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Everywhere we hear about water spirits, water spirits. Why do we call them “water spirits”? Water spirits mean spirits living in the water or spirits that are in charge of the water.

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Water was the beginning of everything. We have four elements of nature, namely earth, water, air, and fire, and the most powerful element of all is water. Without water, no living thing can live. People who bind and cast water spirits cannot survive without it. Water is extremely important in religious worship. If it was not important, the master Jesus would not have told Nicodemus except that a man be born of water and of the spirit. Without water, there would be nothing like baptism and spiritual revival in the church.

  Of a truth I tell you, water swallows up the earth, extinguishes flames, ascends high, forms clouds, and falls down on earth, becoming the cause of all things that grow on earth.  When there was turbulence in the river, the master Jesus said to the waves, “quiet, be still.” The Master Jesus was actually telling the spirits of the water to calm down and behave themselves. Water spirits are extremely powerful, and they play a critical role in human survival on Earth. To tell you the truth, your manner of approach matters a lot in overcoming any problem confronting you.

Medical practitioners know that there is a huge and incomparable difference between catarrh and terminal illness. It is easy to deal with catarrh, but you need immense knowledge to cope with a terminal illness. I want people to treat water spirit problems as a terminal disease, so they need immense knowledge to deal with them.

 In society, most people derive pleasure from confronting water spirits with prolonged, violent prayers. Most of them have now realized they are dealing with a terminal disease and not symptoms of catarrh. Most of them have now realized water spirits resist prayers and, in fact, violent, prolonged prayers make water spirits stronger rather than drive them away.

Of a truth I tell you, a water spirit will torment you to the extent that you might start contemplating suicide if you keep confronting them with prolonged violent prayers. Prolonged violent prayers often compel a water spirit to fiercely and severely attack someone they are attached to, and the person might become penniless, unattractive, unloved, or if the person is a sister woman, she will experience marriage proposal failures, a series of miscarriages, etc.

The truth is, prolonged violent prayers will not instantly pull you out of the hands of a water spirit. Of course, from the human point of view, I understand why many people pray violently to push water spirits out of their lives. I know that they are passing through a lot and nothing is working for them. The moment they eat or have sex in a dream, on earth they will experience failures, bad luck, miscarriages, breakups, marriage delays, etc. All these sad experiences compel them to pray violently to drive away and, if possible, kill the water spirits in their lives. However, violently taking it by force does not work in problems involving water spirits.

Also, quite a number of people tormented by water spirits have some darkness in them. They have serious karmic issues, which is why they find themselves in families having bonded with water spirits. Anyone who wants to significantly reduce or completely eliminate water spirit problems must stop praying violently. The person must stop surrounding themselves with anger toward the marine kingdom, so that they will stop incurring the wrath of the water spirits attached to them.

 I advise them to partake in direct spiritual communication with the water spirit to find out why they are tormenting them and do something about it. Doing such a thing does not mean you are worshipping the water spirit. I am not encouraging anybody to serve a water spirit. We were created to serve the Almighty God who created the heavens and the earth, not a water spirit. But the moment it is confirmed that you have a bond with a water spirit, the right thing to do is to learn everything about the water spirit. Find out more about the ancestral link you have with them, whether you inherited it from your father or mother, etc., and do what you are supposed to do for peace to reign.

Water spirit problems are indeed terminal illnesses, and the best way to deal with terminal illnesses is to find out everything about the terminal disease so that you will know the best approach to adopt. Of course, I am well aware that quite a number of people have done all they might have been told to do and water spirits are still tormenting them because they have some darkness in them. They continually incur the wrath of water spirits in their lives because of karmic debt.

For instance, quite a number of people often experience hatred from people for no justifiable reason. They are hated by people they meet for the very first time. They are hated by people they did not offend. Outstanding karmic debts are often behind such sad experiences. In the same vein, water spirits can hate certain individuals because of karmic debt hovering around them.


In the Holy Bible, we are told a man shall leave his father and mother, be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh. That is exactly what water spirits want to achieve. They want to have sexual companionship with a human being so that they will become complete beings.

Water spirits know that having a sexual relationship with a human being means becoming one flesh with a human being created in God’s image. A water spirit will ultimately resolve all their lingering spiritual problems by attaining immortality through sexual union with a human being.

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I don’t think “domination” is the right word, because I know that water spirits don’t truly possess the power to dominate the will of a human being.

Water spirits can only dominate human beings who have surrendered themselves to their influence. They have tormented many people to the extent that they live in fear of them and they are afraid to fall asleep because they know that, in a dream state, water spirits will have sex with them, force them to eat, or issue new threats.

The willpower of many people tormented by water spirits often becomes weak, and water spirits will take advantage of their pathetic situation and gain the upper hand. Water spirits know fully well that we are higher than them, and they should be the ones serving us and doing our bidding.


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