Nkechi writes: How do prevent evil spirits from hovering around us.

  1. How do you define the human body we function with on earth?


Most people prefer to use prayers to repel evil spirits. Very well, for a while, evil spirits might step aside but be rest assured they will come back again if something in you keeps attracting them. If we truly want to expel evil spirits permanently from our midst we must work on our thoughts and desires. 

It is the evil nature of the thoughts and desires of human beings that attracts and retains evil spirits around them. Prayer is good but there is absolutely no substitute for the control of your thoughts and desires when it comes to repelling of evil influences. Now pertaining definition of the human body 

For me, I perceive my human body as something members of my family past and present came together and gave to me to enable me to function temporarily on planet earth. Indeed, the physical body is a deeply troubling gift because it is interwoven with the karmas of our ancestors our parents and our individual karmas. I presume you now understand why most people are having ancestrally related problems.  

Rufus writes: I derive pleasure studying the defects of other people. I want to know whether it is wrong to do so.  


This is a rather disturbing habit. My brother man Rufus said he derives pleasure probing the flaws of fellow human beings. In probing the flaws of others I hope he is conscious of what the master Jesus said pertaining to this subject.

Matthew 7:3-5 and why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye but do not consider the plank in your own eye? or how can you say to your brother ‘let me remove the speck from your eye’, and look a plank is in your own eye? hypocrite! first remove the plank from your own eye and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

It is very wrong of my brother man Rufus to probe the defects of others merely for the sake of criticizing or exposing them to public ridicule. However, it is not bad if you probe the defects of others for the sake of avoidance of those defects in your own person. It simply means you are learning from the blunders of others.

The only way you can benefit from probing the defects of others is for you to strive to acquire the opposite virtues. For instance, if the person you are probing is proud learn to be humble and modest. 

If the person is frugal learn to be generous. If the person is harsh learn to be gentle etc. My brother man Rufus must bear in mind he will not evade spiritual punishment if his motive of probing the defects of others is to expose them and create a scandal.  

Philomena writes: it is possible for us to distinguish between thoughts which are our own and thoughts which are suggested to us?  


Generally, it is your own thoughts that first project themselves but I don’t think it is necessary for us to start bothering about how to differentiate our own thoughts from thoughts emanating from other sources. The truth is we are better off not being able to distinguish between them. 

Elijah writes: is it wrong on my part to be conscious of good deeds done by me and to praise myself for doing well?  


A brother man is conscious of his evil deeds therefore, he must also be conscious of his acts of kindness generosity. It is only by this awareness that he can know whether he has done what is right or wrong in the sight of God. 

Therefore, there is absolutely nothing wrong for a brother man to recognize the fact that he has been able to put smiles on the faces of fellow human beings or he has gained victory over his evil tendencies and in fact to jubilate in having done so provided he does not make this recognition of a subject of vanity. 

Provided he does not tell everybody who cares to listen how he helped this and that person how he paid the school fees of nine people and how he has been able to overcome this and overcome that.

Such an act simply means he is returning back to square one. By indulging in overt self-glorification he is giving way to a tendency as deplorable as any of those which he has conquered. 

Matilda writes: have evil spirits received an assignment from God to lead human beings to indulge in evil acts or are they acting on their own accord?   


No impure spirit ever received an assignment from God to induce human beings to commit sin. The Gift of free will God gave to us is also extended to the forces of darkness. Therefore, they are at liberty to persuade human beings to commit sin. On the other hand, however, the almighty God may allow the forces of darkness to have their way in order to try us but that does not mean he authorized them to induce us to commit sin.

Biobele writes: Do evil spirits take advantage of the shortcoming of mortals to tempt us to commit sin or can they bring about the circumstances which will enable them to excite us to evil? lastly can you tell me why evils spirits incite us to evil?


Interesting question my sister woman Gift, Human beings are the embodiment of imperfections. On a daily basis, we always create favorable circumstances which attract and retain evil spirits around us. Aside that evil spirits do bring about scenarios to ensnare human beings. 

They often urge human beings without their being aware of it to do certain things that might lead to entrapment. Now hear this on the side of the road is a wallet containing five thousand dollars.

The wallet mistaken fell from the pocket of its owner. Evil spirits suggested to a brother man going home the idea of passing through that road. He obeyed the strong urge and passed through that road. Along the line, he found the wallet picked it up and when he opened it he saw dollars. The evil spirits may suggest to him the idea of taking possession of the money and at the same time, good spirits might urge him to return the money to its rightful owner. The evil spirits will gain the upper hand if he accepts to keep the money. This is how evil spirits operate and push us into temptation.  It is out of jealousy evil spirits instigate us to evil acts. They want human beings to be so immersed in sin so that we can never become one with God. 

Kehinde writes: What kind of sufferings do evil spirits wish to make human beings undergo?  do evil spirits give up when they fail to succeed in tempting us? how do we neutralize the influence of evil spirits?  


My brother man Kehinde wants to know the nature of suffering evil spirits want human beings to undergo. Very well. A human being is an imperfect spirit temporarily clothed in human flesh. We are here on planet earth to struggle to get rid of our imperfections and go back to God. Human beings must get rid of the works of the flesh in order for us to inherit the kingdom of God. 

Galatians 5:19-21   now the works of the flesh are manifest which are these; adultery fornication uncleanness LASCIVIOUSNESS IDOLATRY witchcraft hatred variance emulations wrath strife seditions HERESIES ENVYINGS murders drunkenness revellings and such like: of the which I tell you before as I have also told you in time past that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

Impure spirits do not want us to go back to God. They know that the more sins we commit the more inferior we become spiritually and inferior souls are destined to be far removed from god.in the same vein I want to make clearer whenever we use our will power to resist temptations emanating from evil spirits 

They have no option but to renounce their temptation. What else can they do when it becomes obvious to them that they cannot fulfill their objective they will give up the attempt but they might continue to stalk the person watching for a favorable moment to entrap the person? 

Lastly, if we are keen to neutralize the influence of evil spirits if we are keen to expel them and prevent them from subjugating us to their authority we must strive to do what is right always and put our trust in god.  

Ibrahim writes: Do geniuses obtain their ideas from their own minds?   


Of a truth, I tell you geniuses often obtain their exceptional ideas from their own spirit. Like attracts like therefore a genius must attract certain spirits of like minds unto himself and these spirits will suggest certain ideas to him if they are convinced that he is capable of understanding them and worthy of implementing the ideas for the benefit of mankind.  

Ann writes: What is the spiritual benefit of giving?   


By giving to others we fulfill the law of love. In the light of this, I want to make clearer to give is to gain. However, we must learn to give without expecting anything in return. Such a state of mind diminish the spiritual benefits emanating from giving. If you give without expecting anything in return you set in operation the unfailing spiritual law of measure for measure. What you give is always returned to you in abundance in fulfillment of what the master Jesus said give and it shall be given unto you. But always give with no thought of receiving. 

Joseph writes: Can a person die without fulfilling his destiny on earth?   


Most people have died without accomplishing their mission on planet earth. Souls like these often come back to planet earth to round up their uncompleted earthly task.


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