Sex With Water Spirits

Water spirits are the most prominent of spiritual creatures having endless battles with many people in Nigeria and other African countries. While I was in India, I met and had in-depth spiritual discussions with a very powerful swami in Vadodara who had direct dealings with water spirits.

He invited me to accompany him on an astral trip to the marine kingdom and I gladly followed him. I will share some of my findings with you. It is my intent desire to help the masses overcome their water spirit problems through spiritual enlightenment. The moment has come when everything concerning water spirits should be told.

Evil spirits are more powerful than even the strongest brother men in this world because they are supernatural creatures. However, when it comes to driving away supernatural creatures, it is easier to drive away, a legion of evils spirits residing in the human body, than to drive away just one water spirit residing in the innermost being, of a human being.

Water spirits resist prayers more than any other bad spirit residing in the spirit world. Water spirits are the nemesis of prayer warriors. Prayer warriors have realized that prayers make water spirits stronger, rather than driving them away permanently.

I have come across few publicized books in Nigeria concerning how to overcome water spirits. Most of these books are filled with half-truths and fall and die prayers. The truth is, water spirits will torment you to the extent you might start contemplating committing suicide if you apply the fall and die prayer methods suggested in some of these religiously inspired books.

I know that the masses prefer a mixture of truth and lies in place of absolute truth. Absolute truth is what I will give to them. I know a lot about water spirits and most importantly, I know that changing your manner of approach in dealing with water spirit is the first major step you should focus on if you truly want them to stop tormenting you.

I have received many water spirit related questions from people who watched my recent water spirit videos. I intend to publicly reply some of these questions so that all of you will benefit from my response. I have equally made up my mind to reveal, what water spirits want to achieve through sexual intercourse with human beings in dream.

Guru, why are you against violent prayers against water spirits?

Curious and perplexed hostages of water spirits keep asking me why I am fiercely against prolonged violent prayers against water spirits. I am against prolonged violent prayers against water spirits because I know where, water spirits reside. I equally know how water spirits react to prolonged violent prayers coming from human beings, they have ancestral bond with.

A lady once told me, guru, if you permit me, I can show you the scar behind my back. She told me she experienced severe burn in the church, where some pastors were praying violently to drive away the water spirit in her life. She said, after the severe burn experience, she became so scared, and she made up her mind, to no longer, pray violently, against the water spirit in her life.

Prolonged violent prayer can compel water spirits to fiercely and severely attack someone they are attached to, and the person might become penniless, unattractive, unloved, and if the person is a sister woman, she will experience marriage proposal failures, series of miscarriages etc. The moment you depart from this world, the next world, you will enter, is known as the astral plane.

The astral plane is popularly known as, the great beyond. Of a truth I tell you, the great beyond is like a movie projector and your physical body is like a screen. Almost everything disturbing us on daily basis, every positive or negative thing that affects you in this world, from the moment you are born till you die, originates from the great beyond. All your human experiences are perfectly regulated in the great beyond.

The moment you die, you must first arrive at the great beyond, before you will be sent to any of the heavens, based on your level of purity while alive on planet earth. No doubt, you might have heard the story of an angry husband beating his wife to death. The angry husband was able to beat his wife to death because they were together in the same room.
The angry husband would have not been able to beat his wife to death if maybe, she was in Lagos and her husband was in port Harcourt.

In the same vein, a water spirit who is stronger than a human being, reside in the great beyond where the ghost bodies of every human being on earth equally reside. As you already know you function on earth with your physical body, and when you fall asleep, you function in the great beyond with your ghost body. Your ghost body is everything. Whatever affects your ghost body instantly affects your physical body.

For instance, if someone gives you a dirty slap, or, if someone punches your stomach, in your dream etc, it was your ghost bod, that was attacked. But the moment you wake up, you will feel the impact of the dirty slap, on your face, and you might experience severe pains in your stomach that clearly shows that, whatever affects your ghost body in the great beyond is instantly transmitted to your physical body on planet earth.

Water spirits appears to be very powerful because, they are the connection between the great beyond and the ghost bodies of every human being residing on planet earth. Of course, I know that human beings are unique, because we are created in god’s image but our uniqueness notwithstanding, the ghost bodies of every human being on earth and water spirits reside in the same place, which is the great beyond.

I want you to bear this important point in mind: We are roommates with water spirits in the great beyond. I did not mention flat mates, I said roommates. In the great beyond, god did not create a separate place for us, and a separate place for water spirits. It is extremely easy for water spirits to play pranks on us because we roommates in the great beyond.

