Soulmates: Truth or Myth

The truest form of marriage is described in the Holy Bible as two souls coming together to become one flesh. There is no marriage in heaven, but do soulmates exist? Yes, soulmates are real. Originally, your soul was the embodiment of male and female (Anima and Animus), however, as you were coming into this world the male aspect of your soul went one way and the female aspect of your soul went the other way. The male element of your soul might be in Nigeria, while the female element of your soul is in North Korea.

Subconsciously, each of the divided souls holds a mental picture of their past happiness in the heavens. It is the original happiness in the heavens that drives each of us to work tirelessly to physically meet the missing part of our souls so that we can connect and become one again. Truth be told, your soul was sent to the earth to seek out what is not found in the heavens; “What?” You might ask. Soul development, is the answer. Your mission in life is not to search for your soulmate or the missing part of your soul but to develop it. Without much prayers, at the appointed time, maybe in this life, or in the next life, or the life after that, both of you will meet and become one again.

A true marriage means reuniting with the missing part of your soul after a long period of separation. If the wife dies before her husband in a true soulmate marriage, her husband will find it difficult to remarry because he knows in his heart that he will never find a sister woman in this world who can replace his late wife in his heart. If the husband dies first, his wife will find it difficult to remarry because she knows in her heart that no other brother man in this world can fill the void left by her late husband.

Certain brother men and sister women are destined not to come into physical contact with their true soul mates in this lifetime. They will eventually marry people who are not true soulmates. But do you know something? The images of their true husbands and wives will be present in the inner chambers of their hearts. A brother man may date 30 ladies and he might even approach his relatives to assist him to look for a good girl for him to marry. Despite all his prayers and strenuous effort to meet his original soulmate, he will not come in physical contact with her because both of them might have been destined not to meet in this lifetime. One out of a million brother men in society, only 10 (ten) of them might come in physical contact with their original soulmate whose vibration is 100% (hundred percent) compatible with their own.

Once upon a time, a married lady told her best friend, ‘I know that Ken is not my true husband. My true husband is out there somewhere.’ How correct she was, her current husband Ken is not the image she sees in her heart, but she must continue with a fake husband until destiny allows her to reunite with her original soulmate.

“I am the one that you are looking for; I am the happiness which you desire, search for me and possess me.”

We always forget our divine origin the moment we step into this sinful world. However, in the innermost chamber of your heart, there is a picture of a smiling face that appears to be telling you ‘I am the one that you are looking for; I am the happiness which you desire, search for me and possess me.

The common pastoral mantra ‘I now pronounce you husband and wife’ does not mean you are getting married to your true soulmate. Eventually, if you are so lucky to find the genuine missing half of your soul and come in contact with the person you’ve been seeing in the innermost chambers of your heart, the moment you propose and eventually get married to her/him, be rest assured, no other sister woman in this world can take her place in your heart.

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  1. In regard to the soulmate issue, is it possible to use spiritual means to seek out the location of my soulmate or even identify the soulmate so that I can go meet and marry.

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