Begin now to think better of yourself, you can never get anywhere if you have a poor opinion of yourself. If you don’t have a good opinion of yourself be rest assured, no one will have. The world takes a brother man and a sister woman at his or her own evaluation and if he or she labels himself or herself, a nobody, the peoples of the world should not be blamed for believing it.

Your circumstances are always the visible results of your thoughts. All actions are the outcome of your thoughts, therefore your environment, and your situation is self-created.

Most people like to think they are victims of circumstances, whenever anything goes wrong, they turn around and say, it’s just what I expected, everything is against me. They fail to realize such a view of life must certainly affect their progress because a brother man is that which he believes he is.

My brother man and sister woman, the root of problems truly lies in one’s mentality. Nobody likes poverty, but you know something, poverty is no hindrance to riches, often it is the greatest aid. If you doubt me, I urge you to examine the lives of many rich people, the multimillionaires, how many began life with wealth, education and influential friends, only a handful of them.

In the beginning, the majority of them were under the firm grasp of poverty. Now pertaining Destiny and Riches, many people believe certain people are destiny to make it big in life, many will point to a single incident which served to raise a certain brother man from abject poverty to affluence.

I want to make clearer success, breakthroughs, etc. are not all about destiny, a brother man may reap what he might have sowed though as a human being, he is probably unaware of it. The breakthroughs he may come across in life, in reality, has been prepared by the brother man himself, it is not all about, he was destined to be rich. Believe in destiny is something, but faith in yourself is everything.

Now pertaining opportunity, many people often aver, opportunity comes but once, but the truth is an opportunity is not that which comes once or twice in a brother man’s life rather it is something which may be created at pleasure.

I want you to bear in mind, an opportunity is not a thing created by Destiny, it is something created by a brother man himself. By believing in yourself you create opportunities for yourself.

If you thoroughly examine the painful or pleasurable experiences undergone by lower creatures, you will find that the painful or pleasurable experiences truly contributes to the development of their intelligence. 

My brother man and sister woman, any accomplishment worthwhile, whether playing piano, writing a book, becoming an actor or actress, writing a book or directing the policies of a nation, requires years of painful preparation and training.

In order for one to glow, stand out in any profession, one must deprive oneself of the things one might enjoy during the time spent in training, etc. Any worthwhile accomplishment is the outcome of overcoming great obstacles, if there were no difficulties to be surmounted, it simply means you are pursuing is easy, therefore not a worthwhile accomplishment.

If you examine the lives of many prominent, outstanding personalities, you will find that only those of them who had much practice in overcoming difficulties, which of course is a thorough training, ever rise to a point of superior accomplishment. Superior accomplishments mean overcoming obstacles, and you learn to overcome difficulties through encounters with them.

My brother man and sister woman, while we all despise suffering, I want to make clearer education is acquired only through painful and pleasurable experiences and every painful and pleasurable experience contributes to the education of the individual experiencing them.

I want to make clearer, you are being educated by success and failure, by gain and loss, by wealth and poverty and by various other forms of pain and pleasure.

My brother man and sister woman it does not matter whether you believe a wealthy person is favored and poverty is a curse, therefore not your portion, it does not matter whether or not you believe pleasure and pain are dispensed by the Almighty God as favors and punishment to those who sinned against him.

I presume, it is obvious to each and every one of us poverty, pain, riches, and pleasure are used to educate the souls of human beings on planet earth. Poverty, pain, sorrow, disasters, losses, sickness, riches, pleasure, joy, and all other events of life are means by which any human soul can be educated.

In summation, pertaining poverty, pertaining overcoming it, I am of the opinion the most important difficulty most poor people need to overcome is that of getting their thought-cells to work for the things they desire rather for the things their thoughts cells desire.

Of a truth, I tell you within each and every one of us exist thought-cells that have been built up by all our human experiences, many a time these thought-cells work from the invisible planes to bring unfortunate events into the lives of countless people.

The greatest problem confronting countless poor people right now is how to induce the thought-cells which otherwise derive pleasure in attracting unfortunate events, to change their desires and find pleasure in attracting fortunate events into one’s life. My brother man and sister woman, be rest assured if you can induce your thought-cells to desire and work for what you want, you will attract good fortune into your life.







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