Richard writes: I toil day and night to make ends meet. I have faith in God. I have prayed and fasted but nothing seems to work. What do you think is wrong with me? 


Brotherman Richard professes to have faith in God. No matter what you are passing through, your faith in God must remain sacrosanct. Brotherman Richard talked about toiling day and night to make ends meet. He is not the only person working so hard to make ends meet. Tons of people are working so hard with little or no appreciable result. Why you might ask?

You cannot change your destiny simply because you are working so hard. Also, brother man Richard referred to his praying and fasting abilities. That’s good. He has been recognized, but I want him to bear in mind, spiritual beings, and angels rarely interfere with the outworking of someone’s destiny. If they do, most people addicted to prayer and fasting would have not been complaining about unanswered prayers.

Anita writes: what is passion? Where does it originate from? What would you say about evil passions, the passion to liberate your people etc


We are nothing without motivation. Positive friends, motivate us to do positive things and negative friends instigate us to do vile things. Passions have their origin, in human nature. They are not evil in themselves because they have their origin in a natural sentiment or a natural want. One of the providentially appointed conditions of human existence is having passions.

Passion means overclocking, impetus, enhancement of your power so that you can do great things and accomplish your mission on planet earth. However, there is a caveat. Passion are like horses. Horse riding is enjoyable as long as you are in control. But it becomes anarchy if the horse takes control of the ride. that means, injury to yourself or to others.

Exaggeration of a need or a sentiment is usually seen as passion. Exaggeration of a need gives birth to excessive action which becomes evil and paves the way to evil consequences of every kind. If you cannot control your passions and you allow yourself to be governed by them, be rest assured, you will embrace many destructive activities, which might destroy you. 

Of a truth I tell you, most people cannot subjugate their passions. They cannot control their passions because their spirits are backward. You bringing yourself closer and closer to destruction. For instance, in society, once in a long while, we see the emergence of certain people with passion to liberate their people from obvious inequalities.  

Their motives might be good but such people often yield to every instigation emanating from their passions and in the end what happens? They will destroy many lives and might end up not liberating their people. This is not good.

Amarachi writes: there are few exceptionally kind and caring human beings in society. They do good and are willing to help others in need without thinking twice. Meanwhile, the majority of people find it extremely difficult to help others. May I know why?   


In society, you will find few exceptionally kind people who do good from a spontaneous impulse without having to overcome any opposite feeling or opinion. On the other hand, many people that are well off cannot do such a thing. even if they have all the money in the world, they cannot imagine themselves parting with an astronomical amount of money for benevolent reasons. 

They must certainly struggle with their own nature, their innermost being will not give them the incentive to go ahead. Also, people close to them might not encourage frivolous spending for benevolent reasons. For instance, if a charitable brother man has made up his mind to give five million Naira to help someone in need to start up a business, His wife or relatives might yell out, the amount is astronomical, why not give one million naira?

Majority of us are hostages of selfishness. The sacrifice of self-interest and doing good to others is the most meritorious of all virtues. The highest of all virtues manifest in the form of the most dis-interested kindness.

Exceptionally kind and caring people are human beings who no longer have to struggle against selfishness. Such people do goodness effortlessly. To such rare personalities, to do good seems to them to be perfectly natural because they have acquired the habit of kindness. The answer to this question can only be found in reincarnation. 

A person who no longer struggles against selfishness, a person indulging in generosity effortlessly must have accomplished a certain amount of progress in previous earthly existences. The benevolent activities of such rare people will certainly overwhelm the majority of us because eighty percent of the world’s population cannot do such a thing. 

I am of the opinion, many people might aver, God might have blessed exceptionally generous and kind people with the spirit of kindness. That’s not correct. The truth is, all human souls were created equal and they were created in a state of simplicity and ignorance. Also, God never created good and bad souls. Souls become good or bad through their efforts. Plain and simple. 

Dickson writes: I love helping people because I believe that by so doing, my life will improve and things will work out well for me. I believe acts of charity will open doors for me. Guru, am I doing the right thing?  


I want to make clearer, there is superfluous amount of selfishness in Dickson’s acts of charity. Dickson believes helping those in need will open doors for him. Let me put it in another way, Dickson is investing in charity. He is conscious of all his acts of charity. Dickson imagines or perhaps calculates how much interest or blessings his acts of charity will bestow upon him. Blessings which he believes will manifest in the form of prosperity and good luck etc. The truest charity is charity done in the hope of bringing yourself closer to God and not attracting material prosperity.

Blessed is he who does good spontaneously without even thinking about selfish benefits. Rather, the charitable act was done simply for the sake of pleasing the living God and assuaging a suffering brother man or sister woman. 

A brother man practicing acts of charity in such a way has elevated himself spiritually, and therefore, nearer to the apex of happiness. Such a brother man is much better than a brother man who out of selfishness, does good from calculation instead of being impelled to do charity, solely by the sentiment of charity already naturalized in his heart.  

Linda writes: nothing can take place without God’s permission. Why does God permit demonic spirits to incite human beings to do evil? What would say about attachment to material things?


A human being is a spirit temporarily clothed in a perishable human body. We are here on planet earth to pass through the trials of evil in order to attain goodness and all-round perfection. Impure spirits are often used by God as instruments for trying our faith and constancy in doing what is right. 

But I want to make clearer, evil spirits don’t just go about instigating human beings to do vile things. Our materialistic desires, evil desires, orchestrations, mischievous plans. attracts evil spirits to hover around us. Impure spirits are ever willing to come and assist human beings in the implementation of their evil plans. 

For instance, if David is planning to commit murder, a crowd of evil spirits will surround him and make sure they keep his murder inclination alive in him until he kills the person. If Adolphus is contemplating committing suicide, a company of evil spirits will hover around him to keep his suicide inclination alive until he takes his own life.

Evil spirits love to perch around negative thoughts, mischievous thoughts, revengeful thoughts generated by human beings. In the same vein, good spirits equally hover around us and try to persuade us to abandon our evil inclinations and encourage us to do what is right. So you see, on one side are a company of impure spirits, and on the other side are a company of good spirits, both of them acting upon us.  

It behooves on us to accept one and reject the other. The greatest gift God gave to us is free will. Free will exists in our conscience. We are at liberty to say yes or no to the opposing spiritual beings that are acting upon us. Now, pertaining attachment to material things. 

Attachment to material things is a clear sign of spiritual inferiority. Attachment to prosperity, attainment of all the good things of life are signs of spiritual inferiority. On the contrary, disinterestedness, non-attachment to the things of this world is a clear sign of spiritual elevation. It means such a person has arrived at a wider and clearer view of the future.            

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