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The Origin Of Cancer

Research shows that over 40% of cancer-related deaths could have been prevented, but sadly cancer is still the leading cause of death all over the world. This is why for every answer given, a million more questions arise revolving around cancer. Making it seem like for every step taken forward in the advancement of our knowledge, we still take several steps backwards. Or do we?

However, to fully understand an illness as powerful as cancer, attention must be paid to every aspect of said illness including the spiritual aspect. Many doctors and medical practitioners often forget that beyond the body, is the soul. The soul is the essential person encased in the human body, the body is just a garment. 

Now let’s apply this knowledge to our questions about cancer. To begin, let’s answer the question – what causes cancer?

What causes cancer?

Cancer is caused by the ever-expanding unhealthy and artificial way of life we continue to live. The influx of artificial and unsafe foods into our lives paired with unhealthy lifestyles is one of the causes of cancer. Looking at it from a spiritual aspect, cancer is also a spiritual disease caused by the breaking of spiritual laws in a past earthly existence. 

Karma is the foremost reason for reincarnation in our world. When reincarnation occurs in certain individuals, in them lies a seed of darkness because of sins committed in a past life. These individuals must atone for these sins. And sometimes the atonement process can be in the form of a debilitating illness like cancer. 

It is quite common and easy to overlook the spiritual causes of cancer. But when it is time to treat this illness, one must look into it. The spiritual origin of cancer plays a major role in fully understanding how to properly and permanently cure it.

Can cancer come back after treatment?

Yes, cancer can come back after treatment. This is usually the case when the correct kind of treatment is not administered. Specifically when treating cancer that is borne from karma. There is only so much surgery, chemotherapy and other forms of cancer treatment can do in this situation. Because although the physical issue has seemingly been resolved, the spiritual issue hasn’t and this is why cancer comes back after treatment. 

The surgery blades cannot remove the problem in the soul. Sickness is more than just a physical occurrence, sometimes it is a mental, spiritual, emotional, and moral occurrence. Bearing this in mind, to fully treat cancer, one must first look into the soul, decipher the problem and then solve it. To treat cancer that is caused by Karma, one must make atonement for past sins and sate their karma. Then and only then can one be free from cancer.

How to prevent cancer

To prevent any form of cancer one must ensure that they eat healthy foods, rest/sleep properly, reduce anxiety, fear, etc. and attune to the temple of God within them.  

In-depth attention is paid to the physical body and this is why several illnesses, cancer included, are not properly treated. This is why certain illnesses seem incurable and keep reoccurring. So to properly treat them, one must first look at the soul, but this is not a power possessed by many, only spiritual guides possess the ability to do this.

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