Clara writes: I meet influential men but after a short while without any quarrel, they start avoiding me. I will be 32 on 13th July, still very single while my younger siblings are getting married.

I have all it takes to be married but I find it very annoying when the single men coming my way are people with nothing to offer but I still stay with them and when they start having money, they just break up with me without any concrete reason. What is God saying about me? I see things when I sleep but they should be manifesting by now. Please help me. 


Touching, positively touching she talked about her younger siblings getting married before her. From the human point of view, it might appear humiliating, but the truth is our destinies are not the same. It can never be. 

Early or late marriage in life is determined by destiny.clara equally said, single brother men with nothing to offer, keep coming her way. She reluctantly accepts them and in the end, they will still abandon her etc.she is the embodiment of poor magnetism.it is the magnetism around you that enable you to attract and retain or repel people that come into your life. 

No doubt, beauty attracts, but it is your magnetism, that retains. I have convinced myself sister woman Clara is plagued by karmic and ancestral issues. 

Ijeoma writes;

  1. Shed light on the spiritual benefits of giving

2.what accelerates old age?


It is sad to note, most people fail to realize our day to day activities are governed and closely monitored by the spiritual law of sowing and reaping. Not so long ago, tons of visibly angry internally displaced persons were protesting. 

They accused camp officials of diverting relief materials meant for them. Camp officials have no right to divert or withhold relief materials meant to mitigate and put a smile on the faces of internally displaced persons. 

Camp officials doing such things will eventually experience, spiritual stagnation in their lives. They are not free. I want to make clearer, to receive more, you must give out, what you have received.

I am not urging people to empty their savings, but they should learn to keep some and give out some, to fellow mortals in need. spiritually, an individual will experience stagnation if he continues to withhold what he has received.

Now pertaining acceleration of old age. Of a truth I tell you, my sister woman gift, negative thoughts, fear thoughts, grief and pain thoughts accelerate and create the ugliness called old age.

In contrast, love thoughts, joyous thought, create beauty called youth. People should learn to thrill themselves, cultivate, the spirit of humor, they should make everything bright and cute around them if they are keen to slow down the aging process. They should repeat positive affirmations at the verge of falling asleep.they should visualize youthfulness etc. 

Florence writes: is there any difference between praying silently and praying aloud? What did jesus mean when he said, i am the door? John 10:7 


Interesting question my sister woman gift. During silence, we amalgamate, all the forces within us, into one particular spot.

Therefore silence, is the most powerful form of prayer.

We cannot truly contact, the almighty god from without.we can only contact him, through, the invisible connection, which we have, within ourselves.in contrast, overt, noisy prayer, denotes, disintegration of power. We thoroughly don’t make positive potent contact, with god through, our loud and vain repetition of words.

In the same vein, when the master jesus said, i am the door, he meant that, the i am, within him, and every human being, 

On planet earth, is the door, through which, the life, power and substance of the great i am, which is god, manifest itself, through the individual. I want people to bear in mind, the i am, manifest itself through idea, thought, word and action. 

Douglas writes: ancestral worship is found in many cultures across the world. I am vehemently against depending or calling upon my ancestors for any form of assistance. I have been persecuted and driven from home because of this: 


Human beings are, destined to pass through the, evolutionary process in order, to arrive at the highest.it is a learning process, in which, series of blunders, must be made. Ancestral worship, is one of the retrogressive blunders, emanating from the past. 

Life is, forward ever, backward never. For instance, in the university, a final year student, must have, discarded 100 level to 300 level lessons. The student knows that, the discarded lessons, are but, steps, in the stairway. 

The previous lessons have played a part, in his life, and knowledge acquired from them, have been placed, in his subconscious mind.

Right now, he is only interested, in his final year lessons. In the same vein, in our present age, of spiritual enlightenment, we should not be clinging, to ancient retrogressive practices, because it will do us no good.our ancestors, have played by their part, and brought us, to where we are today, 

And it’s time, for us to move on, without them.  Of a truth i tell you, if we keep looking back, to our ancestors, we will, before we realize it, be worshipping them, and be living, by their standards instead of, our own. That is retrogression. That is backward movement, and not forward movement. In life, you must either move forward, or move backward.ancestral worship denotes, backward movement.

I want to make clearer, from the spiritual point of view, ancestral worship, is one of the, direct causes, of regression, of a country and its inhabitants. Inhabitants of a country, with, very little pride of ancestry, a country that is free, from kings or rulers, who are perpetrators of, retrogressive ancient practices, will certainly experience rapid growth.

The early occupants of planet earth were spiritually background, that was why they embraced, the practice of necromancy, which has now become some kind of open ended, spiritual bondage, for their descendants.  Ancestral worship means, having dealings, with dead souls, residing on, some of the lower regions of the astral plane. 

Ancestral worship means, relying on, the dead, to influence, the fortunes and destinies, of surviving relatives. Ancestral worship means, mollycoddling the dead, to appease them, and gain their favor.  

Of a truth i tell you, my sister woman gift, proponents of ancestral worship believe, if our ancestors are neglected, and not eulogized and worshipped, they might inflict, surviving family members with disease and misfortunes. 

The truth is, when you focus your mind, your innermost being, on anything, you create a strong bond, and give more strength, to that thing.if a surviving descendant, believe, i mean really believe in the spiritual abilities of his ancestors, 

According to his faith, it will be done unto him. Of course i know that, ancestors can exert, limited influence, over their descendants, depending, on which part, of the astral plane, they reside.some of them, can use spiritual energy, 

To create distress, as a means of communicating their pains, to their descendants etc.also they have, very little ability, to influence events, and bring about, positive transformation, in the lives, of their descendants. In summation, little or no ancestry attachment, means, forward movement, and freedom from the practice of necromancy, which is offensive to our creator.

 Justina writes: i am a prayerful person and crave to know how to give strenght and power to my verbal pronouncement during prayer? 


Prayer involves, the use of words.true prayer means, selection of the right words and imbibition of power, into them, through your thoughts, so that your words, can become spirit. Of a truth i tell you, the praying individual, must give power, to the spoken word.most people indulge in repetitive prayer. Although, i know that repetitive prayer, is often an effective means of, bringing, the praying individual into agreement, with the spoken words, but i want to make clearer, it is not repetition, that makes a word effective.the mere repetition, of a word, does not make it potent.

If the right words, are selected and energized with your thoughts, the power of the god, will move through your utterances, and produce the desired result.                 

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