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It is no longer a mystery. There are two aspects to life. They are termed “good and evil.” It is common knowledge that Lucifer and other rebellious angels of darkness were driven from the heavens down to this world of ours. Planet Earth has never been the same ever since. Countless human beings continue to experience an avalanche of problems, myriad kinds of sicknesses, failures, and temptations because we live in the midst of the fallen angels of darkness.

Revelation 12:12 – Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and the sea! For the devil has come down to you with great wrath.

 Modern pastors use specific biblical passages and verses to motivate their followers to cast and bind the forces of darkness at the slightest provocation. Pastors often peruse galvanizing verses such as Matthew 10:1, where Jesus gave his disciples power and authority over all devils.

First Corinthians 4:20 – for the kingdom of God is not in the word, but in power, etc.

Psalm 68: – No doubt, the beginning of this psalm sounds terrible and destructive to the forces of darkness. I will show you.

psalm 68: – Let God arise, let his enemies be scattered, and let those that hate him flee before him.

The majority of us are very troublesome by nature. Therefore, we will hysterically embrace biblical passages that will encourage us to externalize our warlike nature. After all we have been told, from the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent, take it by force.  Well done!!! Personal experience is the best teacher.

Has violent prayer permanently prevented you from eating in a dream?

Many sister women are still single, but are married with children in the marine kingdom. Have violent prayers destroyed their marine kingdom marriages? So that, on earth, they can get married and have their own babies? Every now and then, total war against the forces of darkness

 Come and attend our nine-day power-packed, holy ghost-filled program to destroy the power of the forces of darkness in your life and reclaim your destiny. After a few hours or days, after the holy ghost-filled, power-packed church program has ended, the evil spirits you thought had left you will return, seize you, and break you down, attacking your soul a thousand times. Run, run, there is nowhere to run.

On political talk shows, I keep hearing these words:

“You cannot keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different result.”

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 Belligerent pastors and their belligerent adherents keep using riotous biblical passages and verses to attack the angels of darkness, but the forces of darkness will simply run away, or lay low for a while, and return to their human captives with additional strength and torment. Belligerent Christians ignore and adhere to calm but effective biblical passages that can produce positive results in their battle against the forces of darkness hovering around them.

The Master Jesus told us not to resist evil, and Saint Paul suggested that we overcome evil with good.

Matthew 5:39 But I say unto you, that ye resist not evil

Romans; 12:21 Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

 Most Christians fail to realize that they increase and perpetuate the powers of evil when they resist it. Of a truth, I tell you, the suggestion of Saint Paul, which says, “overcome evil with good,” is very powerful and effective. You can calmly repel the forces of darkness without casting and binding them.

 Saint Paul is advising us to desist from creating antagonism, hostility, and enmity with the forces of darkness. Saint Paul said that we should allow the light of God within us to shine upon the forces of darkness in our lives, and the moment that happens, the forces of darkness surrounding us will dissolve. You don’t need to create antagonism by casting and binding them.

Many of you have written to me, wanting to know whether it is right to continually attack the forces of darkness. Here is my response:

What would you do when you entered a dark room?

You will definitely turn on the lights. When you turn on the lights or carry a light into a dark room, no darkness can remain in the room.

 My suggestion is almost synonymous with what Saint Paul told us to do. The best way to fight the devil is to lose interest in the devil and focus more on worshipping the living God. Focus more on purifying your mind and making it an unpolluted temple of God. Stop combating the devil all the time. Learn to overcome evil with good. The light of God in many Christians is not bright enough to overwhelm the forces of darkness in their lives. The evil spirits attached to them are well aware of their level of purity.

Many Christians, in the cast and bind category, are experiencing backlash like the one experienced by some vagabond Jewish exorcists who tried to invoke the name of the master Jesus over a demon-possessed individual.

The honest demon said,

“Jesus I know, Paul I know, but you, who are you?”

Angels of darkness know the purity level of every individual who derives pleasure from casting and binding them. Many Christians know full well that the light of God within them is not bright enough to drive away the evil spirits attached to them. That’s why they feel much better about doing the simplest one, which is, persuading or instigating the master Jesus to fight for them, by reminding him of his promises.


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I am of the opinion that we place too much emphasis on the forces of darkness. When will people ever realize that the forces of darkness are simply playing their own part in the divine scheme of things? I know that most of you think the forces of darkness are crazy and are ruling over here while the almighty God is ruling over there. Right? Hasn’t God told you, through the prophet Isaiah, that his feet are firmly planted on Earth, despite the fact that his throne is in heaven?

 My brother man and sister woman, if you believe, I mean really believe, that the almighty God is all powerful because he created the heavens and the earth, then you must equally believe that what you call evil, the forces of darkness and principalities, is within the hand and under the firm grasp of the Almighty God. All aspects of life, both good and evil, are contained within our heavenly father.

 When will you ever realize that the angels of light cannot function without the forces of darkness? When will you ever realize that the angels of light and the angels of darkness need each other to complete each other? Here on earth, you will observe endless conflicts between the masses and the forces of darkness. We are always appealing to God and his holy angels to chain the forces of darkness and throw them into the bottomless pit, etc.

However, if you spiritually rise above planet earth, you will discover that light and darkness are actually one.


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I know a lot about the Holy Bible. I do not, for one moment, doubt divinely made promises. I believe, I mean really believe, that the name of Jesus can cast out demonic spirits from the bodies and souls of human beings. I know that we can use the name of Jesus to threaten and frighten evil spirits.

 It is interesting to note that the master Jesus assured born again Christians that he would do whatever they asked, in his name. Also, he said, certain signs will accompany those who believe.

John 14:13 and whatever you ask in my name, I will do, that the father may be glorified in the son.

 Mark 16:17; and these signs will accompany those who believe: they will cast out demons in my name, and they will speak in new tongues.

 I want to make it clear that the master Jesus never made unconditional promises. The master, Jesus, made conditional promises. Therefore, we must not think that by uttering the name of Jesus profanely, by uttering the name of Jesus anyhow, as if it is the name of your roommate at university, we can perform miracles by the virtue of that name.

 You must genuinely become a born-again Christian before you attempt to invoke the name of Jesus with a pure mind and with intensity of spirit, so that you will obtain those things which he promised us when you mention the name of Jesus. You have your own part to play, for the promises made by the master, Jesus, to work through you.

 Most people that derive pleasure in casting and binding powerful and irrepressible spiritual beings, such as water spirits, ancestral family deities, witches, and wizards, are many, many miles away from fulfilling the spiritual conditions that will enable them to successfully cast and bind water spirits, ancestral family deities, and sundry forces of darkness.


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