My brother man and sister woman, obviously we all despise poverty and pain. Majority of us prefer riches and pleasure but it is sad to note the majority of us cannot repel poverty and pain and permanently replace them with riches and pleasure. Most of us don’t understand the spiritual uses of poverty, riches, pain, and, pleasure.

The conversation between the master Jesus and the young brother man who addressed him as the good master, confirms the use of poverty in the attainment of God’s kingdom. The young brother man asked the master Jesus, what must I do to attain eternal life? The first answer of the master Jesus was, keep the commandments.

The young brother man responded, all these things have I kept from my youth, then the master Jesus gave him a deeper and true spiritual answer and that is if you want perfection, go and sell all that you have and give to the poor and thou shall have a treasure in Heaven. What does that mean? It means if you want to attain perfection and become a member of God’s kingdom, you must embrace poverty and obedience.

Everlasting life cannot be attained until everything earthly is surrendered, a brother man must give up, not only is earthly wealth, he must give up his inner wealth as well until that is done, a brother man cannot pass through the narrow gateway. Difficult isn’t it? You now see the spiritual use of poverty, hated by each and every one of us.

You now see that if the poverty in the whole world is made to go away, be rest assured attainment of heaven will become mission impossible for countless human beings. Although, I have told you the spiritual use of poverty, and I know that most people came into this world with the trials of poverty but that notwithstanding, I am deeply troubled by extreme poverty holding countless people hostage, therefore, the aim of this great lesson is to show a way out to those under the firm grasp of poverty. Many who are in poverty do not trust themselves, if they did, they would have not remained hostages of poverty.

Are you one of those relying on prayer or perhaps promises made by people to help you liberate yourself from the grasp of poverty? Well, prayer is good, it’s an act of reassurance, but what about the aspect of relying on the promises made by people to you? Most of them find it difficult to fulfill their promises right?

Do you know that the fulfillment of a promise or the inability to fulfill a promise, is to a great extent determined by the vibrations emanating, from the person in the state of expectancy? Let me put it in another way, if you approach somebody for financial assistance or any kind of assistance, first, the person will calmly listen to you and in the end, the person might promise to do something or perhaps the person might give you a date to come back. What most people fail to realize is, the vibrations around them has a pivotal part to play.

The vibration around you might influence the person to sincerely listen to you, believe you and help you out, in the same vein the vibration around you might prevent the person from helping you. I am a very prayerful person is not a guarantee, you will obtain all your heart’s desire. You cannot obtain your heart’s desires without the support of the vibration around you.

It is vibration, magnetism, which connects people to one another. Of a truth, I tell you, if you enter into a lengthy conversation with a person concerning successful people in society, he might tell you, it is only people that are truly blessed, truly favored by God, people, with marked ability, that are successful in life. How wrong is he?

The truth is vibration, vital magnetism is playing a pivotal role in the lives of successful people and the vibration is not the prerogative of the rich, vibration is not only reserved for the rich, for we all are created equal, but it’s also only individual development that makes the difference. The poorest and humblest brother man and sister woman can cultivate vital magnetism and make use of it. I want to make clearer, the poorest and weakest brother man has vital magnetism, the powers of concentration within his constitution, these powers will keep sleeping until the poor brother man learns to believe in their existence and tries to develop them. It is wrong for anyone to believe that the ability to make money is only given to a few people, who may be termed lucky or favored.

There is absolutely no such thing as luck or chance, however, we must admit people differ mentally as well as physically. My brother man and sister woman, poverty is a condition of disharmony and prosperity is a condition of harmony.

A poor person should try as much as he can to avoid an activity that gives birth to disharmony. We all are familiar with much middle class, poor people who are always finding fault, picking holes or criticizing or things generally.

They can seat down and devote hours gossiping about another person, they derive immense pleasure criticizing another person. They fail to ask themselves, what practical good has criticizing, gossiping about another person done to them? What most of them fail to realize is, they are hurting themselves by indulging in such an act.

Of a truth I tell you, each time you criticize others, pass judgment on them, discuss their failings with others, mock and laugh at them, you are creating disharmony within yourself. All manner of criticism creates disharmony in your mind. I have said it once and this is twice, prosperity is a condition of harmony and poverty is a condition of disharmony.  Harmony and disharmony cannot exist in the mind at the same time, one must unavoidably neutralize the other. 

If you pine to come out of poverty you must learn to work on your mental and emotional nature, always bear in mind like attracts like, so if your dominant thought is poverty, you shall keep attracting. The substance follows the pattern. Sincerity gives birth to sincerity, truth gives rise to the truth, good thoughts cannot produce bad thoughts, it must give birth to good thoughts, everything fulfills the law of its being, and an effect must be like its cause.

My brother man and sister woman, I urge you to sow thoughts of prosperity by having faith in yourself and be rest assured you cannot reap anything but prosperity. My brother man and sister woman poverty will not pass away until you create something better to take its place, every brother man can create this something better.


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