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The 2023 presidential election is in the offing and everybody is talking about it. If we elect the right president, it means, in instalments, our lives will become better. If we elect the wrong president, it means we have eight agonizing years to contend with. Currently, Nigeria is deeply polarized and we pine for a leader who will unite us. With unity, we can surmount or abate most of the problems confronting us.

A disunited Nigeria will certainly benefit a few highly placed individuals and disenfranchise the masses. We are in a period of political strategizing. You know that, don’t you? I’m sure you do. Presidential Aspirants are visiting different states in Nigeria and making promises of what they will do for us if voted into office.

Imagine a situation where the majority of us were endowed with the gift of spiritual discernment. Without much persuasion and political rhetoric, we would have been able to identify the most sincere and god-fearing presidential aspirant and overwhelmingly vote for him to become our next president come 2023.

God did not give the gift of spiritual discernment to every one of us because we are here on planet earth to learn certain lessons, and making the wrong choice is part of the learning process. Presidential aspirants are beclouding our minds with promises. Some of those promises might eventually turn out to be nothing but a mirage if voted into office,

and you know why?

Man, by his very nature, is fundamentally an evil creature. Man is profoundly immoral and wicked. We perpetually choose evil instead of good. Lies instead of integrity. Strife instead of harmony. Misery, instead of happiness.

For me, this only problem, termed 2023 presidential election is synonymous with the Russian ballistic missile termed Satan 2.

Guru Deseye Subai

The 2023 presidential election is the battle between light and darkness. Satan, our invisible and extremely powerful spiritual tenant, rules all the kingdoms of this world and their glory. Satan is prominently present in the political arena. Quite a number of politicians are proxies for Satan.

My brother-man and sister-woman, when the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice. But when a wicked man rules, the people groan. Verse 2 of Proverbs 29

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The masses must groan, groan, groan. That is exactly what the forces of darkness want. Satan wants Nigerians to live in the era of extremities. Extreme poverty, extreme discontent, extreme selfishness, extreme nepotism and corruption, extreme satisfaction of personal ambition, etc. The forces of darkness want majority of Nigerians, to vote for a president aspirant, who is the embodiment of supreme selfishness and whose mind, will rapidly respond to evil suggestions emanating from the forces of darkness, so that the policies of his government, will promote hatred, class distinction, retard progress, promote racial differences and impoverish the masses.

While law enforcement agents, use tear gas to disperse the crowd, the forces of darkness use antagonism, bitterness, hostile behaviour etc to divide the masses. The forces of darkness have divided and almost conquered the masses through, rivalry of personalities. They have segmented the masses along the line of, relative truth and error and wrongful positioning in politics, economics and matters of faith and morals. The strategy of the forces of darkness is anarchy. Spiritually sensitive individuals, astute politicians and keen observers of happenings in Nigeria knows that Nigerians are deeply divided.

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“The masses loves being ruled. The masses feel much better when someone comes up to them and tells them, “I alone can fix it all.” I alone can make your problems go away. We have some selfless politicians in Nigeria who are more than willing to provide good governance, but the majority of our selfish politicians will not allow them to acquire political power. Sadly, we are stuck with man’s evil nature and no amount of preaching, even good indoctrination, is going to change that.

Currently, we might appear more civilized today, with manmade laws and democracy to boast about, but the only difference between our behaviour today and that of our primitive ancestors was that we exploit and destroy each other with more rhetoric and efficiency than they did.
The law of God is embedded within each and every one of us. It is termed “conscience.” A politician must bear in mind that whatever is termed “good” is in conformity with the law of God, and whatever is not in conformity with the law of God is known as “evil.” The preoccupation with political rivalry by many politicians must not take precedence over the long overdue redress of social, political, and economic imbalances plaguing the masses.

Political leaders who lead the masses in disobedience to the golden rule, the law of love and seeking self-gain while ignoring the admonition of the master Jesus, which is feed my sheep, must eventually be humbled and humiliated by the iron law of karma. All creatures below the Almighty God are governed by the great and precise law of karma.

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Quite a number of Nigerians are very skeptical about our electoral system. They believe, I mean really believe, that their votes will not count. They believe that most political victories are prearranged. Skeptical Nigerians fail to realize that most of the electoral calamities befalling us often emanate from our state of mind. The mind is a magnet that draws to itself whatever it persistently dwells upon. I wish it were possible. I would have physically demonstrated the devastating effects of retaining a doubtful posture for a very long time. But I regret the impossible. It is physically impossible to demonstrate how the mind works.

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My brother man and sister woman, although I know that the political strategies of the forces of darkness, working through selfish and evil-minded politicians in our midst, have always been drawing us back from achieving the democratic goals which the majority of us crave for, and pray to behold, in our lifetimes, I want to make it clear that this pathetic situation has worsened because the majority of Nigerians carry the elements of self-defeat within them. They have given up on the system, and by so doing, they have created a corresponding delay in the cosmic timetable for the manifestation of a much better Nigeria.

I wish to call to mind how the walls of Jericho collapsed. For six days, the seven priests moved around the city wall, blowing the ritual horns. On the seventh day, the priests blew the horns, the crowd yelled out, and the walls came tumbling down. Our own walls of Jericho, preventing us from enjoying the dividends of democracy, which some living and dead eminent Nigerians fought for, can be blasted to smithereens if the majority of Nigerians will come out of the quagmire of division and work together to elect the right presidential candidate. I believe this will gradually make Nigeria a much better nation.

My brother man and sister woman, political solutions sought by human means alone often amount to nothing. We need to come together and set aside our selfish desires so that each of us can become the instrument of the salvation of Nigeria by allowing God to work through us.

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Selfless individuals represent light. Selfish individuals represent darkness. The coming together of selfless Nigerians means the accumulation of more light. Victory will be ours, with the clustering of more lights, for light is stronger than darkness. I want you to bear in mind that the calamities of life are drawn to us by the law of attraction through fear and skepticism. Sooner or later, whatever a brother-man constantly thinks about or lives in fear of, must come to him. I have convinced myself that our electoral system has improved tremendously and it will keep on improving. Take my word seriously.

I effusively appeal to Nigerians who are skeptical about our electoral system to shove aside skepticism and come out in their thousands to vote for their preferred presidential candidate. Their votes will count in the 2023 presidential election and other forthcoming elections.

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