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Times are hard. Times are bad. Grievous times. No doubt, hard times will definitely bolster widespread poverty and joblessness. That’s why I have never bothered to talk about social vices such as romance scams, internet fraud, kidnapping for ransom, etc. The iron law of karma is insidiously active in all domains of human activity. Many Nigerians indulging in social vices will eventually be caught by the relevant authorities. Their lives will eventually be turned upside down. They will experience extremes. Hardship and retrogression for this is the way of the iron law of karma.

Do you know the names of our invisible neighbours? They are termed the “forces of darkness.” Satan, the deceiver of the whole world, is their leader. Planet Earth will continue to be a happening place because we live side by side with the fallen angels of darkness. Right now, money rituals are trending in Nigeria. The fallen angels of darkness are hysterically happy about it and want it to continue. What happens when a huge hose supplying water breaks suddenly? A large volume of water will rapidly spill upwards and in all directions. For money ritual purposes, this is exactly what happens when a human being is suddenly and violently killed on earth.


Of a truth I tell you, a human being is a storage tank of spiritual energy. Whenever a human being is violently killed for ritual purposes, most of the spiritual energy stored within the person is suddenly discharged. In the spirit world, the spiritual energy will spill upward and in all directions.

When money ritual killers violently kill and mutilate the bodies of innocent people on Earth, they help to increase the power of the forces of darkness.

I have said it once, but this is two. Money rituals are trending in Nigeria.

Everybody is talking about it

. Even House of Rep members are not left out. Right now, parents, siblings, children, girlfriends, close friends, and strangers no longer feel safe. They live in fear of being used for money rituals by evil-minded acquaintances or strangers. When the masses start talking about a particular subject, we should instantly expect the manifestation of the blame game. Many people are blaming the federal government for not putting in place skills acquisition and wealth creation programs that will meaningfully engage the youth in our country in being self-reliant and creators of jobs.

ethnic father and kid relaxing in bedroom

Parents are equally blamed for not doing enough talking and monitoring of the activities of their children. The federal government is blaming Nollywood for featuring money rituals in some of their movies.  It is the nature of brother men and sister women to look for someone to carry the can whenever something goes wrong. I blame no one, because I know that the souls hiding in the human bodies of proponents of money rituals were filthy and full of flaws before they incarnated on planet earth.

Recently, Mr. Solu, a publicly known money ritualist, lured his unsuspecting girlfriend, Sofiat, into his room. For money ritual purposes, Mr. Solu and his evil-minded friends killed Sofiat and decapitated her head.

 The evil teenagers interfered with the destiny of Sofiat and the golden opportunity given to her by God to subject herself to earthly trials so that she can become one with God when she eventually departs from this world.

The human body, I tell you, is the true home of the soul. The soul of Sofiat became homeless and started to wander in the neighbourhood where she was gruesomely murdered. The evil teenagers who violently killed her were filthy souls, right from the spirit world before they incarnated on planet earth.

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The devil did not compel them against their will to kill Sofiat. The devil can only obsess filthy human souls who voluntarily give themselves to him. As a result, the cursed teenagers who murdered Sofiat for ritual money bear full responsibility for everything the devil may have prompted them to do.

Yes, the devil can mislead our senses through disturbances of the mind, the devil can plague your mind with seemingly irresistible suggestions, etc., but there is one thing the devil cannot do, and that is, the devil cannot change the nature of your soul.


Many people have realized the iniquities of their ancestors are responsible for the yearly mysterious deaths that occur in their families and for their inability to succeed in life, etc. Many people have realized that ancestral iniquities are often inherited and visited upon the children and the children’s children, unto the third and fourth generation.

Numbers 14:18
The sins of the fathers are passed down to the children to the third and fourth generation.

The money ritualists of today, the fathers and mothers of today, and the bad boys and bad girls of today must eventually become the ancestors of tomorrow. When they become ancestors, the children and the family members they left behind on earth will have to contend with the karmic iniquities they inherited from them.

My brother man and sister woman, it is not the will of our heavenly father that on a yearly basis, one or more people must die, suddenly and mysteriously, in certain families. It is not the will of God that in certain families, some brother men and sister women must never find a wife or a husband to call their own. It is not the will of God that his children must become hostages to family deities and water spirits. It is not the will of God that some members of certain families must suffer from incurable sicknesses.

 We have these heart-wrenching situations in many families because of the iron law of karma. Every evil thing that brother men and sister women do must unavoidably return to their doorsteps. A money ritualist must bear in mind that killing a fellow human being is to interfere with the destiny of the person.

 You cannot switch off the all-seeing eyes of God before killing a person and extracting the body parts requested by the black magician you consulted. The all-seeing eyes of God, and legions of angelic beings, and the lords of Karma are watching you, as you are traumatizing and snuffing the life out of a fellow human being.

 Everyone who kills another for the sake of rituals of riches incurs a natural punishment of unimaginable horror.


a bundle of sage smoking

I freely admit that most Nigerians are passing through traumatic times, and at the same time, nouveau riches are springing up in quite a number of families. Imagine a situation where a worthless, unsuccessful, good-for-nothing individual, well known to you, suddenly becomes rich and he is throwing money around.

 You will start to wonder, “What did he do?” How did he do it?

These days, quite a number of poor and helpless parents and elderly people don’t have the courage to ask their children or relatives what they did to acquire a superfluous amount of money.

Such questions might lead to a financial embargo being placed on them. And, they don’t want that. Some parents and elderly people, outrightly, don’t care to know what they did. They are okay with whatever they might have done. As long as the money keeps coming, To tell you the truth, the pressure of coming out of the firm grasp of poverty, the pressure of making it big in life, the pressure of becoming one of the big boys in town, and the pressure of providing for their poor parents and siblings, has compelled many youths and adults into deep thinking.

 The world is controlled by thoughts. Deep thinking, based on poverty and sorrowful occurrences taking place in your life, will expose you to the negative thought forms of other people. You can attract, catch, and retain the negative thought forms of successful money ritualists in society, and you will find yourself thinking and dwelling on using a human being for money rituals.

grayscale photo of man thinking in front of analog wall clock

 If you don’t rebuke the money ritual thought form you attracted to yourself through deep thinking, the money ritual thought form might persuade you to indulge in money rituals.  And much later, when you are caught red-handed, you will say, “I don’t know what came over me.

 Thoughts come before action, my brother, man, and sister woman; you must consider something before acting. You cannot help it if a bird lands on your head. But you don’t have to let the bird build a nest on your head. We live in the mist of thoughts. Therefore, you are not responsible for the thoughts that flow into your mind. But you become responsible when you dwell and act on the thoughts you have accepted into your being.

If the thoughts of money rituals flow into your mind, calmly shove them aside with good and positive thoughts. The karma of merely thinking about money rituals is not as great as the karma that follows, after you have actually killed a fellow human being for money ritual purposes. Whenever I hear of the killings of fellow human beings and the extraction of their vital organs for ritual purposes,

burning earth globe in dark studio

I immediately recall some ancient prophecies that predict the destruction of planet Earth by fire rather than flood. Remember, during the days of Noah, the flood was used to almost completely, destroy the civilization of that time. I just hope that such a drastic step will not be needed today because there is so much evil, shedding of blood, and killing in the world today.

 I dare to say that if good willed brothers and sisters fail to band together under the banner of the forces of light to combat and expose workers of iniquity, the ancient prophecy of the fiery destruction of planet Earth will most likely come true.


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