Nobody Can Prevent Destiny

I crave to become one with God. In order to fully achieve my goal, I need to renounce the things of this world and human relationship. How can I achieve them?

Everything around us has a part to play. No matter how filthy this world is. No matter how problematic relationships are. Both of them are necessary for life. If they were inconsequential, God would have not created them. Planet earth has a part to play in the divine scheme of things.  

What about relationships? We complement each other. No one is self-sufficient. As human beings, we need love. We need someone to care about us. We need someone to give us good advice, etc. 

You cannot accomplish all the aforementioned without associating with people. Human relationships deals directly with emotions. The soul is learning and accumulating experiences through human emotions.

On the other hand, however, renunciation of things of this world and relationships are necessary, to become one with God.

1 Timothy 6:9

But people who long to be rich fall into temptation and are trapped by many foolish and harmful desires that plunge them into ruin and destruction.

 1 John 2:17

The world is passing away, and all the things that people want in the world are passing away. But whoever does what god wants will live forever.

Matthew 10:37

anyone who loves their father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves their son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. 


Renunciation means rejecting what you have previously enjoyed or endorsed. It means, shunning the pursuit of material comforts and focusing more on becoming one with God.

Renunciation means placing the things of the world in their right perceptive. The material world and relationships have their uses. Use them when necessary, but do not be enslaved by them.

In your teachings about destiny, you made me understand that destiny, which you said, is karma, is all about what you did long, long ago. Is there an instant punishment for any bad or good deed?

In certain cases there is instant punishment karma is not all about reaping in the future. Reaping moment can take place pronto in certain cases. A car rammed a brother man, who was conversing on his mobile phone while crossing the road. He spent months massaging and treating one of his legs. He experienced an immediate outworking of his karma. 

Karma teaches us to be very careful and Godlike in the conduct of our lives. The brother man involved in the car accident was not careful. So, he incurred bad karma and the reaping moment took place within a few minutes.  

Hopefully, next time he will be very careful when crossing the road. Instantaneous reaping of karma can manifest in the form of sudden apprehension and beating to death of an armed robber, a kidnapper, a petty thieve, or a baby snatcher, etc.

I have been told by a prophet that my star is bright and I am destined to be a great man. But, I am surrounded by evil-minded people, who are pursuing me spiritually, from left and right. Will they not prevent me from fulfilling my destiny in life?

Destiny is a tornado. The most violent storm of nature is a tornado. That is what destiny is.  Destiny will destroy anything on its path. No human being on earth, no diabolical ritual in this world, can prevent the fulfillment and manifestation of your destiny.

That, which you have been destined to achieve in this world, that which God has willed in your life, must take place. It is only by the permission of God, delay or hindrance can occur and not through the machinations of your enemies.

I have fasted and prayed, but the problems weighing me down are still there. Please advise me on how to overcome a series of misfortunes confronting me.

We cannot overcome all the problems confronting us. At most, we can abate them. Despite all our human efforts, certain problems, which will eventually lead us to salvation, will not go away. Whenever we are confronted by problems we should ask ourselves the following questions:

  1. Am I destined to encounter this problem?
  2. Is it my karma?
  3. Is this problem, In reality, A challenge meant to draw me closer to God?
  4. Is this problem an opportunity for me to grow and become a better person?

Now hear this, Mr. Felix’s car broke down. He was very sad. A brother man in the neighborhood was kind enough to allow him to park his car in his premises. They became friends and eventually, the relationship led to the financial upliftment of Mr. Felix.  

A sad event eventually led to a financial breakthrough for Mr. Felix. So you see what appears to us as misfortune is not always such. The sad event might have been destined to eventually enrich your life. But this fact Is not always recognized by most of us. Because we are more interested in immediate results. Surmounting or reducing problems is not all about prayer and fasting.

We have been told, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you. What does that mean? It means heaven helps those who help themselves. The almighty God has given us intelligence and we are expected to make use of it.  There are things we can do which will enable us to attract friendly spiritual beings to come and help us.

They will give us useful ideas on steps to follow, to surmount or reduce the problems weighing us down. It appears most people don’t realize the divine don’t deal directly with human beings. It is only through the mediation of the spirit world surrounding us that human beings can have dealings with the divine.  

What would you say about climate change, natural disasters, and enviromental problems in general?

We are always reluctant to do what is right. It is no longer a mystery, human beings are a threat to planet earth, which is the fountain of life for living creatures. And as long as this threat continues, spiritual beings watching over planet earth will certainly strike back at us. And whenever they do, we shall experience agony losses and a great many deaths.

Everything all around us is changing for the worst. We are witnessing more natural disasters, more drought, extreme weather, the decimation of marine life, etc. Our great planet has become a garbage dump from atomic waste and toxic chemicals to ordinary rubbish.

We are destroying the water, land, air, etc, through industrial greed. Interestingly, presently, we have quite many vocal people, locally and internationally, fighting for the overhaul improvement of our environment.

Remember the late Ken Saro Wiwa? He was a noted environmental activist. Lately, I admire the activities of, friends of the earth Nigeria. They call themselves, friends of the earth, that cute. It means nature is not alone.

What about Greta Thunberg, a Swedish environmental activist whose campaign has gained international recognition. The almighty God is using certain young and mature people to urge human beings in general and leaders of countries to correct the abuses foisted on nature by human beings.

Obviously, these mild methods employed by the almighty God to urge us to do what is right are not producing rapid results. As human beings remain, headstrong, they set in motion, and encourage the manifestation of natural disasters as the only alternative method whereby nature can correct these abuses.

Earth protecting spirits, if they so desire, could bring about a shift in planet earth’s axis thus changing the polarities and thereby, causing great destruction, earthquakes, tidal waves, flood, etc. Perhaps, after all, is leveled by numerous earthquakes, planet earth, will, replenish itself, and might have the opportunity, to arrive at its ultimate goal. The almighty God would have preferred human beings to do it by themselves. But, human nature detests due process. We rarely do the right thing willingly. We need to be compelled to do what is right.

When evil spirits induce us to do bad things, do they take advantage of the circumstances in which we find ourselves or can they bring about the circumstances which may enable them to entrap us?

Evil spirits cannot create the circumstances confronting us. Rather, they take advantage of the circumstances human beings brought upon themselves. It is our inherent imperfections that attract and retain evil spirits around us.

For instance, if you are a very greedy person, evil spirits will attach themselves, to your greedy nature and ensures that your greedy nature leads you into a series of problems. Evil spirits derive pleasure in urging us toward negative things and suggesting ideas that will bring us face to face with objects of irresistible temptation. Hear this, a brother man just woke up from sleep. An evil spirit suggested the idea of peeping through the window.

He peeped and saw a beautiful and irresistible lady. Much later, the brother man regrets ever peeping through the window because the beautiful lady wrecked his life.  

When we die shall we re-unite with our departed loved ones and friends in the spirit world?

This is not a matter of my sister is in Asaba. When I go to Asaba I will meet her. The spirit world is not an extension of this world. Therefore what brings people together in this world will not bring them together in the spirit world. In this world, it is love and faithfulness that brings people together.

It is not so in the spirit world. In the spirit world, material love and faithfulness amounts to nothing. A human being is the embodiment of different bodies.

Romans 12:4-8

For as we have many members in one body, and all members have not the same office:

Let me put it in another way. Let us assume Florence’s husband, whom she loved dearly, is dead. If Florence truly loved her late husband, her love for him must be embedded in her astral and mental bodies. If not, if she dies both of them cannot meet and live together on the same plane in the spirit world.

After death, most souls will no longer feel the same affection for each other as they have done in this world.

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