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Under normal circumstances, speaking in tongues denotes having a direct conversation with God. When a pastor praying for you, starts speaking in tongues, it is assumed God is there, the Holy Spirit is there. In this materialistic age of ours, genuine and direct conversation with the living God is a rare occurrence.

The forces of darkness, have built their tent around the church. What does that mean? it means, many within the church today have been abandoned by the Spirit of God, and have become victims of disembodied spirits, disguising as the Holy Spirit of the living God. They are surrounded by demons of pride, who speak in the tongues of the fallen angels, and there are demons of interpretation of those tongues.

Do you know, in our midst exist Christians learning how to speak in tongues? is it right and proper for someone to learn how to speak in tongues? is speaking in tongues a trade? speaking in tongues is supposed, to be a gift Of the holy spirit, of the living God, and, every, sincere seeker, after god, can become, an agent, of the holy spirit.

Don’t forget, like attracts like. As you learn, to speak in tongues, you attract the attention of evil spirits, who might come and help you to speak in the tongues of the fallen angels. I want to make clearer, to lovers of speaking in tongues, there has been a distortion of the tongues of angels, 

In the heavens and the language, of the fallen angels, is not the original word. Don’t be misled and seduced into following, materialistic pastors, and, materialistic, prayer warriors that are under the firm grasp of all manner, of foul and unclean spirits.

I am telling you, all these so that we can minimize, the programming, mass indoctrination, and brainwashing, of the children of God, which is commonplace in society today.   


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