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Times are hard grievous time. Countless people have clustered and shall continue to cluster in religious crusades because they yearn to compel their human problems to go away. Eighty percent of people converging in religious crusades are the middle class and poor people.

These are people with inflamed emotions these are people with a dangerously high level of excitement. These are people in an extremely high state of expectation. A clustering of people like these in their thousands or millions coming together on a daily basis for a few days will certainly give birth to a high level of nervous excitement.  

You are wrong if you think religious crusade grounds are filled only with the angels of God. Of a truth, I tell you the waves of nervous excitement which spread like an infectious disease and usually last for some weeks ferociously attracts countless non-human entities spiritual beings that love to hover around.

The intense emotion exhibited by people attending religious crusades attracts tons of lower elemental spirits. The tremendous emotional energies emanating from countless people in the crusade ground Make it easy for elemental spirits to sway them into the level of insanity. Myriad kinds of nature spirit hysterically delight and bath in the intense emotional vibrations emanating from countless people attending crusades. They hover around them and Re-invigorate their emotional outbursts.

Of a truth I tell you in the spirit world you will see nature spirits with little intelligence and understanding flying in rushing into the crusade ground from all angles. They crave to partake in the emotional outburst and excitement taking place and they equally increase the mad excitement.

A religious crusade ground is usually filled with emotionally charged individuals. People that have worked themselves up into some sort of wildly uncontrolled emotional state in which many of them feel themselves to be saved many of them believe all their human troubles will come to an end toadied. Now, what is behind many of the so-called miraculous occurrences? Do you really want to know? I will tell you.

The swinging of your astral body beyond your control creates an opening which enables elemental spirits to get hold of you and perform many strange things through you. 

Tons of people attending religious crusades often work themselves up into a condition of tremendous emotional excitement into a frenzy and their astral bodies move away from them and immediately Elemental spirits get hold of them and perform many so-called wonders through them.

Many of them will experience obsession Possession healing and deliverance but much later when the excitement comes to an end may be days or a few weeks later they will realize they have been used and dumped by deceitful astral entities which their emotional outburst attracted to them. And most of their problems are still there.


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