Guru Deseye Subai

As a human being, you must toil day in day out to earn a living achieve your heart’s desires and to remain relevant, overtaking is allowed. Therefore if for any reason you slow down you will be relegated to the back and someone else will outwit you. In life you can only attain the height permitted by your destiny. All achievements must be within the parameter of your destiny.

In society exist tons and tons of people that have not achieved any meaningful thing in life despite toiling day and night. Nothing truly works for them, they are the embodiment of failure, promise and fail, near success syndrome, etc. They are not regarded in their families because they don’t have money.

Sooner or later they might usher themselves before pastors spiritual prayer groups etc. Their mission is simple to find out what is going on and make it go away. As usual psychic revelations emanating from the lower planes revelations such as water spirit, ancestral spirits, family witchcraft or a jealous friend a jealous Co-worker etc is the cause of the problems and difficulties you are encountering in life. Please permit me to ask you are those problems and difficulties still there?

Despite doing what you might have been told to do? if you answer is yes I want to make clearer your human problems and difficulties might be emanating from the choice of trial made by you in the spirit world before you manifested on planet earth. The nature of the trial you selected in the spirit world determines the kind of family in which you will find yourself and the kind of problems you will have to deal with.

Of a truth, I tell you before your physical birth in the spirit world you selected a trial. The spirit within you knows that in choosing this particular trial you will encounter this kind or that kind of problem on planet earth.

The spirit within you knows the nature of the problems it will encounter but your spirit does not know when and how these earthly problems will present themselves. If you are walking on a slippery road definitely, you will walk with caution because you know that you run a risk of stumbling but you don’t know the exact place where you will stumble.

I want you to bear in mind in the spirit world souls deliberately accept heavy trials which will enable them to get rid of impurities within them. So that they can advance more quickly.     

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