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Understanding Dreams – A Comprehensive Guide 

Everyone dreams – sweet dreams, nightmares and dreams they can’t even remember. Dreams are said to be a healthy part of sleep but it’s amazing how a seemingly harmless part of nature could be so much more. 

Scientists believe that dreams are a reenactment of our day, or thoughts but they are so much more. Dream science is so much more complicated than that. Dreams have meaning and even contain revelations. So to fully understand dreams, let’s begin by discussing the meaning of dreams. 

The Meaning Of Dreams 

Of a truth, I tell you, dreams are not ordinary, dreams contain revelations, messages and truths. Dreaming is the main activity of the soul during sleep. The soul speaks in symbols during sleep, these symbols can mean a variety of things. Occasionally, the dreams are only a reenactment of our day, thoughts or worries, but I tell you my brotherman and sisterwoman this isn’t always the case. 

Here are some examples of dreams that have meanings and their meanings;

  • Dreams about the destruction of a store/shop by fire indicate the loss of possession. 
  • Dreams about a fire burning down the windows at the front of your home mean that you are going to lose a male relative.
  • Dreams about the fire burning down the windows at the back of your home mean that you are going to lose a female relative. 

Now these are just a few instances of dreams and their meaning. You do not have to be frightened, not all dreams predict the occurrence of a horrible incident or death. Dreams can also indicate happy moments to occur. 

The role of dreams goes past just showing revelations, they also serve as a warning to us, they can show us the consequences of making certain decisions. But how can you know what dreams are going to come true?

Dreams With Meanings 

Of a truth, I tell you, there are only three types of dreams that come true. 

  • Early morning dreams
  • Dreams others have had about you
  • Dream interpreted by another dream 

Apart from the meaning or revelations found in dreams, waking up and feeling tired is also an indicator of something. If you wake up feeling weak or like you have had sex in the dream then chances are that you were probably abused by sex demons in the dream. Sex demons (incubus and succubus) are behind the feeling of weakness or loss of vitality from sex you feel when you wake up. 

Dreams are a very important part of our lives, under no circumstance should you consider them ordinary. They can indicate, show and reveal things to you, although some of these things can be beyond human comprehension. This is why when you have dreams that need explaining and deciphering it is important to seek the help of a spiritual guide. A spiritual guide will explain your dreams and offer spiritual guidance. 

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