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My brother man and sister woman prayer a noted agency of religion actually evolved from previous religious and nonreligious groups across the world. The earliest prayer forms were not addressed directly to the Almighty God. The earliest prayer forms were actually expressions, like wish me luck; they were merely verbalized wishes, etc. Eventually, prayer became a technique of achieving co-operation with the gods, the spirits of nature.

Much later, when ancient people realized that prayer could not coerce the gods, prayer then became more of a petition, seeking favor. Well despite the evolutionary process prayer has passed through, prayer remains the generally accepted means of communication between mortals and the living God. No doubt prayer has contributed greatly to the development of the religious sentiments of an evolving human mind.

Prayer indeed is a mighty influence which has prevented complete isolation of human beings from the living God. It is imperative I probe what motivates countless people to pray to the living God. It is only by thorough scrutiny of their prayer motives shall I be able to tell them the reasons why most of their prayers remain unattended to. Selfish petitions, selfish prayers to the Almighty God will never be granted. You will wait, and wait and wait; the Almighty God will never attend to any selfish prayer.

I want to make clearer, these days prayer has become so materialistic. My brother man and sister woman, no prayer can be ethical when the praying individual seeks for selfish advantage over his fellows. Such prayers are downright immoral as when one prays to God Almighty for selfish advantages over one’s fellows. What most people fail to realize is selfish and materialistic praying is incompatible with the moral religions which are established on unselfishness and divine love.

I truly pity those poor hearts who in their simplicity, think that by praying, by just asking for anything, their prayers will be answered. It is interesting to note certain petitions sent to the high courts are often thrown out after been described as an abuse of court process, certain petitions sent to the higher police authorities, for instance, the zones are often referred back to the state commands or other smaller police post outlets, why? Because the petitions are faulty that’s why.

If higher human authorities can derelict petitions because of their imperfections, the Almighty God and the angelic beings will certainly bypass many materialistic and egoistic prayer requests. I am not saying all kinds of petitions to the living God are bad, a petition might be for daily bread or perhaps a wholehearted yearning to find God and do his will, or perhaps a prayer might be an angry cry for vengeance or a merciful intercession for one’s enemies, etc, all might not be bad.

Now egoistic prayers involve confessions, petitions and often consist in a request for material favors.  My brother man and sister woman, the majority of human beings at present live an intensely personal, self-centered existence. Right now, the majority of us are only interested in materialistic things, materialistic elevations. Only a few of us are interested in divine things, in the afterlife. I might summarize the motivation of most prayers as follows.

  1. Prayer formula for specific occasions, when people wish to draw close to the living God
  2. Prayer offered perhaps with the aid of some device like incense or mantra in order to create a harmonious atmosphere in which people can feel close to divinity.
  3. Prayer as a private act of faith and inner communion in an attempt to seek spiritual security especially in times of stress.
  4. Action or power-oriented prayer designed to achieve the desired end. That is asking God for physical and other benefits.

Of a truth I tell you, I am of the opinion number four is the most common form of prayer, which is an action or power-oriented prayer designed to achieve the desired end. These are selfishly oriented prayers in which the praying individual is not seeking for the divine will of God to be done in his life rather the individual is craving for some modification of divine will for his personal advantage.

Many people fail to realize that prayer which is directed towards selfish motives can severely undermine the need for an individual to build spiritual strength by personal effort. By that, I mean that when you are faced with problems, you should the habit of cultivating your intuition rather than seeking solace from an outer source.

I want to make clearer, one’s fate or karma never faces one with a problem that is beyond one’s inner resources and therefore earnestly seeking a solution within, surely, the answer will come and the individual will be stronger for making the effort. My brother man and sister woman I want you to bear in mind, most materialistic prayers are destined to bring disappointment and disillusionment while the selfless type of prayer will strengthen and comfort you.

Amid us are people that pray open-endedly, their prayers are all about words and words. I want to make clearer the Almighty God is only interested in the attitude of your soul and not your utterances.  Let people not imagine that any amount of prayer will nullify the action of the great law of cause and effect.

However, at times, an intense prayer of a strong-willed individual might temporarily divert the effects of specific causes. Yes, I accept, a very persistent prayerful person could at times upset, prolong the outworking of this great law of cause and effect but the truth is, the effect will follow the cause, no matter how great a span of time may intervene between the one and the other.

Let me put it in another way, if you are indebted to someone, you must pay your debt, at most you can beg for understanding, you can beg for an extension of the date of payment, but pay your debt you must. In the same vein, if anybody succeeds at using prayer to upset the outworking of the great law of cause and effect and the person obtains certain reliefs, the individual has only succeeded at postponing it.  Remember criminals are often told, the long arm of the law will eventually catch up with them.

In the light of what I have said I want to make clearer, we can be mighty sure that the effect of every cause will in time catch up with any individual and often with interest compounded. It appears most of us fail to understand the spiritual truths embedded in the utterances in one of my favorite biblical personalities, Paul.

Paul, it was who said God is not mocked reaping moment must surely come, plain and simple but most of us want to use prayer to prevent the manifestation of the reaping moment or to completely free themselves from their reaping moment related problems. My brother man and sister woman prayer keeps us going, we cannot survive without it.

I know that the sincere prayer of faith is truly a mighty force for the promotion of personal happiness, individual self-control, social harmony, moral progress, and spiritual attainment and strive as much as you can to shove aside materialistic and egoistic prayers and you know why the Almighty God knows what you want, without your asking for it.

During prayer do not be slothful, do not be lazy to ask God to solve your problems but never hesitate to ask the living God for wisdom and spiritual strength to guide and sustain you. While you, yourself resolutely and courageously attack the problems you have at hand. Remember the master Jesus taught his disciples to pray honestly, unselfishly, with fairness and most importantly without doubting.

In all your prayers, please be fair, you hear. Do not expect the Almighty God to show partiality, to love you more than his other children, your friends, and even your enemies. Many times, those you call your enemies might be serving a divine purpose in your life. Your prayer is good if it consists of inner aspiration, the will toward self-regeneration to spiritual things, and the transmuting of this inner attitude of your soul into positive action on planet earth.

The most beautiful prayer is aspiration transmuted into action. My brother man and sister woman, true prayer is indeed aspiration, breathing inward, an elevation of the mind and heart to the highest. You should pray, you should aspire, so as to orientate your life toward the light emanating from your innermost being.


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