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I have been on the spiritual path for my more than thirty years therefore, I know the components of a Godly church and a satanic church. It is written in the book of revelation, woe to the inhabitants of the earth, for the devil has come down unto you, having great wrath. What does that mean? It means planet earth is the devil’s playground. Satan often disguise himself as an angel of light.

In Nigeria and other African countries and all around the world, satanic churches are more numerous than Godly churches. Do you have ten churches on your street? In my own appraisal, seven of those churches are proponents of satanic doctrines and the remaining two struggling churches are the true representatives of the meek Jesus, the founder of Christianity. The master Jesus talked about the eventual emergence of false prophets who will bamboozle countless people which was why, he sternly warned us in Matthew to pay attention so that no so-called man of God will deceive you. Sadly, most Christians behave like girls who loves you more when you lie to them.

Quite a number of prosperity preachers teach that you cannot criticize or speak against them because God says touch not my anointed but the truth is, most of them don’t have the anointing of the living God. Their mannerism does not portray them as true representatives of the meek Jesus. They sell their doctrine as merchandize. Their occupation is preaching for money. They patronize wealthy individuals and boast of the riches of their congregation.

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It is so sad to observe that the selfishness of brother men and sister women have made the world a place of wretchedness and now countless people are in misery and want. Prosperity preachers must bear in mind that their souls are being written upon with their deeds and works. I see them in judgement over themselves and the powers of God within them shall cry out for truth and justice. Of a truth I tell you prosperity preachers are destroyers of religion and perverters of the spirit of God within the souls of their spiritually naïve followers.
Prosperity preachers, knows fully well, that people have insatiable desire for riches, health, power and breakthroughs in life.

Prosperity preachers provide nourishment to the lustful desires of their followers. They, provide nourishment by perverting many biblical passages.
For instance, prosperity preachers use Galatians 6 verse 7 that deals with accumulation of good and bad karma to promise amazing rewards to their followers if they give gargantuan amounts of money to them.

Prosperity gospel is all about giving enormous amount of money to the church, so that the giver in turn will experience financial and spiritual rewards from God. It is all about tithing, seed sowing, miracles, deliverances and prayers against the curse of poverty etc. Prosperity preachers, want us to believe, that the master Jesus became poor so that his followers might become rich. They want us to believe that a true believer has nothing to do with suffering, pain and poverty etc.

Prosperity preachers appears to focus more on laying up treasures on earth, meanwhile, true Christians are advised in the Holy Bible to focus more on laying up for themselves treasures in heaven. No doubt the utterances of prosperity preachers will certainly be appealing to the masses who are fed up with poverty and suffering. I want to make clearer, if prosperity preachers continue to ride roughshod over the gullible masses with their materialistic doctrines, I am afraid Christianity will lose the allegiance of coming generations.

I have listened to a prosperity preacher telling his followers that they weren’t destined to experience suffering, pain and poverty, because the master Jesus died so that they can live abundant lives.
He persuaded them to aggressively indulge in seed sowing. The prosperity preacher explained to his congregation that giving to God, is the first step towards unlocking of their divine destinies. Really? Extraordinary Divine destinies indeed.

The founder of Christianity told us deceptive teachers will arise and mislead many. The world today is replete with spurious Christian preachers. Their voices are the loudest. They pine to be heard. They demand attention to themselves. Flamboyant prosperity preachers who stand before their spiritually ignorant adherent followers, professing to hold the spiritual keys to unlocking of the divine destinies of their followers, permit me to unveil unassailable spiritual truths to you, Destiny is older than everyone of you, Destiny is older than Christianity. In fact

Destiny is older than the father of all nations Abraham. Destiny is karma, therefore there is nothing like sow a seed or give huge amount of money to my church so that you can unlock your divine destinies. Many Christians are not succeeding in life, many have died suddenly and horribly, many Christians are sick and not responding to treatment or prayers etc. as the outworking of their destinies. No brother man or sister woman can escape Destiny.

I want to make clearer, that the stars are the instruments of destiny, therefore we cannot truly protect ourselves or pray ourselves from the horribleness of the stars. It is in accordance with Destiny, the stars bring all things to pass for every one of us. Now pertaining emphasis laid on riches by prosperity preachers, if you are destined to be rich, with or without prolonged violent prayers, riches must eventually come your way, but you must not forget riches maybe compared to ball pots filled with 24 karat gold tied to the feet of a brother man in the depth of the Ocean. The brother man cannot rise until he unshackles the pots of gold away from his feet so that he can rise and save his life.

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Sadly, prosperity preachers rarely talk about the rich brother man and the eye of the needle parable of the master Jesus. In the eye of the needle parable, the master Jesus is telling us that we must unshackle ourselves from riches in order to enter heaven. I advise prosperity preachers to re-strategize. For six months, let them trenchantly preach about what the master Jesus said about the rich brother man and the eye of the needle, in place of, give huge amount of money to the church so that you will attain more riches and breakthroughs.

No poverty fearing prosperity preacher will do such a thing. The eye of the needle parable will encourage low turnout in the church auditorium. Prosperity preachers will rather lay more emphasis on tinsels, riches, miracles which will encourage overcrowding in the church auditorium and not depletion of followers.


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