majority of us are interested in materialistic living, materialistic acquisitions and only few of us are interested in spirituality.  The war between the pairs of the opposite, which is materialism and spirituality is raging fiercely.

My brother man and sister woman, the major battle going on right now on planet earth is between the forces of light and the forces of materialism. The forces of light has to do with tendencies towards brother hood, right human relations and selfless purpose and the forces of materialism has to do with reversal of the aforementioned high tendencies and bringing into human affairs selfish acquisitions, emphasis upon materialistic interests, brutal aggression and cruelty.


Of a truth I tell you every nation has its selfish, aggressive people who believe that might is right and that brother men and sister women must be governed by the law of the jungle, taking what they want, no matter what cost to others. I want to make clearer, the spirit of acquisition belongs to no one person, group or country. It has always been a universal and general fault and has produced the present disastrous economic situation.

I have convinced myself the Almighty God provided adequate sustenance for the peoples of the world. The minerals of planet earth, the oil, the produce of the fields, and the contribution of the animal kingdom, the riches of the sea and the fruits and the flowers are all offering themselves to humanity. And you know something human beings are the controller of it all, they belong to everyone and are the property of no one group, nation or race.


Presently countless people are starving in the all the countries in the world and you know why?  It is due to the selfishness of few brother men and sister women. It is solely due to the grasping schemes and the financial injustices of brother men’s making that the resources of planet earth are not universally available under some wise system of distribution. My brother man and sister woman, I am of the opinion, there is absolutely no justifiable excuse for the lack of essentials of life in any of the world. All the deplorable conditions are based on some national or group selfishness and on the failure to work some wise impartial scheme for the supplying of human needs throughout the world. Right now as I speak we are encapsulated, surrounded by extreme poverty, few people extremely wealthy, of gross overfeeding of the few and starvation of the multitude. Some countries have had too much and have exploited their surplus, other countries have had too little and their national life and their financial situation have been crippled thereby. I want to make clearer the natural resources of the world have fallen into the hands of the selfish and there has been no just distribution. This is not good.

My brother man and sister woman must bear in mind the seed of evil are in every country and people who fight against that which is good with orchestrated evil intent and aggressiveness are more numerous in every land than good people. It appears we are in dare need of brother men of vision, brother men of wide sympathy, of technical knowledge and cosmopolitan interest, conscientious brother men to come to the aid of the world.

Many people wonder why the Almighty God permit countless sad occurrences to take place on planet earth, many of them pine for divine intervention.  It is possible for the Almighty God and the spiritual beings deeply interested in earthly affairs to fully interfere and avert many sad occurrences but you know something, such benevolent actions will certainly hinder the true development of mankind. The truth is, at all cost, human beings are expected to stand and act alone, human beings must learn the needed lessons through earthly crisis etc. But be rest assured we are not alone, the Almighty God and his angels are standing beside suffering and confused humanity.

I want to make clearer it is the will of God to produce certain radical and significant changes in the consciousness of human beings which will completely change our attitude to life. Humanity is passing through pains, yes, but I want to make clearer pain has always been the purifying agent, employed by the lords of Destiny to bring about liberation. In the same vein, many fail to realize divine intervention is not always pleasant because it often takes the form of a catastrophic happening. Intermittently divine intervention is taking place on planet earth.

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  1. Aurisha Georgewill

    Very True Guru Subai, I Love This Article

  2. Very well said Guru Subai, I really enjoy reading your articles,they richly clothed with deep insights that cause one to ponder deeply other related aspects of what’s discussed, that’s why it looks like am always acting questions on your articles. Even on Facebook, àm Prince Nuel first

    • Guru Subai 2

      You’re Welcome My Brother Man, I am well pleased and fulfilled that you’ve learnt something New, for it is my pleasure to impact knowledge to you, God Bless you.

  3. thanks for this enlightment.i ve a question.u said and i quote””at all cost.human beings are expected to stand and act alone””.how can i stand alone against that which i can not see,do not know about,where will i start from? b/c i really desire to know how to stand and fight against that which fighting me which is also beyond my physical sight and knowledge.thanks.

    • Guru Subai 2

      You’re welcome, My Brother Man Harrison, message received and understood, For better clarity to know thyself, please call 08100045571,08097745464 My secretary Will Further Direct You, Thanks.

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