Now, imagine a situation where you are well dressed for an important occasion and you are walking toward your car and a stupid neighbor on the first floor, of the building you reside, empties a bucket of filthy water upon you. How will you feel? No doubt you will feel disgusted.

A thousand apologies of, I am sorry, from the stupid and careless neighbor, may not prevent you from scheming on how and when to take your pound of flesh from the stupid neighbor, who spoilt your day. Generally, water spirits regard human beings as very annoying creatures of god that often empties filthy buckets of water upon them.
That is the main reason why they derive pleasure tormenting human beings. The truth is, human hatred, human anger, our restlessness, our prolonged violent prayers, generates, astral currents, astral vibrations, which provokes water spirits. I want you to bear this important points in mind.

You are actually emptying buckets of filthy water upon the water spirit in your life through your hatred, and fall and die prayer vibrations, generated by you. Be rest assured, the water spirit in your life, which is stronger than you, will give it back to you with added interest.

My brother man and sister woman, it is useless to invoke the help of god, when your car is stuck in the mud. God will not come and pull your car out of the mud. You need to alight from your car and persuade fellow human beings, to help you, out of your predicament.

In the same vein, if you are stuck in the hands of a water spirits, prolonged violent prayers will not instantly, pull you out of the hands of the water spirit. 85 to 90 percent of water spirit problems originate from our ancestors. Water spirit problems truly confirm that, the iniquities of our ancestors, are oftentimes visited upon their children’s, children.

Aside blaming our ancestors, there must be a deep seated spiritual reason why you came into this world, through a water spirit infested family. In the light of what I have said, I advise you to approach water spirit issues in the same way you approach the issue of your car that was held hostage in the mud.

If your car is stuck in the mud you know that no matter how long you pray, god will not pull out your car from the mud. The situation at hand has obviously become a matter of heaven helps those who help themselves.
Always bear in mind, in issues of water spirit, you cannot use violence to gain the upper hand.
Water spirits are more violent than the most violent human being, on planet earth. Take my word seriously.

How do water spirits perceive humans? What do they really think of us?

Majority of water spirits dislike human beings. They regard us as legion of evil spirits, that derive pleasure in spoiling and destroying everything in nature. Water spirits were created, to manage the waters, of the earth. They regulate the flow of water, in the outer layer of planet earth. They help in purifying the waters.

They equally provide care for water creatures such as fish, water mammals, amphibians etc. Water spirits want human beings, to treat their environment with respect. Are we truly doing that? I don’t think so we derive pleasure in polluting the waters of the earth. Industries and industrial site across the world, are major contributors to water pollution.

Chemical waste products from industrial processes, are sometimes, accidentally discharged into the oceans and rivers.What about, oil leaks and spills, in the oceans and rivers? What about, marine dumping?, dumping of waste matter in the river etc? Water pollution means, more dead fish, dolphins and extinction of many other creatures, that depends on water, for their survival.

How can water spirits accomplish their god given assignments in polluted water environments? The destructive nature of human beings have truly made life miserable, for the marine kingdom. The gnomes, the spirit of earth, that stimulate and ensures the growth of trees, crops and flowers, are equally not happy with us. Without them, wedding flowers, such as, ranunculus, peony, rose, etc will be unavailable.

We make life miserable for them, with artificial fertilizers and various types of chemicals etc. We cut down trees, we pollute and bring devastation to their environment.We equally pollute the air, through gas flaring and irritating fumes, originating from alcohol, tobacco, indian hemp etc. All the elements of nature are in disarray, and that is why, nature spirits are fighting back. Yes they are.

They are the hidden spiritual forces behind, the excruciating challenges presented by global warming, the depletion of natural resources, the daily extinction of plants and animal species etc.
If we fail to change our attitude, we should get ready for more devastation. The hunter must eventually become, the hunted.

Guru, may I know why water spirits favour few people and torment many others?

Many Christians indulge in prolonged violent prayers. Their mouthy pastors, have assured them, with quarrelsome and confrontational prayers, they can drive away the water spirits, troubling them. How wrong were they? Personal experience Is the best teacher. Most of them have realized quarrelsome and confrontational prayers, against water spirits, made a bad situation worst.

Water spirits reacts angrily, to violent prolonged prayers and they derive pleasure causing problems because, they don’t think like us. Water spirits regard prayer warriors as, offensively impolite and bad mannered human beings.
Water spirits admire and favor human beings, who are sincere, simple hearted and childlike.

Guru, may I know what water spirits benefit by marrying a human being?

