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Spiritual Encounters: Do Spirits Influence Us?  

Whenever most people think about spiritual encounters or spirit’s influence they think about hauntings, halloween, ghost sightings and all that. Although this thought process is a little misguided it’s still on the right track, because it allows one to acknowledge that spirits do influence us. 

But it doesn’t answer to what extent the spirits influence us. And this brings about a ton of questions regarding our communication with spirits, the other world, and deceased loved ones. 

What Kind Of Spirits Are There? 

There are two kinds of spirits- good and bad. Now the kind of spirit influence that affects us depends on the kind of life one lives. Good people or people who are consciously making an effort to be better humans attract or are watched by good spirits. Bad people on the other hand attract bad spirits that cling to them and ensure that they grow from bad to worse. 

Can The Dead Help Us?

There is no straight answer to this question because yes, they can help us and no, sometimes they can’t. Let’s explain the yes part of this answer, our deceased loved ones either relatives, or friends can provide some form of spiritual protection from the great beyond. 

But their powers are limited because death doesn’t grant people supernatural powers. And this is why a person who was weak when they were alive would be just as weak as a dead person. It is also noteworthy that dead people do not remember friends and family that don’t remember them. 

Nonetheless, good spirits rejoice and mourn with the people that they watch over. 

Now that we’ve discussed the effects of other spirits in our lives, let us focus on the effects of our spirits on us and those close to us. 

Our Spirits And Our Sexuality: How Our Spirits Affect Us 

It can be a little difficult to spot the influence of our spirits in our lives but they play a major role in who we turn out to be and who we like. Our sexuality is determined by our spirits, and this is why people have what is called gender dysphoria. They feel their biological sex and gender is a mismatch.

Although this term was recently coined, this is a problem that has bugged many people over time and sadly, they are unaware that it is a spiritual problem. The spirits of people who suffer from gender dysphoria usually find themselves in bodies that are not compatible with their gender identity which is why they spend time and money altering their looks to match their preferred gender. 

For instance, a trans man is a man with gender dysphoria who possesses the spirit of a woman trapped in a man’s body. And the same goes for people of other gender identities. 

Spirits influence and play a role in our friendships as well. And this is why people created the saying ‘Show me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.’ Our friends’ spirits can affect and change the way we are. Over time friends start to copy and exchange each other’s strong traits, and characteristics. These things are then stored in a higher spiritual body and cause these friends to start to act alike.

This is why one has to be mindful of who they take as their friends because it is easy to internalize and exhibit their strong and bad traits. 

It is easy to be amazed by how much spirits influence us, our lives and our loved ones. They influence our lives whether we are dead or alive, our sexuality, friendship, and even marriage. The key to fully understanding our lives is to look into the supernatural aspect of it, because in there lies the answer.  

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