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Certain conditions must be fulfilled before, you can achieve your goals in life. For instance, do you aspire to become a cadet inspector in the Nigerian police force? The academic requirements are, a minimum of either OND, advanced level, NCE or their equivalent. In the same vein, do you aspire to become a born-again Christian? Do you want to go to heaven after death? Yes, No? If your answer is yes, you must fulfil certain spiritual obligations, before you can genuinely become a born-again Christian.

My memory cannot fail me, I have seen some pastors on television, asking sinners, do you want to give your life to Christ? Do you want to become a born-again Christian? if your answer is yes, say this prayer, with me. After the prayer, the televangelists will say to their viewers, you are now a born again Christian. You are now a new creature in Christ. Really? That was easy.

Becoming a born-again Christian, is not an easy task. The master
Jesus outlined, the prerequisites, for becoming a born again Christian, in his conversation with Nicodemus. I will show you.

John 3:5-7
Jesus answered, verily, verily, I say unto thee, except a man be born of water and of the spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the spirit is spirit. Marvel not that I said unto thee, ye must be born again.

The master Jesus trenchantly told Nicodemus, expect, a man be born of water and of spirit, he cannot enter, into the kingdom of God.

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Born of Water

Water, symbolizes the soul. I am a soul. You are a soul. The master Jesus also said, and of spirit.

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What is spirit?

Spirit, is the divine spark, the divine fire, within you. Born of water and of spirit, clearly shows that, both of them, are two separate entities. The master Jesus also said, that which is born of flesh is flesh, and that, which is born of spirit is spirit. This statement clearly confirms, what I have already said, and that is, your soul and the divine spark within you, are two separate entities. Born of water and of the spirit simply means, your soul and the divine spirit within you, must become one.

We are souls clothed in human bodies. Majority of us, will continue to remain as souls, and souls only.

We have been told, by their fruits, ye shall know them. The ungodly activities, of many so-called born-again Christians, in society, clearly shows that, their souls have not amalgamated, with the divine spirit within them.
The utterances and activities, of many so-called born-again Christians clearly shows that, their souls have not united, with the divine spirit within them.

The moment you are born, into this vale of tears, the moment you are born into this sinful world, your soul belongs to this world and you will remain in darkness, until you are born of water and of spirit, meaning your soul must unite with the divine spirit within you.

In the early stages of earthly existence, a human soul will commit sin, make mistakes, learn from mistakes, and in the end, the human soul, is expected to become born again, and the moment that happens, the soul, will no longer be interested in material things. The soul will only be interested, in doing things that are pleasing to God, and nothing else.


Born again, is not a chieftaincy title, which can be bestowed or procured by you. The moment you say, I am a born-again Christian, it simply means, you are saying that, your previously sinful soul, has become one with the divine spirit of God within you. Old things have passed away, and you are now a new creature. A born-again Christian, is someone who is living in accordance, with the spiritual truths, embedded in john 12:24.
I will show you.

John 12:24; Most assuredly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it produces much grain.

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Did you hear?

Unless a grain of wheat, falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone: but if it dies, it will produce much grain.

What does that mean?

it means, all your materialistic desires and feelings, must die, before you can be raised, to eternal life. You must do away with all your materialistic desires and feelings before, you can claim, to be a born again Christian.

John 12:24 is telling you, to sacrifice, all your lower materialistic desires, so that, you will gain spiritual wings, to fly to heaven.

A born-again brother man, is a new creature, who has given up, all his materialistic desires and ambitions, so that, his soul, is reborn, into the everlasting kingdom of God. I am of the opinion, born-again Christians, with such exceptional standing, don’t exist in our midst. Society is filled with, conditional born-again Christians. They gave their life to, sweet Jesus, as long as, Jesus, is going to help them, accomplish their materialistic goals. They will misbehave, if sweet Jesus, does not help them, to achieve their materialistic goals in life.

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The spiritual truths embedded, in the conversation between the master Jesus, and the Samarian sister woman, must not be ignored by anyone, aspiring to become, a genuine born-again Christian. I am interested in the verses where, the master Jesus talked about, the insatiable nature, of desires, and the genuine temple of God, within each and every one of us.

John 4:13; Jesus answered and said to her, “whoever drinks of this water will thirst again.

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The master Jesus said, whoever drinks of this water, will thirst again.

What does that mean?

The master Jesus was referring, to the astral body, of brother men and sister women. Your astral body, popularly termed, ghost body, is the seat of desires. Every one of us knows that, desires, is insatiable. You cannot satisfy desires.

Many of us are prepared to do, all manner of vile things, to achieve our heart’s desires.

What does that mean?

It means desires, is the origin of sin. That was why the master Jesus said, whoever drinks, of this water, will thirst again. Meaning, fulfilment of one desires, gives birth, to many other desires. My brother man and sister woman, life is all about struggle, don’t give up, keep on keeping on, and insist, on what you earnestly desire. Right? Countless numbers of people, motivated by words, such as, don’t give up, biblical promises, such as, ask and ye shall be receive, have done everything, humanly possible, to come out of, the firm grasp of poverty. They still remain poor, despite all their human effort to acquire riches. Why you might ask?

Have you ever wondered why most people don’t get what they desire?
Have you wondered why most people, keep getting, what they don’t desire?
Have you ever wondered why most people, keep getting, what they never asked for?

You cannot acquire riches, because you crave, to become rich, and you are doing, everything, humanly possible to acquire riches. All your efforts in life, all your hustling in life, produce results, according to your destiny, and not according to your human efforts. Of course, quite a number of people, might run, a little bit faster, than their shadow. For instance, an internet fraudster, can defraud innocent people, of their hard earned money, and become rich, and start to make waves in society.

But the truth is, the internet fraudster, cannot run faster, than his destiny. Much later, the destiny, of the internet fraudster, will humble him, and reduce him, to nothing. The hunter must eventually, become the hunted.

The master Jesus told, the Samarian sister woman, who-ever drinks, of this water, will thirst again, because, the master Jesus knew that, desires, encourage immense attachment, to the things, of this world.

Desires manifest, in different forms such as, lust for riches, power, craving for material things and greed etc.
A born again Christian must embrace contentment, in place of desires.


Come and fellowship with us, is all that we hear, in society today. Sadly, most people fail to realize that, we are created in God’s image, and the truest church, of the living God, resides within us.

John 4:21 & 24

Jesus said to her, “woman, believe me, the hour is coming when you will neither on this mountain, nor in Jerusalem, worship the father. God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.”

Did you hear?

The hour is coming, when, you will neither, on this mountain nor in Jerusalem, worship the father. The real worship of the living God, can only take place, in the temple of god, within your innermost being. Always remember, God is a spirit and those who worship him, must worship, in spirit and truth. Meaning, you must worship God, by living purely, healthily and naturally.


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