Majority of people that have engaged in a running battle, with water spirits don’t know that, water spirits perish like animals, after death. A water spirit does not have a soul and the higher spiritual principles, that guarantees continuation of life after death.

Water spirits are extremely anxious to associate with human beings because they know that it is only human beings that can make their spiritual problems go away. Water spirits knows that they will have a human soul, receive higher spiritual principles, and they will not perish like animals after death if they get married to a human being.

Guru, please light on the methods used by water spirits to dominate human beings.

Dominate? I don’t think domination is the right word because I know that water spirits don’t truly possess the power to dominate the will of a human being. Water spirits can only dominate human beings, who surrendered themselves to their influence.

Water spirits have tormented many people to the extent that, they live in fear of them, and they are afraid to fall asleep because they know that in dream state, water spirits will have sex with them force them to eat or issue new threats.

The will power, of many people tormented by water spirits often becomes weak, and water spirits will take advantage, of their pathetic situation, and gain the upper hand. Water spirits knows full well, we are higher, than them. They should be the ones, serving us, and doing our bidding.

Guru, may I know what water spirits do, to gain power over human beings

One of the main occupation of water spirits, is that of, creating, strong mental images, and impressing them, on human beings.On daily basis, water spirits always create, clear, strong mental images.After creating them, they will transmit them, into the minds of human beings, they are interested in. Of a truth I tell you, mental images and, so-called mere imagination, are very real, in the spirit world.

A water spirit can create, a strong mental image of failure, and project it, into the mind of a stubborn brother man, who does not want to acknowledge them. Eventually, the brother man, will start experiencing, series of failures. A jealous water spirit, can equally create, a strong mental image of quarrel and hatred, and project it, into the minds of two lovers, on earth. Much later, the boyfriend will abandon his girlfriend and her water spirit husband will rejoice.
Water spirits can do all that I have outlined and much more because they reside on the astral plane.

Of a truth I tell you our physical body and all the major organs in our body be it kidney, pineal gland, liver, brain etc, has a duplicate in the great beyond. Let me put it in another way, you have a physical body and you equally have an astral body. You have a physical kidney and you equally have an astral kidney. You have a physical brain, and you equally have an astral brain etc.

For instance, in your dream, you may find yourself gossiping with your close friend, and his siblings.In that dream, you are functioning in your astral body, and equally, having a conversation with the astral bodies, of your friend and his siblings. Meanwhile, on planet earth, your physical body, is sleeping in bed. Your physical brain is the most important organ in your body.

You cannot function without your physical brain. If a water spirit, want to influence you, through your brain,
It will pass through your astral brain and not your physical brain. From your astral brain, the influence will instantly be transmitted to your physical brain and from there, it will be transmitted to your mind and the moment that happens expect the unexpected.

Water spirits are very good in the art of manipulation. One of their specialties is deception of the human senses the marine kingdom. In the spirit of, two heads are better than one, I collaborated with swami Vish-vas, to pay an astral visit to the marine kingdom.

Actually, it is extremely dangerous, for a single person, to visit the marine kingdom. You might misbehave, when you find yourself in the midst of, extremely attractive and sexy mermaids. You might forget your mission in the marine kingdom.

A mermaid is one hundred percent capable of charming a brother man with her incredible beauty and the brother man will fall madly in love with her. The brother man might find himself approaching them lustfully and he might end up remaining in the marine kingdom, and that means he will be pronounced dead, on planet earth.

In Nigeria, we have heard stories of certain people, that went missing in the river and re-appeared alive few days later. No doubt, such people are water spirits, clothed in human flesh. A human being cannot do such a thing. In deep meditation, swami Vish-vas and I went into the spiritual aspect of the river and we found ourselves in the marine kingdom.

It became clear to me, after planet earth, the marine kingdom is next. The marine kingdom was very transparent and water spirits clearly sees the sun and the sky. They have their summer and winter. In the marine kingdom, they have their residences, palaces, kings, queens, and even governments of their own.

They eat, talk, drink act, sleep and they have language like human beings. Of a truth I tell you water spirits move about freely as human beings do on planet earth.

Sex with a water spirit.

In the holy bible, we are told, a man shall leave his father and mother, and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.That is exactly what, water spirits, want to achieve.
They want to have sexual companionship with a human being, so that they will become complete beings.

Water spirits knows that, sexual relationship with a human being means, becoming one flesh, with a human being, created, in god’s image. A water spirit, will ultimately resolve all his lingering spiritual problems of attainment of immortality, through sexual union with a human being.


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