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Quite a number of modern churches boast of gargantuan membership but that does not mean they are indulging in pristine religious worship. Mammoth crowd rarely converge in the few churches indulging in pure religious worship. Pure religious worship was never popular at any time of the human race, not even in the era of the master Jesus.

It has always been the clustering of a small struggling minority, it will remain this way for tons of years to come. Society is awash with pretentious brother men of God, each one claiming that he alone can show us the way to salvation and glory.                               

They wear the robes of righteousness promising salvation while they stand side by side with the wicked and take advantage of their sheep-like members. Their preaching is always centered on prosperity, they fail to realize the materialistic aspect of us must die before we can realize our higher aspect.

They fail to realize there is no salvation except through suffering. They fail to realize We gained entrance into this world through pains. Therefore pains must play a pivotal part in our regeneration. 

We have been told the master Jesus through whom the christ worked to save humanity died for our sins. It appears most people think because of this averment they are free from their karmic responsibilities. They thought wrong. There is no indirect atonement for anyone. You must become your own savior your own messiah. 

You must become your own Jesus. The master Jesus cannot get rid of your past present and future karmas or sins. The master Jesus told his disciples to tell no one that he was Christ. Also, he said unto to them that are without all these things are done in parables. 

It is interesting to note when it comes to dealing with the public on certain facts and deeds Ancient prophets implemented silence and secrecy. It is very important the left hand should not know what the right hand is doing. The master Jesus presented secret teachings without making public its mysteries he Master Jesus and other initiates don’t want. The enemies of righteousness to profit by the publicity.

If spiritual truths are not disguised by parables, the enemies of righteousness will get hold of the secret teachings and use them to do evil things. Remember we have been told not to give what is holy to the dogs and not to cast your pearl before swine or else, they will trample them under their feet.


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