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Lucifer, the irrepressible fallen archangel, knew the almighty god face to face. You know what that means don’t you? it simply means he knew a lot, a lot, about the modus operandi, of the Almighty God. He knew the processes that will lead to the liberation of human souls occupying planet earth and he knows that the liberation of human souls will certainly facilitate his own final Annihilation. 

That’s why, Lucifer and his legions of dark angels are prepared to do anything any cost, any, to prevent human souls from attaining liberation.  Most of our modern churches are the brain-child of the forces of darkness. They crave to destroy the light of Christ within the children of God. A century after century false pastors has always been in our midst. 

The forces of darkness have built their tent around the church, for the achievement of one purpose, and that is, preventing the children of God from becoming one with him. False pastors in our midst, who are overtly ostentatious and materialistic are agents of Satan determined to destroy the seed of Christ within the people attending their respective churches. 

They pervert the word of God, recorded in the Holy Bible. They mesmerize their church members, promising them all the good things of life, and unknown to their members, who are in the cesspool of spiritual ignorance, their souls are being enslaved, instead of being liberated through the Master Jesus.

Satanic pastors only indulge in exciting activities, so that they can use their excited members, to achieve their aims. Presently, most of the activities taking place in the church, are invented, by satanic pastors, to enable them to sway and gain control over the population’s thinking and beliefs. 

The forces of darkness are behind easy religion that is trending today in Nigeria, and all over the world.

Easy religion, is fiercely supported by countless millions, of spiritually jejunitis brother men and sister women. Easy religion, is popular and very appealing. It attracts the ignorant the law-less, the easily deceived, and the innocent. 

Pastors heading easy religious groups, take advantage of the unfortunate circumstances, confronting people, promising to make their problems go away. Presently, easy religion is all about, vicious competition with each other, greedy Commercialism, and corruption. It’s all about, miracles, miracles, miracles. It’s all about, comes up here to the altar, and make a public display of yourself. 

It’s all about, speaking in tongues, and Bible-quoting, to justify all their ungodly actions. If brother men and sister women, would only take time to think for themselves, instead of letting satanic pastors control their minds, and lifestyles, the multi-billion Naira easy religion foundation will crumble. 

 Don’t subjugate your mind or freedom of rumination, to any satanic pastor, or else, they will do your thinking for you.          


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