Our great Country Nigeria is swarmed by tons of titular pastors usurping the name of the Almighty God and the meek Jesus. These spurious pastors present themselves as the chosen ones, as the agents of salvation and quite a number of them perform miracles, which they use to hold countless people hostage. They wear the robe of righteousness, while in reality, they are pretenders to the throne of grace and imitators of the meek Jesus.

I want to make clearer, most of these spurious pastors, stand side by side with the wicked ones, the fallen angels and are even worse. The master Jesus told mankind that there would be imposters who will usher themselves before the ignorant masses as his chosen ones, his authorized representatives. The master Jesus told mankind, they would come in sheep’s clothing but would have their own selfish motives to fulfill. The master Jesus admonished us, by their fruits, ye shall know them, but still countless Nigerians find it uphill to know them.

My brother man and sister woman, I have said it once, this is twice, most of these spurious pastors stand side by side with the wicked ones and are even worse, meaning they use demonic powers to perform these miracles and urge people to do anything to attain prosperity. If you are one of those still finding it uphill to identify these spurious pastors by their fruits, maybe you will be able to identify them through what I am about to tell you.

 I want you to always bear in mind, certain unchangeable spiritual truths and that is, the Angels of God, the Holy Spirit of the living God, only give their assistance to Pastors who serve God with humility and disinterestedness. Disinterestedness means, someone not interested in material gains, material acquisitions, etc.

The Angels of God disown, stay aloof from pastors who use heavenly things, as a stepping stone to earthly advancement, and the Angels of God withdraw from proud and ambitious pastors. Lastly, pride and Ambition are a barrier between a Pastor and the Almighty God. The Almighty God can never employ a blind pastor to make known the LIGHT. My brother man and sister woman, know thyself.


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