Of a truth, I tell you, although the tree of knowledge of good and evil is a figurative speech and a symbolic presentation covering a multitude of human experiences, the tree of life itself was not a myth, it was real and it existed on planet earth for a very long time.

The fruits of the tree of life were like a super-chemical storage battery, it contains life extension powers when eaten. Now pertaining Adam and Eve, this is what I have to say Adam and Eve made their entrance into the Garden of Eden and a few days later, they were re-created in dual human form and thereby became the new leaders of planet earth. They were designed in pairs, they weren’t designed to function alone.

The human bodies of Adam and Eve usually emit a shimmer of light but the clothing they wore often obscures the glorious light emanating from their bodies but that notwithstanding, one can still see the radiating glow from their heads.  Of a truth I tell you pertaining their height, both of them were a little more than eight feet in height and at that time the language of Eden was an Adonic dialect.

During the several years of Lucifer’s rebellion, Adam and Eve had remained loyal to Archangel Michael, however, a powerful demonic spirit paid frequent visits to the Garden and held several meetings with Adam and Eve. He was trying to cajole both of them to join the revolution of Lucifer but they refused. The powerful demon decided to stop persuading Adam and focus only on Eve and eventually the powerful demon succeeded and planet earth has never been the same ever since. 

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